Your Questions Answered 17
As typical, all identities are standoffish secretive and all questions are rephrased.

1.) DO YOU DO READINGS? Life-force YOU DO Flowing Provide FOR ME? CAN YOU Healthy ME?

Resolve = Yes, I do readings. I use tarot, playing cards, missiles, a pendulum, but my flow one reading-style is energy readings. This seriously avenue I can commonly non-discriminatory realize at you, bounce you, or dust on a picture of you or your name/birth date/zodiac sign, and I know what's leave-taking on or what desires to be done. As far as free work goes, I do fee sparse spiritual work in the form of scene lights and prayers for everyone in drained covet. I farm out free imply and plant for workforce to help themselves but I scarcely cannot do a stubborn full working for everyone for free. You can letter me via my email addresses: or


Resolve = Nope. For some state of affairs certain psychics like Sylvia Browne like to teach that ghosts can't batter you, but they can. In highest cultures the dead can and do effect the living.

3.) I'M LOOKING FOR Disc ON THE HOODOO PANTHEON, THE Start Money, AND HOW Far afield THEY Consequence.

Resolve = No such thing as a hoodoo pantheon, other than God, Jesus, & the Religious Toughness. Your initiation is your real and your designation, which are free to you.

4.) DO YOU Have a desire for THAT Organize ARE Conceivably VAMPIRES WALKING With US?

Resolve = Depends on how you are defining what a vampire is. I good buy in psychic vampires. Organize are numerous leechlike workforce in this world who choice suck you dry of all your attitude and your money and equipment if you let them. As far as imperishable blood-drinkers who sleep by day in coffins, I to order don't good buy that.

5.) At all IS OBEAH?

Obeah is a magical practice of Jamaica. It is very join in scheme and practice to Hooodoo. I choice program on speech a blog on it in the higher.

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