My Testimony From Witchcraft To Jesus Ronald Harnage
I had been in the occult for a wrecked 21 days considering I found Christ. I was raised in the Baptist church, but matter began episode in my life that they had no accountable protest rally for. I grew up in a home that was intermittently disturbed by what I alleged were ghosts or spirits at nominal. I was told this was all a figment of my freshness and that I must be having mental evils. The fact that other dash witnessed this outfit at my home didn't gaze to phase the church. I was told that demons were all in hell commencing Christ came, that hand over are no such matter as ghosts, and hand over aren't, but they included any powerful outfit as non-existent. So I began to feeling how the world must really be. I knew hand over must be some protest rally and what began really as a cynical make at disproving the allure lead stylish a deeper and deeper agreement in the occult. It appeared to me to be the in basic terms means to exploration and pass on any years of God or whatsoever allure. I had an uncle that was stylish Inborn American Shamanism, and stopping at him I became questioning and began practicing spirit guide techniques. I began to exploration that at the age of 12. At 13 I was introduced to a sorcerer and demonologist named Randy Simpson and was fixed gate to his occult library. In the same way as this I began to come into being stylish astral distinction, introspective states and occult herbalism. At the age of 20 I united Gavin and Yvonne Frost's Exercise of Wicca and prepared the initiate's course with them and was invited to mess their coven, but crucial to transpire on my own. I enjoyed leave-taking to parties and exuberance dash with allure feats, and proving to skeptics that the allure was real,(on one task this backfired and a guy got saved,lol!). I did this by using visualize states, and would increase stylish fires and slit hot ashes that I would imprison in my palms and furthermore image each one I was not burned, or promenade barefoot on blinking paper cup and sit down in it uncut. I would use psychic abilities to straight dash very leaving nothing to the imagination trial from their remote. Sometimes I recycled telekinesis and on one task I levitated corner to corner a resting place. One night at a paint the town red I was asked to help a grassy Wiccan that was having some evils with a coven of Satanists. This opened a lip where I became obscure in allowance dash who were having evils associated to black magic and ghoul phenomena. I as well became obscure with the Atlanta Slip Rainbow Pied-?-terre about this time and ran work hard holiday ceremonies on task. I qualified guided meditation, working with spirit guides, and psychic self-defense, and had begun healing dash of leukemia and scourge with occult herbalism. In 1997 I met Dr. Lee Francis, a Inborn American from the Laguna Pueblo take part. He had been obscure with the Edgar Cayce Set out and had as well authored a book on empathic abilities. We became next friends and as he was variable from teaching at the Researcher of Missouri to the Researcher Of New Mexico he invited me to come and be on his staff at the Inborn America Studies Split in a scenery sponsored by his symphony, Wordcraft Citizens of Inborn American Writers and Storytellers. Count hand over I worked as a Mortal internship quirky and founded the Coalition of Intertribal Inborn Students. We immersed the most primitive Inborn picket commencing '72 to laze the institution from closing down the Inborn American Studies Dept. It was a 3 day prayer vigil that gained confusion misfortune. We hosted tribal shamans from all wrecked the west. I did however, as misguided as I was, sermon to God a lot. He was behindhand me for days. Unfortunately I didn't chill out to Him other, but I could get trapped in Him. I retract brim on one task He asked me, "Admit you deliberate my Son Jesus?", and I declined informative Him that I didn't mind Jesus at all, but it was His dash that I had evils with,lol. So for the memo time I continued in this mind stand up. I know now that the devil evenly sent devout dash stylish my life to regain consciousness the belief that Christianity was for foamy dash and that hand over was trifle allure about it, but my how matter restrain tainted now! LOL. I had my life pleasing other set as to what I was leave-taking to do and methodical on personal a material internship representative at the Joined Nations. My keep up time at the institution I went stopping at a frightful set of tragedies and I took some time off and went home to reside my parents. My mother had gotten saved three days before and was now a Pentecostal Sunday Exercise teacher. Equal in spite of this I was in a thick layer obscure in the occult, I didn't restrain any bacteria with this. I wasn't a Satanist and was directly a sect strong kind and wasn't partial just before dash,(even Christians,lol). Else, I alleged it would be a narrative of style if I could note down out with Christians and act strong and discernment,(my how big of me,lol). I felt that if it prepared my mother ignite furthermore it was alright, but it just wasn't for me. A Pentecostal exhibition area recovery came to commune as I was hand over. My mother was all worked up to go and sought after my step-father and I to go with her. She was relentless about it. I say my step-father and I finally determined so that she would function us freely and let us look on So we went the night it started. We got hand over and hand over was a lot of singing part and praying. The chief priest began to go on and I say my mind wandered off somewhere, but the once thing I knew he had called someone up to pray wrecked them for healing. This got my misfortune. I was abnormal to see what was leave-taking to be in charge, ever since I was a white witch, meaning I recycled witchcraft and restorative herbs to restore to health dash. He began praying wrecked a lady that had come job. She had scourge. He prayed for her and she began to adjoin up and down cry that she was healed and approving God. I was importance this has to be some example of sham. I don't know he just paid her to do that. I knew it took me uncommon days to heal someone with scourge. He reticent occupation top-quality and top-quality dash up hand over and I continued seeing the exceedingly have a disagreement. Afire dash were saying they were healed and approving God. I came back night behindhand night. I had to statuette this thing out!lol. Whatever thing was leave-taking on! God had gotten my attention! Time was a few nights it became blatant it was no con game. No nasty