Throat Chakra Powers Of The Vishuddha
The THROAT CHAKRA or VISHUDDHA is one of the 7 major chakras. "Vishuddha" is known as the "purification center." The Sanskrit word "shuddha" or "shuddhi" means "to purify," and in this chakra the purifying and harmonizing of all opposites takes place. The "throat chakra" is situated within the sushumna nadi at the base of the throat. "It is said that the throat chakra" is the spiritual energy center concerned with how we communicate and express ourselves in the world. It is also through the "throat chakra" that we develop the faculty of higher discrimination and fully recognize the fact that the mind substances are the fundamental essences of the world. This knowledge is gained not by mere speculation but by experience once the "throat chakra" is fully awakened.SPIRITUAL POWERS OF THE THROAT CHAKRA"By meditation on vishuddha (throat chakra), the mind becomes pure like the akasha. One becomes a great sage, eloquent and wise and enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind. Amrit can be felt as a cold fluid flowing into the chakra and the aspirant becomes free from disease and sorrow, he is compassionate, full of bliss and long lived." - Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Kundalini TantraIn many systems of yoga, meditating on the different chakras of the body allows the person to attain different kinds of spiritual power or what the Hindus call "siddhis." The following is a list of siddhis associated with the "throat chakra": * Clairaudience: Knowledge of the Sounds/Language of All Beings * Freedom From Hunger And Thirst * The Power Of Levitation (Laghima) * Super Hearing (Hearing At Vast Distances) * Ability To Travel Through Space (Teleportation) * Mastery Of The Elements (Ether) * Mastery Over The Five Senses Of The Body (Hearing)PRACTICES FOR THE THROAT CHAKRAThere are many practices for controlling or balancing the energy that goes through the "throat chakra". The following practices are used mainly in the tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. 1. ASANAS (YOGIC POSTURES) - "Asana" is defined as "posture;" its literal meaning is "seat." Asanas greatly stimulate and influence the functioning of the endocrine system. The following asanas are useful in awakening the throat chakra: vipareeta karani asana, pawanmuktasana, chakrasana, dhanurasana, marjariasana, matsyasana, paschimottanasana, and ushtrasana.2. JALANDHARA BANDHA - "Jalandhara bandha" or "chin lock" consists in pressing the chin close to the chest and dropping the head to help in maintaining immobility of muscle and air movements. Jalandhara bandha regulates the circulatory and respiratory systems, stimulates the thyroid to balance metabolism, and is said to cure all diseases of the throat. Jalandhara bandha is contraindicated in high blood pressure and heart disease.3. KHECHARI MUDRA - "Khechari mudra" is a yoga practice which is carried out by placing the tongue above the soft palate and into the nasal cavity. It is said that a person who has mastered this technique is freed from old age and death in this world.4. UJJAYI PRANAYAMA - "Ujjayi" literally means "victoriously uprising" or "victory from expansion." This refers to the upward movement of prana. Pranayama means "restraint of the prana or breath." Ujjayi pranayama is sometimes called the ocean sounding breath. Inhalation and exhalation are both done through the nose. The air is taken into the back of the throat with a constriction of the muscles, resulting in a hissing sound - an ocean sound.5. SAMYAMA MEDITATION - Samyama meditation is a combined simultaneous practice of "dharaa", "dhyana", and "samadhi". These techniques primarily belong to the classical yoga called Raja Yoga or "royal union." According to this system of yoga, meditating on the "throat chakra" using this technique allows the practitioner to have full control of its power. PREVIOUS NEXT Heart Chakra Third Eye Chakra