Do Wiccans Practice Witchcraft
The simple key in is "Yes".

Wicca is a modern Neo-Pagan circumscribe that started after Gerald Gardner, who wrote a book called "Witchcraft In this day and age" back in 1954. Gardner, fine hair with man Witchcraft writer Raymond Buckland placed stress on using the circumscribe Witchcraft to confusion their devoted practices.

But in opposition to Gardner's, Buckland's and many other Witchcraft practitioner's way the way with words transition from Witchcraft to Wicca by the general load of practitioners for two reasons.

One was for example this separates the difference along with the Old Way of life, many of which were lost and the in recent times re-energized Neo-Pagan era. Secondly, the circumscribe Witchcraft had became a circumscribe telling annoyance and heresy based on falsehood by the Christian and Islamic belief systems. The circumscribe "Wicca" did not claim that derogatory importance.

About, Wicca was predestined to take up to the practitioners of witchcraft in a plural form, not the religion itself. At the end of the day the word Wicca was adopted as one of the splendor Neo-pagan forms of a devoted practice of Witchcraft.

Here's a somewhat cool video ballot with Raymond Buckland that goes appearing in this topic: