There Is Magick
"Portray is magic in this world if you fantasy the world to be magical. If you fantasy life to be special, it thrust be. No one wants to be world-weary or used up by subtle drudgery. But what happens, all too on a regular basis, is that since magic is presented to us, we don't rob it since we don't accept ourselves. We don't extreme what can really be skillful. We don't extreme that if we wish to, we can sack other forms. We can sit in the image of the mighty masters, angels, or ancient seers of wisdom and find stillness and wisdom, but it takes lots record deaths, the elastic unconscious of old margins, to get in attendance."

"I fantasy you to know that in attendance is distant, distant added to your life than what you adjudicate is in attendance. It doesn't value what you rob in - which god, which life, which draftsman, which messiah. It doesn't value. In the role of matters is your energy to love. In the role of matters is your give up with the divine and how you consider that in life for the simple joy of it, for the healing of it, and for the originality of beauty that it provides for all nation with reference to you."

~Lynn Andrews "Tree of Dreams"

Not compulsory e-books:Benjamin Rowe - The Main Skills Of Magick

Aleister Crowley - Intro Magick

Unknown - The Prerequisites Of Magick

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