Subsequently Color One Obtains An Energy

that seems to block from witchcraft.

Henri Matisse

Tinge correspondences, sanitization, full moon magic, centering, truth, meditation, spirituality

Red...South, Stir up, hankering, clench, sexuality, energy, go away, to subjugate alarm

Ruddiness purple...healing, stamina, psychic awareness, quests, hunch, ward off impression, pleasantness

Faint purple...West, Marine, Divinity, stimulus, dreams, protection, dreams, emotions

Green...physical things, land, money, effectiveness, awaken, faerie magick, transformation, effectiveness

Fair...East, Air, brain, brightness, learning, cleverness, right

Murky...North, Ferret around, animals, picket, home, physical things, stillness, friendship, tense love, healing the spirit, healing, drive, luck, clearing the tension, junction of luck

Mauve...power, pomp, spiritual result, meditation, hunch, psychic skill, wisdom

Gold ingots...The God, stellar energy, physical power or wildness, skills, fur, energy

Gray...The Divinity, lunar magick, remove negativity, protection, tally, victory

Amethyst...self swelling, cuff, creative work

Green washed out...banish negativity, raid, challenge, cowardice, sickness, conflict

Purple...meditation, spirit letter, kismet working, tally, learning ancient wisdom

Black...ward negativity, banishing, remove hexes, spirit page, psychic work, endings