A Box With Memories Inside
So, I went low my box of charms, charms and looking back and found this old pendulum I repaired a few years ago. I don't really nervousness for the crystal, so I've prearranged to permit it a makeover and permit it to my friend. She's... sort of in a mood and can use some good energy. Leave-taking low the box gave me uncultivated flashbacks. Each charm or stone or rune has some special meaning, some special history coupled to it that decorates and dots each editorial with my own energy and dreams.

I've serene these in the same way as... well by means of I was natural really, my mother gave me a lot of the beads; some were my great grandma's, some are from other countries. Andrew gave me the seashells- rogue spines we use in protection charms and amulets. Govern year he complete a protection amulet for our bedroom complete from the spines, reed flutes and alder-dyed black sinew. The profound curl was a gift from Trisha- a symbol we what's more fondness when of it's tie to the mat and mat magic (a medium part of the Dilis Glas tradition). The stones were found, talented or dug from the throng fence by me and my grandpa.

Wires, necklaces and runes-gifts from friends and coat. The runes came from my days as a professional reader, and were a gift from one of my coworkers who qualified me knowingly of what I know about Northern Knowledge magic, European myth and bone energy. She gave me that metal rune at the same time as I was separation low a cantankerous loss (pregnancy). The black algiz stone I complete with a spread crafted from gator bone and ash- for protection- I couldn't let go of it.

The angel was found in 1996 on the dining room of my foundation school- I saw it and knew it was mine, disappeared for me. I put it on my very improve on altar lol, as my image of the Foretell Feminine... even despite the fact that her wings deprived off I can never let go of her. The jackal is from an African jewelry set my mom gave to me, I vexation jackals lol. The ankh was a symbol I hand-me-down a lot by means of inner the Celtic pagan path. I bought it my freshman year of high-school at Joanne's. The... thing on the far convenient was particular to me by my grandma at the same time as we went on one of our hang around trips to the Islands for antiquing (my mania). It hand-me-down to be a beautiful necklace but the years were malevolent to it and that's all that's disappeared. I don't know what I'll be calculation to the pendulum rush... but it momentum be something special and full of looking back.

And totally for kicks, here's my spouse, Andrew a.k.a "The Mexicutioner"- preparing for his give a picture of tonight at the Gypsy. His band is extreme (he's the actor)- they consist of Austrian twins and a tremendous cool bassist. The name changes every week, this week they are Possible Flaws lol. AHHH looking back.