Top 5 Bizarre Theories And The Facts Surrounding Them

"The theory": The theory here is that Mars is already being terraformed behind our backs by groups such as NASA and the ESA, it is a fairly new claim and is supported only by speculation and a few pictures.

"The facts": First off the price, it seems almost no theorist takes price into account when they come up with these ideas, NASA is already having trouble as it is keeping themselves funded. The price of bringing something to Mars that could terraform it would cost billions, possibly even trillions. The computer

technology required to make sure it did every little thing right would cost even more. Not to mention the time, it takes a Lander to get to Mars from earth so something that big would take years to get there and might not even work when it did. Our best bet for terraforming Mars at the moment is to take prehistoric microbes that feed off carbon dioxide and others gases and let them form Mars in the same way scientists think they formed earth. Of course this in itself would take millions of years, at the present there seems no way to terraform Mars and no reason to.


"The Theory": The theory is that using your mind to think positive and encourage yourself and others to feel better really helps and can replace medicine.

"The facts": Sadly this is believed by many people, and though it certainly can't hurt for the common cold, since rest and relaxation are the best things for it after all. For more serious diseases people who really believe in this may not go to a doctor, and as such they can damage their body, or even kill themselves. This is no more effective than prayer which when it does seem to work can be explained away as coincidence. Many people actually do believe in it and luckily for some of them the placebo effect makes a major appearance, since they think their getting better, their bodies get stronger and they do sometimes pull through.


"The Theory": We each have seven chakras going down from the top of our head to our feet, they can be used for a variety of things and awakening one can usually help you with a specific thing, such as enhanced hearing, sudden realization and the list goes on.

"The facts": There is no way to prove these things exist. But people believe in them, some more so than a soul. They are usually connected with paranormal cases and as such usually don't have any specific stories all their own. Though there have been some reports of people having slightly greater abilities or knowing what will happen before it does. This is usually explained by a 'sixth sense', often described as the brain's way to activate the subconscious mind which helps us gather information and process it in such a way that we don't know how we acquired it but we have the information. This can explain why people think they've been to places they never have, and many other feelings of that nature; this can also explain away almost all if not all of the chakra cases.


"The Theory: "The theory here is that life does not exist, we are all in fact test programs in a giant virtual reality or the players of that reality itself.

"The facts:" Once again there is no specific way to disprove this theory. Though it would mean in reality we would probably look much different or not exist at all. There is not much of a base for this to stand on, since it is another 'can't prove can't disprove' paradox, it is back to our own judgment. Strange as it may seem this theory could explain a lot of the problems with the world and things such as carbon dating. If we all were/are just test subjects in a large-scale virtual reality test, then all of the anomalies we find, and many of the world mysteries could be explained as bugs and glitches in the program. There is no solid proof that it does exist though, and it is most likely just generated by people's fears of the age of technology we're stepping into, and what it may do to us.


"The Theory:" Though the theory varies greatly from religion to religion, most of them believe that there is a being or beings greater then anything else in the universe that created the earth. It is still generally accepted in western civilization that there is a god.

"The facts:" We find ourselves at another paradox, there is no way to prove or disprove any religion. Many believers in their religion will often say god is testing us as he has faked much of the things we see in history. Such as dinosaur bones being millions of years old. However skeptics usually point out other facts, such as the second you accept one religion you are literally rejecting thousands of others. Skeptics will also point to the overwhelming evidence that all so-called effects of prayer can be explained through mere coincidence. They will also point to errors in the Bible writings, and problems with the whole idea of heaven in general. Despite this evidence many people continue to worship their gods. Skeptics generally believe that religion was established for one of two reasons. Reason one because people were scared and looked for a way to say this life isn't all you get. The second reason is that people were confused and tried to come up with an answer as to why and how all this stuff got here, so they came up with the ideas of gods. None the less following certain things from certain religions isn't necessarily a bad thing. The one common thing you will find in all religions usually written in different words but with the same meaning: do unto others what you would want others to do to you. A fine motto to live by.