Eyewitness Witches And Magic Makers
Discover the world of magic and the history, mysteries and beliefs of magic-makers around the world. Here is an original and exciting new guide to the mysterious world of witches and wizards -- who they are and what they do. Stunning full-color photographs of magical implements and tools, costumes and magic-makers in action provide and unparalleled look into the rich legacy of complex and mysterious practices that have existed in the world, and which, in some regions, are still very much alive today. See a catalog of magical amulets and talismans, magic dolls from different cultures, a stereotyped witch and wizard, tools for divining and predicting the future. Learn which animals are traditionally associated with witchcraft, how magic was practiced in ancient civilizations, and what cruel methods were used to punish witches in medieval times. Discover some simple spells, witches and wizards in mythology and the movies, magic-makers from other cultures around the world, the "craft" of present-day witches, and much, much more.

Source: healing-magic.blogspot.com