1912 Blessing Of St Joseph Orphanage Bethany Oklahoma
"The ST. JOSEPH'S CHILDREN'S Abode, or the ST. JOSEPHS ORPHANAGE AND Professional Institution of higher education as it was in addition to called, was dedicated Oct. 6, 1912 by Bishop Theophile Meerschaert. It has been home to at smallest seven office update who supervised its ministry and work with children and the other. These update included: the Sisters of Prayer, the Sisters of the Fortunate Tune, the Sisters of the Furthermost Fortunate Trinity, Carmelites, Benedictines, Messenger Sisters of the Furthermost Fortunate Trinity, and four vituperative and gaudy priests' - Fathers John M. Kekesisen, P.P. Schaeffer, James Garvey, and A.A. Isenbart (The First Catholic", Sept. 5,1976, pg. 6). The opening belongings included 32 1/2 acres purchased partially by the Disocese and partially nonstop a gift from James Maney. In 1913, beyond acquisitions stretched out the land to 60 acres, and as a result in 1919, 45 arrogant acres were further a few miles north. This embrace would succeeding be familiar as the "north farm", and would be sold to form the St. Francis Central point for Christian Reconstruction on NW Thruway. The machinery detached from the Bethany arrangement in the 1960's and it was sold in the antediluvian 1970's to the Large-scale Pentecostal Theology Minster for their denominational workforce.