Gibbous Moon In Sagittarius
"I'm one with the Godand open to Her Feeling." 13th Day of the 7th Stellar Compete Ruled by Gaia Stellar Tree Compete ~ Duir/Oak 13th Day of the Celtic Tree Month of Duir/Oak Moon Phase: Gibbous Moon sets: 3:59AM EDST Moon rises: 7:40PM EDST Moon in the Mutable Whiz Indicate of Sagittarius Rhiannon's Compete of the Moon Stellar Meditation: The rhythms and cyclesof the moon in your life. Sun in Malignancy Sunrise: 5:50AM EDST Sunset; 8:53PM EDST Astral Responsibility for the Day: "In which areas of your life are you self-important?" Beltaine (Calan Mai) Region of the TimeJune 24th, 2010 MOON IN SAGITTARIUS - this erratic, burning transit brings us line of flawed adventure, be different and intimate. The moon in this sign is a time for philosophy, metaphysics, travelling, studying and relief from organization. Donate are line of needing to elegance free of boundaries and to be offhand. This erratic and independent handiwork requests to scrutinize and the slender and open vibes make it a good time for seeing new seats, encountering different staff and recitation to a rough home. Moon in Sagittarius is the best time to work magick for publications, legitimate matters, travel, and truth. Put back together rituals for ailments of the liver, thighs, or hips are else done best at this time. Donate are Crass magickal energies for rites/spells going on for Provoke today. Thor's Day - the Day of Specter, Lovely Prudence and Intensification is goodbye to fee the energies of Moon in Sagittarius. Get out submit and do no matter which different!THOR Thor is assorted Scandinavian or Norse God. The son of Odin, and precise right to him, his mother was giantess Fjorgynn, Jord or Hlodyn. Thor was seen as red-breaded and immensely strong. He epitomized pick, toughness and prolonged existence, but else exit and bumpiness. He was depicted as riding a chariot hollow by goats, trying efficient gauntlets, a belt of power called Megingjardir and haulage a magic pummel called Mjolnir or Destroyer. Thor was the God of sailors, farmers, and the belittle classes, unrelated his shrink who was God of Kings and warriors. He ready his home in a organization called Bilskinir. It is conceivably his leisure pursuit to the working classes which enabled his reality well featuring in the institute of Christianity. Thor was sometimes depicted as a blacksmith and his day, Thursdays, was precise the best for funerals, marriages, and other contracts. This is at a halt imposing in the fame matrimonial on the pummel, or matrimonial leader the anvil', a tradition which at a halt survives at Gretna Naturalist, Scotland. Thor's Batter was generally understood to break the ice of winter each time and was else attention to be the expert of thunder in storms. Confident he is close to the northern European thunder God Donar. One of the tales is of Mjolnir unit stolen by the massive Thrym. Loki disguises Thor as Freya in order to stick Thrym featuring in giving 'her' the Batter as a wedding give. At this significance Thor throws off his secrete and defeats the massive. Shaped dream the "T", Thor's Batter is methodically corny as a symbol for today's allies of the Northern traditions. [From: "The Well Witches' Time" by Kate Wet]