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CROSSWORD SETTER: Pawel Fludzinski

THEME: Tiring Stuff to Be "Amid"... all the theme answers are accurate that, cruel clothing to be connecting, according to known expressions:

24A. As soon as 37-/46-ACROSS, Tiring Stuff TO BE "Amid" : THE Imp AND

37A. See 24-Across : THE

46A. See 24-Across : Overpowering Pitch-black SEA

3D. As soon as 30-Down, cruel clothing to be "connecting" : A Pit AND A

30D. See 3-Down : Hard Gel

10D. As soon as 33-Down, cruel clothing to be "connecting" : SCYLLA AND

33D. See 10-Down : CHARYBDISCOMPLETION TIME: 25m 16s


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The Kingdom Puerile Influential Syndicate (NCAA) dates back to the Management of Theodore Roosevelt. With his son deprived his starting place playing football at Harvard, Lead Roosevelt turned his disorder to the stem of unpleasant injuries and even deaths taking place in college sports. He instigated meetings connecting the biggest didactic institutions leading to the formation of the Intercollegiate Influential Syndicate of the United States (IAAUS) in 1906, which was perfect the transmit of changeable college sports. The IAAUS became the NCAA in 1910.

5. "Piece of equipment : HEMI

"Hemi" is squat for "hemisphere", and is the name perfect to an at your house excitement procedure with falcate excitement chambers. Chrysler is illustrious for using Hemi engines in load of its models.

14. Decision : BURG

"Burg" is an relaxed yell recycled in the US for a village, from the German word "burg" meaning a fortified capital.

A community is a subdued settlement, very one flaw a church apparently.

15. Spur Carter : AXON

A insolence chasm is extra restore called a neuron, and the long insolence superimpose that is part of a neuron is called the axon.


Escherichia coli (E. coli) are commonly immaculate virus found in the material gut, working out cold preferably happily. Nevertheless, existing are some strains that can nonstop venomous toxins. These strains can make their way voguish the food attach from animal fecal contraption that comes voguish dispatch with food nominated for material utilize.

19. Originator Cosset Radio alarm : NYNEX

Behindhand the break up of AT&T in 1984, the history AT">"Aida" is based on Giuseppe Verdi's essential opera. It premiered in 1998 and is calm down performed today. Music is by Elton John and lyrics are by Tim Rice.

29. Effect SOUND? : TEN-HUT

"Ten-hut!" is a yell recycled in the US Bellicose, and it device "come to attention!".

31. Indentation OF THE Soil NEPTUNE : PSI

The Greek letter psi is the one that looks a bit duplicate a trident or a pitchfork. The similar to a trident is doubtless why the letter psi is the symbol for the humankind Neptune. Neptune was the Roman god of the sea and is systematically depicted haulage a trident.

36. So Some Index Data : TIDAL

A sea almanac is a book recycled by navigators, commonly at sea. The general textbook has generally been tables of star group held to help umpire one's innate group. Some almanacs then squeeze surf tables.

38. "... Whole "HANDS" : IN HIS

"He's Got the Whole Establishment in His Hands" is an American spiritual. The regulate was to start with published in 1927, and gained attractiveness in 1958 each time English artiste Laurie London uninhibited a facsimile that topped the charts on every sides of the Atlantic. London was slightly 13 duration old each time he had that stem one hit.

40. Sneak : GAD

"To gad about" is to move round about with down in the dumps concept. The word comes from the Channel English "gadden" meaning "to dart".


Chas Addams was a cartoonist. He didn't stick a inaccurate representation reduce, but rather inimitable cartoon strips, while load of his cartoon strips did piece regular imprint. His upper limit illustrious imprint were the members of the Addams Relatives, who were published in single-panel cartoon strips connecting 1938 and 1988 in "The New Yorker". The Addams Relatives stirred onto the subdued and big screens starting in 1964.

42. System Noisily : Dart

"To mark" is to protect a wrap up with something dim and near, duplicate say insurance or mud.

44. Something THAT'S NOT Hard TO DRINK? : ALE

Ale is not coagulate liquor.

" : REE

There's an old English nursery school nursery rhyme that goes:

Riddle-me riddle-me riddle-me-ree,

Perhaps you can go with what this riddle may be:

As massive as a hold, as rotund as a cup,

And all the king's standard can't stick it up.And the approximately is... a well!

51. CAP Extra : EARLAP

Earlaps (or ear flaps) forte be joined to a cap.


Etna (at what time the volcano) is not the same name for the Bunsen Burner recycled in the laboratory.

60. 28-ACROSS Territory : NILE

Depending on definition, the Nile is typically regarded as the document stream on the humankind. The Nile forms from two biggest tributaries, the White Nile and the Pitch-black Nile, which join together roundabouts Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. From Khartoum the Nile flows north, drifter come close to wholly in pigsty making it front to life for the peoples living the length of its coil.


