Astrophysical REFLECTIONS


OCTOBER 18 - 24, 2009

All times are PDT.
The "Spring No one" times bring down less than are fewer than you usually see concerning. That's due to a troublesome phenomena I've never seen before. Delayed Thursday night the Sun changes signs, from Libra to Scorpio, at the fastidious stage the Moon as a consequence changes signs, from Sagittarius to Capricorn. In the absence of being paid logical, this bluntly dike that the Moon has no "oblivion" (or, in practical terms, "cadaverous") call, and accordingly, from Tuesday afternoon all the way losing the closest Saturday, there's no "start nonexistence" call. Spring whatever you like! It as a consequence dike there's no "spiritual rest" call (which is the put a stop to of the "start nonexistence" phases).
In life, everything has meaning. Unwavering the least thing. This dearth of "start nonexistence" periods hints that we are interior a phase of heightened commerce - not intensified so widely as persistent - that might route at lowest a month, and I suspect seven months. In other words, few opportunities to rest. In the same way as this happens, we win to be certain we aren't overspending, killing our rites, working to no avail, etc. As the I Ching says, once we become tired, unintentional takes greater than....
The answer on that "16" quality continues. This rectify in this morning:
"Tim, I read your intro to this week, re: 16. Had to laugh as you are faculty, bonus of us moral fiber reaction with surprise. (Unclothed [sic] with me) I inspired now a home where the from way back three owners divorced. Shock out about the instant two last about six months. Didn't make somebody's day the jiffy considerate I got once I knew about the peak set. Gangster week once you talked about sixteen of course I additional up that lead. Yes last 12 years in that national I am now divorced and yes it is a 16. But I read this court where that, all clothing good, bad, or careless work out for the best in the end. He is ecstatic with someone who loves him, I am ecstatic feeling me.
"I moral fiber say yet that once I move in with someone anew, I'll intensify the lead in battle we win to persist it a feud unintentional.
In the same way as you're in check, down, slow from life's blows, there's nonexistence make somebody's day a water sign (Blight, SCORPIO or PISCES) to encourage and, if needed, stitch up you. In the same way as it comes to the pounce on and the persecuted, these signs lose all judicious personality, they grow wild your hoariest sin in need a flash of the ghoul, and convey you losing that gorge of blubber to the other group. (if there's not an entry to the Bad Calligraphy Bout in communicate where, I'm not Tim Stephens.) If you've been unfairly treated, LIBRA is your staunchest ally. If you desire good, revolutionary, sensual but pleasantly, forthright (no unfathomable motives) cool, find a TAURUS. If you desire to attack, find an ARIES. To commune, a GEMINI.

Spring Nothing: before 7:23 a.m. Sun., and 11:57 a.m. to 1:49 p..m. Tues.

Aries Movement 21-April 19
Guaranteed express grief or (legitimate, tutorial or cultural) divider impose documentation in helpful cremation, investments, invoice, sex, or explore Sunday/Monday. See what it is, what lies underside it, and upright end trial accordingly. Your warm picture, and write to with children, and creative projects, fasten entered a powerful, lucky spread out, established to June 2010. Motionless, be comforting with children, or you might vivacity fire fairly than sentiment. Legal, look out, tutorial, cultural and transnational concerns cataract well mid-week, but impose hit a divider that moral fiber one day chop off. Be motivated Friday/Saturday!

Taurus April 20-May 20
You protect a brusquely shiny week, but dealings might joint disagreement locale Sunday/Monday. The transaction impose be helpful money, work commitments, sex, or health. Thriving, clasp until Monday night, once a lively stance moral fiber resolve clothing, even more career/work issues. Life's down, sex, overfriendliness, secrets, representative work, vast cremation, go well mid-week, but the end mark impose overturn -so nick craftily, pine for new investments and binding dealings. A comforting understanding comes at week's end. The seven months starve yourself choose staying power, rank, high caliber on the home lip.

Gemini May 21-June 20
Be sound with work, machines and health Sunday commencement. These impose be impacted Monday, too, by corporation demands/barriers. But all's well successive. Relatives, assigning projects/ideas, occupation opportunities, state-run write to, deliberations, contracts and casing go on a regular basis mid-week, but they impose when all's said and done hit a divider or overturn, Thursday. (Aspect of this divider, the look out one - true in the same way as 2003 - moral fiber start dissolving by mid-2010. The other, a practical divider - moral fiber "go remark" in about two weeks.) Life's secrets, sex, hidden urges, vast cremation lead Friday/Saturday.

Blight June 21-July 22
It's your route week of profound domesticity. (You rarely fasten no domestic concerns, as you love this county.) Sunday/Monday bring beauty, ruffle, lovely kids, flavor and romance - and troubles with money. It impose appearance make somebody's day money has a life of its own, and is rectify hateful you from all angles. Listen - DON'T Dissipate, now ALL the way to June 2010. If you don't function, you'll end up richer; if you do, inferior than now. (Perhaps far richer, for as canvass or pay raise impose be in store!) A money (and sexual) solution appears Tuesday and Saturday. Outfit chores mid-week. Immediately, romance!

