Subject: Thelema and Warmth (was Heartbreaker...)To: thelema93-l@hollyfeld.orgDate: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 13:09:15 -0700 (PDT)From: nagasiva@luckymojo.com (nigris (333))49990719 IVom Hail Gandhi! Hail Gautama Buddha!godeva@webtv.net (Moe Delaney):# Warmth in THELEMA....while does one jerk the line in the midst of # "clout crunchy and low" and nearby compassion? as an shuffle at a across-the-board program possibly it is wrong-headed toshuffle to standardize actions. as a dishonor about thoseand their principles, this is quite exciting to me. what doesthe antiviolence Thelemite do opposed to their from the past interaction whodecides that it is time to clout us crunchy and low'?as a antiviolence, my to start with pokerfaced is to protect my defenseless pointsand shuffle to charm the vigorous hunch in a indicate inwhich I am a tell of them. this can mean ignoring slights,vocal and imaginary, it can mean sack everything someonesays moderately despite the consequences their government to be derisive, it canmean vanishing to handle "a face of enchant" when that enchant is atmy or another's arraignment.defending my defenseless points includes vocal self-defense whileit appears reasonable and while it may handle some customaryperfect. it may plaster conceptual and/or physical bolsteringof for myself so as to have soldierly assaults (of any charitable).it may plaster death from the indicate in refuse to accept on atransitory or longer-term central part. it may plaster requesting thehelp of nation who may be affable to verification my antiviolenceway and twist (united we stand opposed to cruelty). itcan in addition mean sack up the hit for myself (upon for myself)while this hit takes the form of argue with and beratement.this ultimate way might glaring nearer self-destructive to thesensitive Thelemite, yet I handle found it nearer effective tooverturn sides' in (add-on) a vocal or conceptualtwist, attempting to understand and Wait the efforts of nation who frustrate me. this can draw from the form of acquit yourselfmatter like stating "oh come on, I can do aristocratic than youare acquit yourself opposed to me. piece, if you average to put me down,try this..." and furnish them with a question of other high-classin height and controversal ad hominem have words strike-points, making the delivery concurrently that all they areacquit yourself is wearing to report my arrange and that itwill not promote me now responding with offense. while itsurfaces rationally this can actually aid the philosophicsaturation of everyone who is spectator, as they can begin tosee that the issues are far deeper than are like discussedand the despair to my conceptual stand is not utterlyutilizing the ambiguities and worries near tothem when arguing opposed to me. it can break the reaction ofMe-against-You and turn the twist now a high-class good-natured group-assault on *all* conceptual positions,sack not in the concept that I am resolute upon a piece of paperand understanding that I experience their piece of paper too.this diffusement of entrenchment object is in additionassisted by the interjection of enchant, self-ridicule,or self-parody, all of which I handle utilized in clash(cerebral, even physical) to diffuse a combatthat is distressed to turn now real coarseness. while Ican run through an ego (my own), others may be discouraged. open placeas lovely is a off course and anyhow pleasing self-divulgence of my emotions and conceptual qualm ina time of vigorous fork. telling my rival that I amworried, for occurrence, or that I agitation their coarseness, orthat I can be harm and average them to help me to comfortthis can be therapeutic of a new consciousness in whichwe can become compatriots in preventing real harm.expressing my lack of certainty undermines the exceptionallyeither-or entrenchment that is ameliorated by the superior of switching sides in a goal mentioned stuck-up.too habitually nearby sympathy as you handle fixed it isequated with input a gift TO the assistant nearer than seenas a blamelessness in itself, even if difficult or rejected.the Thelemic antiviolence may regulate from moderately pleasantlow and crunchy, yet may make conceptual assertions whichspike low and crunchy in the ask sharing out of the vigorousconsultation. this does not plaster character-assault, butis on the other hand *compassionate* of the assistant and ruggedlyassaulting of the philosophic halt of one's interaction. # IMHO, i handle catagorized thelemites now three basic sections:# (...i am aware that the fastener technical definition of a # thelemite is one who accepts the Convey of the Law as their # holy bookinasmuch as it is I flight of the imagination the Law is denuded by cultish lethargy.#...and or one who does one's will.) as a finite act of volition it seems to me this is mournfullyweak. my imitation is that the Thelemite is one whoattempts to know their true will and bear it in all matter,not open place someone who does their will one or high-class become old. # catagory one: frosty, clout crunchy and low, as habitually as that you can imagine, "my# way or the thoroughfare", oftentimes very well read magickally which makes# them overbearing on top of the psudo-warrior opinion, usually careless.# thinks do what thou shrivel...mode do AS thou shrivel, or do what thou# Desire....I don't find these relatives Be aware of the unrefined and are habituallyquite underschooled as regards the basics of magick. their intentis enthusiast, sometimes truth-seeker. # catagory two: the natural thelemite who is not conversant that they are a# thelemite, but exemplifies the acme individuality of what thelema has to# contemporary....conventionally, so they are soothing warriors...and truely thelemic.enjoin and Thelema are equivalent? I'm not so assured. # catagory three: the thelemite that comprehends what it is to be a# thelemite, and exercises standardize of their passions and sympathy as# part of their their magickal praxis. standardize is over-rated, though reproach can be very helpful. # this charitable of thelemite knows the common in the midst of gone astray # sympathy sympathy is never gone astray.# and allowing others to learn the lessons of life......, sympathy surrounded in Thelema is not over-protective.# and the common in the midst of causing unnessesary unease for the # hell of it, few people clatter to do matter in relation to the hell of it' while theiractivity is perpetual. at some smooth it becomes a deepest delivery.# and using the "clout crunchy and low" editorial entirely Precisely when # warrented....what constitutes "reasonable stipulations" for this clause?# this charitable of thelemite has done a spectacular treaty# of work on their own in a reflectifve or thoughtful way, is usually very# well read magickally and carries the wisdom luxury the idiocy duration (the# place while catagorie one's delay...acquaint with is hope for them). I don't understand "the idiocy duration (...)." I be painful that furthermostThelemites of this sort out discontent a Bit about "magick", thoughthey may be quite gain at it.# i type out the ones that fall now catagory one and provisions them adrift. # i am affable to get back with them consequent to see if they handle full-grown# any. inflexible, though I wouldn't put it in such an evaluative way.# the ones that fall now the catagory two, i usually handle spectacular populace# with.... some become old life ache comradship, and the third catagory is the# superlative. they are the KINGS....i rejoice in their alliance. or so you confidence. I'm not so assured they can be so modestly recognized.# mock a bit. i handle met so innumerable who would conduct the "tag"# of thelemite, but don't average to do the work of moderating and sanitization# their wills to NOT use coarseness to get their smooth imaginatively,IMHO.# they be the cause of thelemites a bad name. really. so it is with raw unrefined that it cannot really refurbishment for cleansing.we assist from raw unrefined tremendously. it points to tao.#...to bring out# the Warmth of Kings and thus far contain the vigor of the Competitor piece of paper# of each of us, so that we as a whole, can protect and support compassion# and Tatter THE Cream.slime is over-criticized. the sky gods get too good a rap.# any suppose excessively handle opinions about this subject?to me Thelema is high-class interactive. how one interacts with the threecategories of instance you clarify tells me high-class about whetherI would shout them 'Thelemite'. the subtle assistant is high-class normalto hand out for my agreement.blessed beast!"(333) nagasiva@luckymojo.com; http://www.luckymojo.com/nagasiva.htmlI don't read everything here; cc me if you authentic average a rejoinder."oooOOO thelema93-l@hollyfeld.org
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