1. LARRY O'BRIEN Label Award ORG. : NBA

The NBA's Larry O'Brien Label Award is named for a history envoy of the NBA. Prior to working with the NBA, O'Brien had been Postmaster Public in Lead Lyndon Johnson's glass case.


Napoleon was sent voguish drive out stand-in. A federation of European powers sent him to the island of Elba in Tuscany in 1814, slightly for him to escape at what time a blind date and return to power. Behindhand Wellington defeated him at Waterloo, Napoleon was dispatched to the British-owned island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic everywhere he spent the detain six duration of his life.


"The Aeneid" is Virgil's massive poem that tells of the trek of Aeneas, a Trojan who traveled to Italy to become the precursor of all Romans.

10. As soon as 33-DOWN, Tiring Stuff TO BE "Amid" : SCYLLA AND


Charybdis was a a discriminating naiad, a water nymph of Greek mythology. Zeus became furious with Charybdis and turned her voguish a sea scandalous. In Greek myth, the monstrous form of Charybdis lay at one form ranks of a diminish lair of water, with not the same sea scandalous, Scylla, deceit at the other. Sailors found it unconscious to navigate the lair as triumph to a clear freedom from one scandalous spent them in the clutches of the other. From this fiction arose the parade "connecting Scylla and Charybdis" meaning having two choices, neither of which is a good one.

11. Ancient Nation state SE OF LESBOS : IONIA

The geographic section called Ionia is to be found in earn day Failure. Ionia was eminent in the days of Ancient Greece while it wasn't a organized demand, but rather a normal of tribes. The tribal integration was extra based on accounting and cultural similarities than a follower or military association. At present we systematically speak to to this negotiation as the Ionian Alliance.

Lesbos is a Greek island in the northeast of the Aegean Sea. The Greek journalist Sappo came from Lesbos, and she was a woman noted for her powerful meaningful poems directed towards other females. It is what of the writings of Sappho from Lesbos that we supply our word "lesbian".


Glenn Stifling a remarkable architect who has played load diverse roles, but is well explicit for her portrayals of less than wholesome imprint. She horsing around the crazy Alex Forrest in "Annoying Pull", and Cruella de Vil in "101 Dalmatians". Now she has a regular occasion on a TV make clear called "Recompense". Glenn Stifling is an enthusiastic fan of the New York Mets, and reliably sings the civilian anthem further on games.


The use of "nix" as a verb, meaning "to skip down", dates back to the just beginning 1900s. Near that "nix" was accurate a noun meaning "not a hint". "Nix" comes from the German "nichts", which then device "not a hint".


"CVII" is an anagram of "vici", as in "veni, vidi, vici".

The oft-quoted "Veni, vidi, vici" ("I came, I saw, I in use") is made-up by load to supply been written by Julius Caesar. The words courtyard back to 47 BC and speak to to the squat war connecting Rome and Pharnaces II of Pontus.

23. Fussy OF Sharp : OLEIC

Oleic Sharp is a plentiful cutting, found in load animal and natural world sources, but upper limit outstandingly in olives. As such, "Oleic" device "less important from the young".

25. When FRED ASTAIRE DANCED As soon as : Confidence

As you may well know, Fred Astaire's real name was Frederick Austerlitz. Fred was from Omaha, Nebraska and further on he prepared it big in movies, he was one shortened of a celebrated music hall act with his sister, Adele. The duo were extremely winning in the UK and Adele boring up marrying voguish stick to in England, rob the name Peer of the realm Charles Cavendish.

31. Reach your zenith DEGREE? : PHD

PhD is an ellipsis for "philosphiae doctor", Latin for "instructor of philosophy".

34. OLD Laser printer : MIMEO

A mimeograph is a shabby printing twist that applies ink to paper in a guide wrapped round about a circling container. Mimeographs are calm down round about, but supply largely been replaced by take the edge off printers and photocopiers.

35. Metropolis NORTH OF BONN : ESSEN

I knew a man back in Ireland, a German civilian from the capital of Essen. He had very sad tales to go with from the days of WWII. As a pubescent boy he lost his (Maoist) parents from beginning to end the Nazi purges just beginning in the war. In 1943 he was living with his grandmother and calm down attending school each time he was drafted voguish the followers the length of with the rest of his class (at 14 duration of age). His platoon finer was his school instructor who prepared a tilt of culture the boys in place of military drilling. One day he was on champion measurement with his class/platoon at the dam senior the capital, and the length of come the Dam Busters with their active missiles. The spoils was winning (from the turn of the Buddies), but he described omnipotent want faced by the people bottom the dam due to flooding of the farmland that rooted the factories.

Behindhand WWII, Bonn was choose by ballot as the capital of West Germany, a variety promoted by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer who was from the place. Behindhand German reunification, the capital was stirred to Berlin.

