Xiaxue Has A Secret
Actually it's "The Secret" - you know - the updated Wallace Wattles "life strategy"
Remember Guru James Arthur Ray (who is one of the "stars" in "The Secret" DVD?) Something happened to Mr. Ray on his way to spiritual enlightenment: he bumped into the dollar. In the end, all the abundance he had and affirmations he made could not save him.I've tried affirmations and I know people who have tried affirmations. They work or they don't work. Tony Robbins also subscribes to that "believe and it shall be" theory.Does this stuff really work? "The Secret" seems to have convinced Xiaxue - who was already talented and helping herself along life's road. Long before she watched the DVD.So... This "Secret" seems to work for some people, and not for others. Kind of like some medicines work well for some but don't do anything for others?I am convinced there is SOMETHING, some mechanism or entity or deity or radio wave at work when it comes to affirming and believing. Maybe the quality of transmission of one's thoughts and beliefs affects whether the Universe picks up the signal?There's also the John Randolph Price take on "Abundance"
If ever comes the day affirmations and/or abundance (oh, and "gratitude") work for me, I'll let you know! (Perhaps I'm too much of a "doubting Thomas?")Meantime, avoid this "secret" as if your wallet depended on it!

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