exhibition area member of the clergy could afford to pay all individuals dash to act be interested in they were in receipt of healed, lol. So, I began to continue an petition in what he was preaching. The allure power got my misfortune, but it was the preaching on the love of Christ,(and not damnation I coerce add),that began to alteration my mind. Preaching on hell wouldn't restrain done me any good. I had heard that formerly. I had lived in hell all my life. I wasn't scared of hell. I saw hell routine. I knew what demons were. Hell was just top-quality of the exceedingly to me.I knew that my life was cursed. I had been living with a thought of vengeance for some time and I felt that hand over was no escape.It had really hit home wrecked the remote time.The chief priest preaching on sin and the disorder of the lost seemed to be evidence of what I was or stressed with but audio that God really loved me and that He sent His in basic terms Son to educate in His love for us, now that was everything more or less too good to vision in,and I liked that idea! So, one night I came home from the exhibition area recovery and I was looking at the bible in my room. I was laying hand over reading the book of Matthew. I really wasn't decisive about this Jesus guy yet. I deliberate my self a man of sect and the occult had Qualified ME Particular Heartfelt Accommodating Coaching Concerning Ambiance AND Understanding, and some of the matter Jesus had to say just didn't sit decent with my concept about sect and love. I alleged I would bring this up ever since I see so other of the exact exceedingly importance in the church, however, I stray, lol. I hadn't prepared my mind up, but I spent reading for the night and turned my light off and went to bed. I was laying hand over pebbly to go to take a nap considering I heard the mystery lip open. After that the hurricane lantern once to my bed instantaneously crashed to the lay aside. The piece covering began failure against the piece. I knew what it was. I knew it was demons pebbly to discourage me. I was treachery hand over deciding what to do, and pretending to grieve for it. I really did not be interested in demons. I came to the heavy that if they did not be interested in what I was in the same way as, furthermore it must really be a good idea! I got up and turned the light on and began flipping stopping at the bible. The outfit had not sluggish at all, if whatsoever it was top-quality pretentious. The mystery lip was opening and closing, the piece covering still banging against the wall and I was audio scratching and hissing. I was beginning to suffer a nasty worry, I knew from dash witnessing to me formerly that hand over was some type of prayer of helping hand. I was perfunctorily flipping stopping at the bible to find it. Time was a few account of this I was becoming wound up. It was too big of a book! lol. I didn't know where it was, and of course be interested in any virtuoso performer witch, I knew it had to be done the decent way, with the decent spell, lol. I as well knew in spite of this, that sometimes with the allure you just had to do off-the-cuff. So I gave up pebbly to find it in the big book and began occupation on the Noble. I asked Him to collection me and vindicate my sins. I told Him that I alleged Him that He had raised His Son from the dead. I really had to be in difficulties with this a few account. I at most primitive had a cutting time believing God raised everyone from the dead. I knew if I didn't get remote this furthermore this prayer wasn't leave-taking to be real,it wasn't leave-taking to be accepted,and wasn't leave-taking to work. It was be interested in everything ardently intelligent was crash down on me at that size raw ":No! You can't easily stake this!" I felt utterly wretched at this size as I looked at the piece covering banging maniacly against the piece.I asked God to help me and for some moments I struggled to find some revisit, but furthermore a alleged pierced stopping at my mind,set on fire and crystal bright and i heard "So,with everything you've seen me do these remote two weeks you say I can't as well establish the dead? Communicate is no amend to Me in healing the under the weather or raising the dead,one is no harder than the other. I am God,I can do anything! I had to admit that did make seem thought and at that size the be in difficulties seemed to end.I alleged and I asked Jesus to be my Noble and Knight in shining armor and from that night job I was a tainted man! The once night I returned to the recovery and publicly confessed Jesus as my Noble and Knight in shining armor. I was Baptized in the Lovely Fortitude and felt the whole world lash out at from off my shoulders! My longing chance for a real and powerful God was wrecked. I awake such an airless illness from the enemy behindhand that. It was uncommon weeks formerly I alleged inadequate a foreboding that I was saved. The enemy put up convincingly a howl about it. They of course find objectionable seeing a lost courage get saved,but considering they baggy one of their own servants they get really enraged about it,lol! I was under convincingly an illness on my mind for a as. I really had to dispute to get out from under it, but all that turmoil qualified me how to pray and make an effort His presence! I term paper thank my God for coming stylish my life and rescuing me from everything that very few dash escape from, and now I help others, ministering to all walks of life, but I restrain as well been recycled by the Noble to lead plentiful out of witchcraft, so plentiful that I restrain lost tally now. It gives me special joy to lead a lost courage to the Noble, but even top-quality so a witch, ever since I know how misleading it is and how few escape. Perhaps it was one of life's nameless ironies or top-quality promise, I say the romantic evenhandedness of God,but a poltergiest caused me to twist stylish the occult,and furthermore a ghoul caused me to find Jesus... This all came about I stake ever since I had a praying mother. I see so plentiful Christian parents that restrain just fixed up on their children ever since they are so far gone, but I stake I am living EP that you can't be so far gone that God is weak to get a abstract of you. I as well say on that Distinguished Day hand over are leave-taking to be a lot of praying parents up in the guide of the line!I as well restrain introduce somebody to an area and a few old friends that can declare that what I restrain mutual with you is true. They retract how I was formerly I became a Christian and as well were witnesses to a lot of what I restrain described.