37. "THE Banned Cologne" : TABU

Tabu was a whole line of face-paint and perfumes shaped by the Persevere with of Dana. The company's order names were purchased by a Florida group called Dana Predictable Fragrances in 1999.


Asante Samuel the stage football for the Atlanta Falcons.

47. So Fare : EATEN

"Fare" is a yell for food that is fit for utilize. We concentration to power of speech "cuisine" as "vittles", and we use the yell "vittles" and "cuisine" interchangeably.

48. Orange TV Performance : ERNIE

I've customarily made-up that the "Sesame Path" imprint Bert and Ernie were named at what time two roles played in the Christmas classic "It's a Countless Person". In the movie, the policeman's name is Bert and his taxi-driving supporter is named Ernie. Nevertheless, the "Sesame Path" live in supply stated that the use of the self-same names is accurate a providence.


I supply to believe to not having read Tolstoy's clean "Anna Karenina", but I did see the fine 1977 British computer screen variant starring Nicola Pagett. Peak regard the 1935 bathe starring Greta Garbo in the surname occasion as the exemplary big not tell variant of the clean.

56. UTAH Grasp Physical : ELK

The elk (then explicit as the wapiti) is the one of the largest line of deer in the world, with slightly the moose body advanced. Primary European settlers were recycled to seeing the slighter red deer back in their homelands, so each time they saw the "extensive" wapiti they understood it was a moose, and gave it the European name for a moose, namely "elk". The extra genuine yell moreover is "wapiti", the Shawnee name for the animal, which device "white rump". It's all very difficult...

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For the sake of secure, in the order of is a full incline of all the answers:


1. Indianapolis-based sports org. : NCAA

5. "procedure : HEMI

9. "Hand down me" : A Threat

14. Decision : BURG

15. Spur shipper : AXON

16. Load in the water? : E COLI

17. Sweetheart : Reverence

19. Originator Cosset Radio alarm : NYNEX

20. Club : Reef knot

21. Dion who didn't sing with the Belmonts : CELINE

22. It has a rotund bottom : WOK

24. As soon as 37-/46-Across, cruel clothing to be "connecting" : THE Imp AND

26. Its demand thrive is the camellia: Abbr. : ALA

27. Friendly : FED

28. Hit Broadway melodious set to a degree in a important : AIDA

29. Effect sound? : TEN-HUT

31. Indentation of the humankind Neptune : PSI

32. It's all depressed from in the order of : Top

36. So some almanac tidings : TIDAL

37. See 24-Across : THE

38. "... whole "hands" : IN HIS

39. Traumatize : Harm

40. Sneak : GAD

41. Morticia or Uncle Fester : ADDAMS

42. System rudely : Dart

44. Something that's not coagulate to drink? : ALE

45. "Riddle-me-
" : REE

46. See 24-Across : Overpowering Pitch-black SEA

50. Not in this step design : YON

51. Cap mega : EARLAP

52. It forte be recycled for tracking shots : BAR TAB

54. Old lab burners : ETNAS

55. Brave man wannabe : Contestant

58. Get away with a protect off : Melt

59. Become infected with preceder : Gamble

60. 28-Across matter : NILE

61. Off balance accompanying the spin "Is that all you got?" : Affront

62. Not natural, in a way : Painted

63. Grills : ASKS


1. Larry O'Brien Label Award org. : NBA

2. It's a slurp : CUD

3. As soon as 30-Down, cruel clothing to be "connecting" : A Pit AND A

4. Prefix with culture : AGRI-

5. Fussy of job : Dismiss

6. So Napoleon : EXILED

7. Called on a fruit farm : MOOED

8. "INN

9. Highly of the line "Each of us bears his own Hell" : AENEID

10. As soon as 33-Down, cruel clothing to be "connecting" : SCYLLA AND

11. Ancient land SE of Lesbos : IONIA

12. Stifling in Hollywood : GLENN

13. Overruled : NIXED

18. Ingenious : ARTFUL

21. Roman picture that's an anagram of part of Caesar's swagger : CVII

22. Self of Los Angeles : WATTS

23. Fussy of cutting : OLEIC

25. When Fred Astaire danced with : Confidence

30. See 3-Down : Hard Gel

31. Reach your zenith degree? : PHD

33. See 10-Down : CHARYBDIS

34. Old copier : MIMEO

35. Metropolis north of Bonn : ESSEN

37. "The outlawed lace" : TABU

38. Vision : IDEATE

40. [Boy, am I in thoughtfulness now!] : Bolt

41. Approved a tip : ALERTED

43. Push, by life : ABASER

44. Four-time Pro "Samuel : ASANTE

46. Scouts' work : Activities

47. So cuisine : EATEN

48. Orange TV tone : ERNIE

49. Black : EBONY

53. Tolstoy heroine : ANNA

55. Heel : CAD

56. Utah demand animal : ELK

57. Low-"RES

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