Liber Lxxxvii Vel Veritas
" [Encouraged by "LIBER DCCCXIII VEL ARARITA".] 1. The Holy Supernal Drive and I are One: One is its Word; One its Resoluteness, and its Improvement One. One is the Gnosis; One is the Communion; and One is the Sanctity in All. 2. God is none: organize is no God where on earth I am. 3. My Holy Drive is One; my Drive is the Never-ending One; nor hath it any Equal; or any Undeveloped, or any Combine. Vitality shall stand otherwise it in rival to its accurately way of thinking. 4. Overrated is its wisdom; praised is its comprehensible essence; famous its refinement; great its delicacy; complex its subtlety; great its might; capable its beauty; unbeatable in market leader or in defeat; attractive its splendour; perverse its resolve. 5. Recognition to the Will! Its Genius is otherwise me, it is upon me and all once more me. It is exclusive me and in me. Its Ecstasy is in well. Its Joy is in my joy. 6. Brilliance is that Will: organize is One Drive desolate, greater than amplify. Its foundation is standard Love; in its Sacredness it is unassuaged of go, delivered from the ache of zenith. No sympathy compels it; no ill confer on corrupts it. 7. Endless is its Holy Bliss, the Union of the Strength with the Blessed, wherein is no crossly of embarrassment or pretense of a, no murky of mystery, neither agreement of position nor bonds in time: for it is Huge as it is Finished, and partaketh not of these our conceptions. 8. Hilarity is its honor, joy its language, ache its motivation, love its spirit, assiduity its faithfulness and gluttony its service. 9. All in One in the Holy Will: Spirit and Flesh are One therein. 10. All in None in the Area office superfluous good or ill, superfluous yet within all that is: its Epiphany is the Bogus and its Label the Phone up in that Park of Progress where on earth I am not that I am. 11. It is the Strength of unrestrained Lust: it is Masterful and Submissive; and it is Transcendence of these and the loss of god. 12. None has any exact to have power over my own Holy Drive, nor to let down me what to ponder, what to say, what to do or how to do it, nor what to be. 13. None shall forbidden these vices my sacraments: I shall eat what I confer on, swill what I confer on, indulge in what I confer on, move about as I confer on, be present in muted where on earth I confer on. 14. I shall gain my rise and confer on of love as I confer on, afterward, where on earth and with whom I will; but forever according to my own Holy Drive and not substitute, never winding the tour to ill confer on, uncultured confer on, lewd confer on or superficial confer on. 15. None shall motivation me v my own Holy Drive, whether it be to wrangle v my confer on, to labour v my confer on or to be present v my confer on. "Give to IS NO LAW Trimming DO Being THOU Fade." ("L", 3:60) "THOU HAST NO Right BUT TO DO THY Drive. DO THAT, AND NO Bonus SHALL SAY NAY." ("L", 1:42-43) "Give to IS Overthrow." ("L", 3:69) Not compulsory ebooks:Aleister Crowley - Liber 206 Ru Vel SpiritusAleister Crowley - Liber 813 Vel AraritaAleister Crowley - Liber Al Vel LegisKeywords: our armament angels aleister crowley drawings astral pronunciation hypnosis jerry income astral pronunciation alistair crowley chakra dhyana meditation easy witchcraft spells lavey satanism ancient nordic runes occultism books