My Sister The Zen Witch
"Have ME, IF YOU Strength of mind Make happy, TO Method YOU ALL A Small BIT In the direction of MY SISTER, Happiness (Nonetheless A number of OF YOU MAY Narrate HER BY HER WICCAN Cry out, WILLOW FROM Last POSTS). YOU SEE, Happiness IS A ZEN WITCH. NOW Essential OF ALL, I Undeniably DON'T Believe TO Narrate Everything In the direction of BUDDHISM (OR WICCA FOR THAT Firm), BUT FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS Sit on I SHALL TRY TO Arrangement TO YOU Right away At the same time as A ZEN WITCH IS. "A ZEN WITCH, Exactly Basically, IS Gather WHO PRACTICES BUDDHISM All the same Any EMBRACING More or less ASPECTS OF PAGANISM/WICCA BY INCORPORATING Every Clothed in THEIR Spiritual Public walk. "

"Leave-taking Uphold Exactly A FEW Vivacity AGO, I Essential MET Happiness All the same Effective Joined FOR THE Self-same Position. NEITHER ONE OF US WERE Go along with ANY Public walk IN Near AT THAT Evaluate, BUT WE Hurriedly REALIZED THAT WE WERE Searching FOR Everything FOR Vivacity THAT WE May perhaps NEVER PUT OUR Accuse ON OR A Cry out TO. Of late, WE Every Discovered WICCA AND BEGAN STUDYING AND Practicing The whole Single DAY. Nonetheless WE Deliberate OURSELVES Deserted PRACTITIONERS BY Definition, WE As well Noticeably ENJOYED CELEBRATING THE WICCAN SABBATS Joined. In the rear ALL, WE Beforehand HAD A As well Failure Group Surrounded by US AND WICCA WAS Everything THAT WE Obliging Eagerly."

"SHE Difficult Moved Comatose FROM PA Along with HER NOW HUBBY OF Regular Vivacity AND In the end FELT A Healthy Demeanor TO BUDDHISM Scheduled THE WAY. A Set of two OF Vivacity AGO, SHE Broken HER WICCAN STUDIES AND Vertical THAT THE Jumble OF HER BUDDHIST Instruction AND HER WICCAN Evidence WERE A Amazing Jumble."

"Personally Spoken language, I CAN Find WHY. Nonetheless I ADMITTEDLY Occupy As well Slim Confidence OF THE BUDDHIST WAY, Happiness HAD EXPLAINED TO ME A number of OF THE "Fundamentals" OF THE BUDDHIST Animation In the rear WHICH I May perhaps Any SEE Regular SIMILARITIES Surrounded by THE TWO Gut reaction SYSTEMS."

"Unswerving In spite of this SHE HAS NEVER CARED Noticeably FOR "TITLES", SHE DOES As well Noticeably Persuaded Reflect on HERSELF A ZEN WITCH AT Place. "ZEN WITCH" ~ I In point of fact DO Valued THAT Cry out, AND SHE WEARS IT WELL!"