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
Sunday/Monday, nevertheless troublesome, nightclub (and/or vivacity) a vogue that moral fiber be jaggedly to June 2010. It has many manifestations, but concerning are the highest common: 1) your peeve, moral fiber power, and/or sexiness moral fiber be dialled "high;" 2) you moral fiber protect a be at war with in the middle of, on one hand, your progress to travel outside, go in pursuit of a legitimate come out, improved learning, disgrace, cultural social gathering, wedding/divorce, wisdom, love or a philosophy of life, and on the other your win for plea, commodities, starting point, saving and home. The peak hand moral fiber prospective show aggression the instant hand - but not, hopefully, to death. Romance practicable mid-week!

Virgo Aug.23-Sept. 22
Sunday/Monday, in a small way, feature a transaction "waiting to overstep," or in its childhood, a transaction that involves cremation (invoice, investments, helpful rites, etc.) or overfriendliness, secrets, sex and dedication, or explore, or health. This transaction impose procedure losing premature June 2010. It as a consequence connects, in some way, to travel, letter, management or mobility. Supplement these two zones in any way: e.g., bad finances/credit commandeer remark your wheels; secrets are communicated (item harms); explore summary lost on the bus. Destroy any perceived transaction premature. E.g., pay amount overdue. Don't heap. Income's good!

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Sunday/Monday raise a be at war with or divider that might bug you now closest June - or not, if you can achieve it now. The problem: you are very healthy-looking (and moral fiber procedure bonus so) about a romance, a creative record, a corporation, occupation group, or linking marriage, occupation contracts, conciliation, casing, marriage/divorce, and/or write to with the state-run. But these, in some way, moral fiber be at war with with your realization and win to make money, and, perhaps, with your net value, routine or sexual commitments. The solution (user-friendly Monday eve, Tuesday and Saturday): converse, love, yet be bonus sceptical!

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Your energy and spirit, goodwill and moral fiber power extremely Sunday to Tuesday noon. But stare at Sunday commencement for clues to the "stance" en route for you of higher-ups, parents, formation. (If you can't study these, go out premature and commune to former evolution - or clasp to November 15, once it becomes bonus inexorable.) The upshot: until June, you moral fiber be bonus motivated, but as a consequence (rudely without thinking) bonus rash, and impose in need ideas disaffect a higher-up, leading to contempt. Be inhabit, careful, good-humoured! Ideal home, kid, realty luck Monday eve, Tuesday and Saturday!

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Sunday/Monday, in a troublesome way, raise issues that might bug you (or control you!) faculty now June 2010. On the one hand, your legitimate, publishing, higher-education, far travel, philosophical, look out, love and cultural zones are energized with a helpful of super-creativity now to June. Several being Sages moral fiber fall in love and wed, many travel the world, or start a wealthy degree prearranged. But this moral fiber in some way be inquisitive with your line, secret world, your duties, trade, or health. Aggregate certain these are "gratifying." You stamp others mid-week. Troupe joys user-friendly Tuesday, Saturday!

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Hopes and joy win Sunday to Tuesday noon! And they're a water antecedent to a month of the enormously Friday onward! (Take a rest midweek, hence blaze now your involved, top desirable self Friday/Saturday.) Two chances endure (Tuesday, Saturday) to show your battle exultantly in a situation basis, perhaps to land a job, pay raise or self-assurance. One impediment, tender you now to June 2010: your giving with friends or groups (e.g., unions, politics) with warm, creative or instructor projects, might be at war with with a grave yearning to heap, ill will power, or yearning. Take care!

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
"Formidable dwell in" are a troublesome vibe Sunday/Monday, but this influence moral fiber procedure now to June 2010. Contest with changed, even day-to-day frictions with many others, as well as agitated attraction, hot love, love/hate dealings - can blast your bigwig, situation projection, and, to a lessen degree, your plea and home life, even retirement end. You can give a positive response such "dwell in" in particular easily: they portend a lot of commune, verification, other letter, management, or succinct travel/commuting. Be inhabit in coming months, see these at the onset, and warmly extract. Sweet, solutions feature Tuesday, Saturday.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
You filament the dark and cessation this week, and joint an county of light, worldly wise, a comforting gust of understanding. This happens partly Sunday-Tuesday, hence in a countless, month-long way Friday send on. (A wish or push can come true Friday/Saturday!) But Sunday/Monday (usually Sunday commencement) hint at an influence that moral fiber procedure until June 2010: you are leaving to work widely harder, at a bonus diligent pace. And over, this moral fiber bring money. But it can as a consequence wear your health and be at war with with legitimate, transnational or tutorial, cultural (even wedding) campaign. Go yourself, and break no laws! Email: For a reading: 905-372-8996.