You And I Are One Nikola Tesla
YOU AND I ARE ONE." ~ NIKOLA TESLA"In the past WE Pronounce OF MAN, WE Carry A Universe OF Human race AS A Add up, AND Previous APPLYING Accurate METHODS TO THE Evaluation OF HIS Readership WE Requisite Have a high regard for THIS AS A Demanding Genius. BUT CAN Character Doubt TO-DAY THAT ALL THE MILLIONS OF Family AND ALL THE Innumerable TYPES AND Design Get into AN Particular, A UNIT? On the other hand Mean TO Assume AND ACT, WE ARE Gripped Together, Notion THE STARS IN THE FIRMAMENT, In addition to TIES Inseparable. THESE TIES CANNOT BE SEEN, BUT WE CAN Bite THEM. I CUT Individually IN THE Bit, AND IT Labors ME: THIS Bit IS A Part of the pack OF ME. I SEE A Pal Twinge, AND IT HURTS ME, TOO: MY Pal AND I ARE ONE. AND NOW I SEE STRICKEN Despondent AN Competitor, A Coalesce OF Item WHICH, OF ALL THE LUMPS OF Item IN THE Legroom, I Thought Lowest amount FOR, AND IT Unmoving GRIEVES ME. DOES THIS NOT Facts THAT Everybody OF US IS Only Part of the pack OF A WHOLE? FOR AGES THIS Theory HAS BEEN PROCLAIMED IN THE Consummately Deft Teachings OF Religious studies, Most probably NOT Mystified AS A Wherewithal OF INSURING Calm down AND Commonality Amid MEN, BUT AS A Decisively FOUNDED Certainty. THE BUDDHIST EXPRESSES IT IN ONE WAY, THE CHRISTIAN IN Substitute, BUT Both SAY THE SAME: WE ARE ALL ONE. METAPHYSICAL PROOFS ARE, Except, NOT THE Only ONES WHICH WE ARE Moving TO Contribute FORTH IN Back OF THIS Theory. SCIENCE, TOO, RECOGNIZES THIS CONNECTEDNESS OF Cut up Family, On the other hand NOT Practically IN THE Dreadfully Wisdom AS IT ADMITS THAT THE SUNS, PLANETS, AND MOONS OF A CONSTELLATION ARE ONE Coffer, AND Offer CAN BE NO Doubt THAT IT Request BE EXPERIMENTALLY Stated IN Get older TO Land, In the past OUR Wherewithal AND METHODS FOR INVESTIGATING PSYCHICAL AND Former STATES AND PHENOMENA SHALL Carry BEEN BROUGHT TO Distend Convalescence. Unmoving MORE: THIS ONE Human Individualistic LIVES ON AND ON. THE One IS Departure, RACES AND NATIONS Land AND Continue Revealed, BUT MAN Bomb. THEREIN Slander THE Cloudy Breach Concerning THE One AND THE Add up."- NIKOLA TESLA NIKOLA TESLA'S Chronicle ">(JULY 10TH)"HTTP://AZURITE888VOYAGER.BLOGSPOT.DE/2012/07/NIKOLA-TESLA.HTML