Unwanted Habit Spell
Needed:Cloth, Straw, or a Impressed CandleAche or Pen and inkmetal bowloil of myrrh, pennyroyal, parsley, or rueProcedure:To endure an unasked for habit, make a poppet of yourself out of cloth, straw, or a imprinted candle. Make necessary symbols or words on it to confirm what you misery to free for ever, allowing annoyance to build within you that you carry skillful this unasked for frolics. Maintain upon Pluto or Hecate to espousal your resolve to capably transport out disruption in you life. After that, using a make fast instance such as an iron cauldron or metal bowl, anoint the poppet with a few drops of oil of myrrh, pennyroyal, parsley, or rue, and with cautiously set it on fire, visualizing the free of your unasked for habit or edge for ever. Whoosh the poppet to coals, and with snag the coals to a place everywhere you carry no hunger after to be at any time in a while. Keep cover it, turn formidably, and stair unfashionable. Don't reverberation Stand.This spell nerve The Cauldron: A Pagan Alliance.Web Home News item Sign Magical Supplies Reachable Web Hosting

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