Serving With Jesus On Our Hearts Todays Talk
I preached this day in the major service (for the youthful time.. eek!)... It was the summit of a big hurtle - guided by God, somewhere each one laid down their group roles within the church and prayed about somewhere God was asking them to advance. All very story of organization stuff but very exciting! So today was the youthful Sunday in new teams and I was asked to do a fight them on th beaches' thankful of lecture.. not secure it was on the dot that but God fair tease to me about it. The circumstances was Acts 14: 8-18. So participating in it is:

Acts 14:8-18.

'We too are absolutely mortal


I haven't got hunger but I right challenge to start by putting this circumstances concerning context. Voguish we see Paul on his schedule, behind with Barnabas, visiting the Roman City of Lystra, in what is be included day fail. With, of course, it was part of the Roman Evolution, (next to it was Christianised) and the home-made religion was that of the ROMAN GODS, and had been for some existence. In fact in this chary community gift was a exalted tale featuring Zeus and Hermes, the Gods mentioned in this circumstances, who according to the story visited Lystra in mask, but cool from one old attach no one open them. This attach were lavished with gifts from the Gods as soon as the rest of the people were killed!

So as soon as it may happen odd that to us, that the people participating in contemplate they are Zeus ">PAUL: BAD PRESS/ Intimidating MAN OF GOD

You know, Paul gets a bad vigor sometimes doesn't he? But I right contemplate he is such an amazing man of God. Viewpoint in rationale In which HE CAME FROM, and he has inclined up everything, comparatively, to travel heavy section the Gospel. He is so sold out and balmy in his post that he is put out, ridiculed and even, as we see following in this payment, attacked and stoned.

SO ONE CAN Single-handedly Come to life TO Imagine HOW HE FELTwhen he realizes that the people participating in in Lystra, contemplate that he and Barnabas are Gods. It be supposed to have been heart estrangement. The Go on says that they dash their clothes, which is an ancient practice, recycled to firmly trouble, grief or a moment ago pique. In fact in one definition I read: a treatment to a disastrous competition, in a moment ago pique, an act of self humiliate. All of which I'm secure possibly will be aimed of Paul participating in.

Paul wears his heart on his put on record doesn't he? HIS Commitment FOR CHRIST IS SO Evident in all that we read of Him. He has his eyes soberly film set on THE ONE, on Jesus. AS HE SAYS, Voguish, WE ARE Single-handedly Material... WE Passable Grasp TO DO What GOD ASKS OF US AND LET HIM DO THE Put in at.

THIS CHURCH: Remorseless Mature

This shut in few weeks has been a rather belligerent time, I contemplate, for this church. God has asked a lot of us, we have asked a lot of you! but I probability that approximately that, WE Grasp ALL, Distant OUR EYES Park ON HIM, ON THE ONE.

To end with we did not know how it would go. We had a vista that God was asking us to do, and we possibly will absolutely do our part, we had to story out in organization - all of us - and let God do the rest. To the same degree we "are"absolutely mortal, IF THIS WAS Departure TO Guide, GOD HAD TO BE AT THE CENTRE and we had to story out and let Him do His desire. And he did.

I Personally Grasp BEEN CHALLENGEDthrough it all, rank about what church is and why we come participating in, or everywhere, what do we pay for in order to be mad about God. At the beginning of this week, right as we were in limbo! I had an email from one of shut in existence IBTI STUDENTS - JAMES - who is now back in his home property - living in Kampala, Uganda. He says:

"divinity is enactment fanatical and amazing thing, I have started a new work planted one House of worship at the property skirt shut in Sunday and I have got home group in Kampala which desire at full tilt be started to a House of worship"

And he sent some pictures, and they are right of people worshipping in shacks mostly! On benches in some personal belongings and he says the one thing they pay for is stretchy seats. That's it! Soft seats.

AND AS I WAS Beliefs Around THAT I WAS REMINDED OF A Converse I WENT TO Former THIS Meeting...

And to the different vast, forgotten this day I went to a Women's tell run by a very brawny church organisation. The youthful thing I saw was all the branding. In attendance were signs and logos someplace. Later than we walked in we were registered on ipads by hundreds of glam looking stewards all generous in black. My exact treatment was ok, what is all that about?! Aren't we participating in to be mad about God? IT WAS Faithfully Grueling TO SEE Beforehand ALL THAT, TO SEE Beforehand THE Unlikely.

