In a affable book time I've noted Australian luminary of religions, with for pattern the "Cathedral of the New Hope v Characteristic of Pay-Roll Tax (Vic)" [1983] HCA 40; (1983) 154 CLR 120.Expose 26 of the "Nuptial Act 1961" (Cth) states that "The Governor-General may, by Confirmation, come clean a pious organization or a pious organisation to be a recognised respect for the purposes of this Act".The tide breeze of the "Nuptial (Recognised Denominations) Confirmation 2007", ie the order under that part of the Act, identifies the member pious denominations. Jedi, to the feel sad of one novice, is not featured on the list. * Local Evangelical Fellowship of Australia * Ananda Marga * Anglican Catholic Cathedral in Australia * The Anglican Cathedral of Australia * The Antiochian Up front Cathedral * The Apostolic Cathedral (Australia) * The Apostolic Cathedral of Queensland * The Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in Australia * The Assemblies of God in Australia * Attached Christian Ministries * Attached Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia * Attached Give instructions Churches of Australasia Integrated * The Mace of Cellar Churches Australia * Australian Christadelphian Ecclesia * The Australian Cathedral of Antioch * Australian Fellowship of Bible-believing Churches * Australian Fellowship of Give instructions Centres (Insignificant with a Give instructions) * Australian Limited Ministries * Australian Unitarian Druze * Autocephalic Greek Up front Cathedral of America and Australia * Baha'i Hope * Baptist Union of Australia * The Belarusian Autocephalous Up front Cathedral in Australia and Abroad * Bethesda Ministries International Integrated * Brethren * C3 Cathedral * International business Calvary Life Assemblies * Chinese Methodist Cathedral in Australia * Christian and Champion Company of Australia * Christian Brethren Christian Cathedral in Australia * The Christian Cathedral * The Christian Israelite Cathedral * Christian Life Churches International * Christian Outreach Centre * Christian Renewed Churches of Australia * Churches of Christ in Australia Cathedral of God (Australia) Sole * Cathedral of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints * Cathedral of Scientology Integrated * The Cathedral of the Foursquare Gospel (Australia) Sole * Cathedral of the Foursquare Gospel in Australia * Cathedral of the Nazarene * Cathedral of Tonga in Australia * The Hamlet of Christ Congregational Christian Cathedral in Samoa * Congregational Association of Australia Connexions Ltd * Poach Islands Christian Cathedral * Coptic Up front Cathedral of Australia * CRC Churches International * Crosslink Christian Focus * Dream Centre Christian Cathedral Sole * Evangelical Presbyterian Cathedral of Australia, * Association of Australian Buddhist Councils * Association of Renewed Christian Churches of the Placatory Australia Integrated * Fellowship of Congregational Churches * Fellowship of Evangelical Churches in Australia * Fellowship of Isolated Evangelical Churches * Save Renewed Cathedral of Australia * Save Serbian Up front Cathedral, See for Australia and New Zealand * Unreserved Gospel Churches of Australia * German Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral * Goshen Ministry International Outreach * Greek Up front See of Australia * Hindu Convention of Australia * Religious Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Cathedral of the East * Hungarian Renewed Cathedral of Australia * Iglesia ni Cristo * Isolated Baptist Fellowship * Isolated Baptists of Australia * Isolated Cathedral of Australia * International Convention of Spiritualists * International Fraternity for Krishna Individual * Islam * Jehovah's Witnesses * Jewry * Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral in Victoria, * Free Catholic Cathedral * Lutheran Cathedral of Australia Integrated * Macedonian-Bulgarian Eastern Up front Cathedral * Macedonian Up front Cathedral, See of Australia and New Zealand * Ministers Fellowship International * New Apostolic Cathedral in Australia * New Cathedral in Australia * New Life Churches of Australia * OzReach * Placatory LMS Cathedral Australia Integrated * Potters Council Christian Fellowship of Australia * Maneuver of the Dazzling Ltd * Presbyterian Cathedral of Australia * Presbyterian Cathedral of Eastern Australia * Presbyterian Renewed Cathedral * Pass away Out for Christ Sole * Renewed Presbyterian Cathedral of Australia * Devoted Fraternity of Relations * Recovery Centres International Recovery Fellowship * Rhema Wealth Churches Australia * Roman Catholic Cathedral * Romanian Up front Cathedral * Russian Up front Cathedral Outside of Russia * Salvation Navy * Serbian Up front Cathedral in Australia and New Zealand * Seventh-day Adventist Cathedral * Sikh Convention of Australia Integrated * Fraternity of Saint Pius X Sole * Southern Mad Mace of Churches * Meticulous and Marked Baptist Churches of Australia * Ukrainian Autocephalic Up front Cathedral in Diaspora, See of Australia and New Zealand * Unitarians Tied Aborigines Give instructions * Tied Cathedral of God - Australia * Tied Pentecostal Cathedral of Australia * Tied Spiritualism of Australia * Uniting Cathedral in Australia * Victorian Spiritualists' Union * Succeed Life Centre Integrated * Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Connexion in Victoria * Wesleyan Methodist Cathedral * Westminster Presbyterian Cathedral * Worldwide Cathedral of God * Idolize Centre Christian Churches Worldwide (Australia) Ltd