House Cleansing Ritual


by David Piper

To be performed at the New Moon, but may be performed at any time in shortage. You strength of mind shortage a new white candle (any prominence with endure), small bowls for Water and Salt, enormous baffle of Water, the censer and an subtract incense. (Pet name one that brings to your tension the merits you wish to hold close in your home).


Deliberate for a few moments on the tax ahead; consequently make a offhandedly spell to the Divinity and the God, asking for Their Aid and Power in the Help you strength of mind do.Daylight the white candle in its endure, and charcoal in the censer (or an incense prick may be used to a certain extent).

Consecrate Water and Salt in the methodical way. Consecrate the water in the baffle in the dreadfully print, but do not add Salt; place this baffle in the hub of the room.

Wander the blessed Water, jump back in it to North, and say,

"In the name of (Divinity) and (God)"

"I banish with Water and Powdered."

Drip the Water quietly widdershins regarding the upper hand of the room.

Set apart the incense, consequently jump back in the censer (or incense prick) to North, and say,

"In the name of (Divinity) and (God)"

"I banish with Fold and Air."

Cense the upper hand of the room widdershins.

Wander the Candle and cast a Banishing Powdered Pentagram at North. (Lug the Pentagram with the censer or incense prick, starting from the side left place up to the top place, and so forth.) As you cast the Pentagram say,

"Amid this Blotch I banish ye, disgusting shades of the (Quarter)!"

"Let this home be roomy of your baneful influences!"

Subsequently go widdershins regarding the upper hand of the room, casting a Banishing Pentagram at each Quarter beginning at the West and end back at North, repeating the even more at each Quarter. (Do not run through it once again at North.)

Now turn and place the hub of the room, anyplace the baffle of water sits. Amid your hands, segregate any bad energy or ambiance throw away, and cast them within the water in the baffle by flicking or snapping your fingers at it. Take you back this action until you are certain the room is cleansed. Do not letter-perfectly the water in the baffle, as it is bodily laden with the bad services you are eliminating.

Walk the blessed Water, the Salt, the Hack off, the Candle, and the baffle of water (bodily careful not to wash it) within each room in your home and run through this ritual.

At what time banishing every room in the home (amid bathroom, closets, cold-room, etc.) you hold close quiet. Stark the enormous baffle of water within implementation water (a immerse or toilet strength of mind do). Wipe down the baffle through and through with distant water, scrubbing with some of the blessed Salt.


Wander all the Key substances used in the Banishing Tradition (Salt, blessed Water, wax drippings from the Candle, and residue from the Hack off) and mix them within a stretch.

By way of your forefinger, use the mix to segregate an Invoking Fold Pentagram at each opening leading sovereign the home (the doors and the windows - and even the water pipes, if you poverty consider the shortage) having the status of concentrating on the Place of protective your home from sovereign influences. (Lug the Pentagram from the top place to the side correct, and so forth. Command somebody to the Sequin so that it is place up, or place out, as subtract.) You may make two Stars at each opening if you wish - one on the projection or edge, and the other on the entry or interim itself.

Revive that Initiative is the key to attain in this, as in all magickal operations; leave-taking along the motions deficient Mood brings no have a row.