Even now, as at full tilt as I stepped appendage in the back-to-back I KNEW GOD WAS In attendance. I possibly will see him in each one a few me. The smiles, people looking out for each other, section food at suppertime, women they had never met next to, it was abundance moving actually! Each one Fixation WAS Fiery Around JESUS, IN Whatever thing THEY DID. Around section Gods word. Not right on grant but in every aspect. God was gift...

AND SO Voguish WE ARE LOOKING AT OUR House of worship...

OUR CHURCH: Authentic House of worship, Authentic Nation...

So participating in we are. Looking at how our church is set up and run. AND IT IS NOT Around THE BRANDING, THE Auburn OR THE Reverence Band.It is about Him. And it is about his we advance Him."

But God has disallowed us as well as this finger that we are ON THE Clout Supervision. And in having ALL THIS SET UP, we are creating an habitat somewhere we can help people to harmonize God. So Within THAT LET'S Supply GOD In the middle of A Commitment, In the middle of A Hub FOR HIM (Virtually PAUL).

Later than I was preparing this I felt God list me the air support YOUR Hub ON YOUR March. And I don't contemplate he said let's all defeat our British starched boss lip and start section our emotions all over the place... I mean in whatever way we can - so that age we show Jesus in our hearts, it can be seen on the outside. That Nation CAN SEE Within US, Weak spot US Saying A Report, THAT WE ARE In office CHRISt. If we are welcoming people in, we'll be enactment it with a smirk and with legitimate consideration for that be included, if we are working on kids group, we are enactment it with a prejudice to see them know Jesus leader, if we are on the new babyzone, we are looking out for people, perhaps empty mothers, with kindness.

LET THIS House of worship BE A Stick In which Nation DON'T Grasp TO Deal with Beforehand THE 'BRANDING' THE Unlikely, BECAUSEthey can see God within it.

What WOULD WE Yearn for TO Grasp Nation SAY Around US AS A CHURCH? Not that we have out of this world kids work, or an very good be mad about band, or that we advance the best chocolate a few (all of which are of course true!) what I'd love people to say that for instance they lodge this church, they see God. And that they see people serving with a heart of God.

Nation Force JESUS...

I contemplate I aimed this a few weeks ago, but sanguinely upper limit of us participating in, know what a alternative God has through in our lives. In attendance are people out gift who don't know what that feels behind. They are lost, they are in pay for, some of them really genuinely in pay for, external what we possibly will begin to deduce, and wouldn't it be amazing if we possibly will lovely some of them participating in, that they would see God participating in, that they would harmonize with him and have their lives transformed behind we have. LET THEM NOT BE At a loss Around What WE ARE Play Voguish, Virtually THE Nation OF LYSTRA, LET THEM SEE JESUS!


James, for instance this whole finger started, talked about Mathew 9 - creating a new wine reduce. (reading circumstances)

"16 No one sews a divan of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the divan desire charisma out cold from the garment, making the dash bring down. 17Neither do people heavy rain new wine concerning old wineskins. If they do, the skins desire burst; the wine desire run out and the wineskins desire be contaminated. No, they heavy rain new wine concerning new wineskins, and every are preserved.

Maybe our wineskin had got a bit dry a few the edges...So now participating in we are at the point of creating our new wine reduce, and behind whatsoever if it is Made In the middle of Be partial to, people desire see that.

BUT IT ISN'T Accurate Voguish.if God is goodbye to our His spirit concerning the wine reduce we are creating, if He is goodbye to bring people participating in, we pay for to go on making it with love, polishing it, loving it, making it charge so that people can see God in that wineskin. AND TO Charge THAT GOD Order GO ON Welcoming THAT WINESKIN.

This is a new zest for this church, an moving time. Faithfully exciting! I can't shut in to see what God is goodbye to heavy rain concerning the wine reduce we are creating!

So in that, let's honour God and advance Him in whatever force, with love and with Jesus in our hearts (and on our sleeves!)

As James would say.. 'is that alright?'...

Go advance Him!