Ten Theses On The Kingdom Of God And Social Justice
During is a list of ten theses on the turmoil of God and expansive legality by Matt Harmon, Subordinate Professor of New Tribute Studies at Agility Theological University at his blog "Biblical Religious studies." The in advance five are existing and the later five existing. I've downhill them beneath, but if you custom the connections he has a one regulation aggrandizement of each one. I foothold they are moderately good and benevolently substance.

1. We should learn from church history.

2. We should allow biblical and theological convictions to vessel our interest in expansive action.

3. We should not break down the already/not-yet campaigning.

4. We should assume that evangelical interest with these issues donate get eccentric forms

within eccentric political, cultural and expansive contexts.

5. We should prioritize pronouncement of the gospel imperfect neglecting expansive action

6. We should be pleased about that our events are not self-interpreting.

7. We should assume the marvel towards cumulative expansive action and decreasing evangelism within the church.

8. We should foothold guzzle and articulate the acquaintance between meticulous expansive action and the


9. We should not allow manual physical wishes to covering us or them to their even expert spiritual wishes.

10. We should assume the challenges that come with working with others of eccentric beliefs.

HT to Justin Taylor at "Relating Two Worlds"

Source: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com