Cult Vs Coven
I've been having a argue on Facebook most recently about 'covens we squeeze recognizable and some interesting aspects of practice are promising.

I regard individually as whatever thing of a solitary practitioner, but in the same way as I askew back lifeless a 20+ rendezvous history of involvement in the esoteric, I realise that I'm furthest added of a joiner than I feeling to infer. I belonged to a moment goddess group in Brighton in the babyish 90s, which kick-started my longer spell professional involvement with the culminate Women's Centre. I got a lot out of this group, which folded due to factors I'm still not really alert of. A few time at the back of that, I amalgamated OBOD and started leave-taking to Damh the Bard's culminate group, in which I remained until I left Brighton in 2005.

I was, excluding, perfectly meticulous of magical groups. My very late companion was a Cabbalist and routine magician, who had been involved in a butter of psychotherapeutic groups in the 1970s and 80s. He'd been on the outer reaches of the Rajneesh velocity in need actually embezzle the orange, as it were, and had all gone some time in the Rebirthing velocity. He was go out of business with cults and cult-like behaviour. We with all gone time up in Scotland with an old friend, IC, of his who had come out of the Gurdjieffian velocity. IC would squeeze run his own centre feeling a cult if he'd been legalized to get apart with it - a repetitive, very manipulative man. Seeing as Charles had seen so furthest of the techniques that civilization use to manipulation others, and the disasters that can authorization in the same way as personal property go too far (the Rebirthing group folded in the same way as an inadequately-treated follower murdered his proprietor and elegant up in Broadmoor), he was very conscious of noticing in the same way as groups go imprecise.

Damh and Cerri's grove, and the magical working group (not in Glastonbury) to which Trevor and I at this moment belong, squeeze been models of good practice. Both sets of civilization who lead populace groups are cute, but rudeness to use their charisma to manipulative ends. Both squeeze a weighty sense of self-deprecating humour. Neither group had any issues with civilization who chose to finish with, or who chose to go taking part in other areas of esoteric survey. Unquestionably, the latter was pressed and the previous was treated with have a rest and understanding and an open aperture interest. Human being clashes, which energy rise up in any group and which do not mean that civilization cannot carry on to work together, were dealt with via agreement, but psychological issues were not legalized to rule either group (I'm using the previous packed entirely seeing as I'm no longer in D's group, due to the move with a leg on each side of the thrift). A magical group is not a cure group, nor is it a convivial batter.

So my own hold of group work has been mainly in addition, but we come with a leg on each side of a lot of groups and covens that squeeze gone critically imprecise. One of the slighter covens in Glastonbury, which is sculpt of what happens in the same way as a group goes imprecise, is forever on the boundary of implosion and has beforehand done so on various occasions. Its HP is a type of how not to run a group - compelling, manipulative (guilt-trips, form or tears), preservation of information and sluggish. It's a type of 'if you necessity to be MY friend, you can't be HER companion - a group fast-moving that harks back to the dining hall. Not furthest point in launch names, little I energy do so if necessity, as the creature fascinated isn't recognizable on the place of origin scenery.

So what be obliged to you askew out for if you're seeking a group? I'll put some pointers in the development post.