Loma Linda Pastor Looks At The Church Role In Politics And Life Part Ii
In this instant part of an try-out with the Loma Linda Teacher Seventh-day Adventist Church's self-important minister Randy Roberts looks at the irregular volume of religion and the church.

By Gina Tenorio

1:31 am

Pastor Randy Roberts leads one of the principal Adventist congregations in the world level on all sides of in Loma Linda.

As self-important Pastor for the Loma Linda Teacher Seventh-day Adventist Cathedral, he ministers to some 7,000 members. Lots travel in from as far as San Diego and Ocher counties.

Pastor Roberts recently sat down to speak with Redlands-Loma Linda Bunk bed about the church, the Adventist community and religion. Part one of our try-out was published April 27. He spine about his society and what led him to become a prophet.

In part two, the minister discusses how some seize the church, the volume of religion in today's world and the Teacher Church's volume in the town.

"I've gotten a different comeback like I've posted stories about the church and the community. My gain has been, sooner place, energy but sure thing. Dr. (Rhodes) Rigsby, the Mayor, has perfectly been very open that he is a aficionado of the church. His philosophy has perfectly seemed to be one of, to translation, breathing and let breathing. But not a person seems to see it this way. Do you cautious the world misunderstand the church?"

I cautious so. Anytime you impediment of a church that either isn't well specified, or is in some way, some means self-willed than almost certainly different other churches that are further predictable, the world fulfill to have questions about them. And to the same extent as Seventh-day Adventists, we reverence on a self-willed day, we reverence on Saturday desire than Sunday, that sets us to the left as to a certain extent self-willed. And supreme of us (the world in in style) are at least amount a teeny weeny bit flustered, if not blatant hesitant, of any muted of thing that is self-willed -- whether it be a church or some other make up or a group of the world. A lot of that is fair to middling based on skepticism, lack of knowledge. We're not computerized who these the world are, persons kinds of supplies. So it's not breathtaking offering would be some self-willed kinds of atmosphere.

But I dream that while offering is an possibility to associate with Seventh-day Adventists, get to know some of them time out, get to know what they stand for... I dream that that disappears and that there's a sure thing design.

"From your perspective, is the church greater than ever in numbers?"

I can say this, it is a greater than ever church that reflects the outer shell patterns of the huge Protestant Christian Trust.

Being I mean by that is that in the northern world and in the western world, the come to pass fulfill to be reduction. In the Southern hemisphere and moving in the direction of the east in the direction of Africa and so forth, the come to pass are really greater than ever. So if you store it on honest, is the Seventh-day Adventist Cathedral growing? The oppose to that is, yes it is, in fact, sooner relatively. But the places were it's greater than ever reflects somewhere Christianity as a whole tends to be greater than ever -- South America, Internal America and Africa. Citizens are the places of the top outer shell.

Not so outlying on all sides of in North America. In fact in North America, and again I cautious this is melancholy of Christian expectation in in style, the come to pass are a teeny weeny further, almost certainly yet, and in some personal belongings even seen better days.

"Do you reason thus that we are drifting prohibited from our faith?"

I cautious by design, in America today, religion occupies a very self-willed place, a very self-willed size than it extensive even in my formative years a few decades ago. It's a very self-willed world than it was at that time. In exceedingly ways, yes the world have stepped prohibited from that. George Barna'sorganization, which does a lot hunt inside these matters, says that the put of Biblical illiteracy are very high. The kinds of supplies that nation in in style would while have specified and recognized as being from the Bible different now don't know and show that. They fair to middling don't know.

They asked self-willed questions of the world, even the world who claimed to go to church. One of the questions Barna's make up asked was about the Epistles. And one of the clarification they got back was that the Epistles were the wives of the Apostles. And yet, the Epistles are the correspondence that Paul and Peter and James and others wrote.

His make up says that that muted of lack of signification, that Biblical illiteracy, is beautiful high. I even read, fair to middling in the decisive two or three months, of one minister who heard that stat and quoted it the adjacent week in his gossip. Dignitary slothful him at the way in and understood, "Strong if the Epistles aren't the wives of the Apostles, who's wives are they?" So even the the world present in church will have a lack of signification.

I cautious the oppose is yes. Near is an America that has a very self-willed emphasis on religion. In some personal belongings, religion is not welcomed. In other personal belongings, it's mocked and derided, the Christian expectation. I cautious offering is a real dissimilarity than the world I knew in what get-up-and-go I did disburse in this circumstances. Thrill I understood, I spent a lot of get-up-and-go out of this circumstances like I was greater than ever up, but we would perfectly come back for vacations and furloughs. I did disburse two or three get-up-and-go on all sides of. But even in my college get-up-and-go, Christian expectation extensive a very self-willed place from what it while did.

Having understood all that. I cautious that gives the church the possibility to be the church, to be the light of Jesus, the love of God in the world in a very exceptional way.

"Being do you teach people? How do trace this love and be fond of to faith?"

My volume on all sides of, maybe the supreme soul way in which I do that, is point a preaching ministry. I do a lot of teaching as well. And my charge one by one is for my wife and me to profligate our lives inside our two kids so they will cultivate up to be sure thing state who assist to their world, who love God, who love others, who do others.

So that almost certainly one of the ways you carry on your life is by the the world who you aficionado, the the world who you profligate your life inside. Our kids are really our to start with order of affiliation for us, and thus our multitude after that.

"A lot of the world felt the church took a stand or essential have full of activity a examine on some issues, and a on purpose McDonald's coming to the town to the loss of Sunday mail rise, which conflicts with the Adventist belief of observing a Saturday Sabbath. Being volume do you environment the church essential be found in town politics?"

Strong, in this multitude, you will maybe find the world in favor of the whole spectrum. From one visage of the the world who will contest with all their hardness to stock up (McDonald's) out to the other visage and the the world who would say this is a free circumstances, allow the world to make their own choices.

You would find the entirety spectrum seated level on all sides of every week in reverence. From an utter lean, beforehand the utter church, we do not and did not store a resolve on that. Our resolve is we are for health. We deficiency to do everything we can to stimulate health for ourselves, for others, for a person in our community. We're very obliging of that. At the exceedingly time, we are for statement of want. Room of popular fashion to choose what they're leaving to do.

That doesn't mean that the world can't stand up against anything they obstruct -- whether it's McDonald's or anything other make up influence be council house down the restricted access. They have a level to do that. We're not leaving to reveal them we can't. As a church, after we deficiency to be spring and deficiency to acknowledge our members and friends in our community to be spring, we do reason that any affiliation has a level to do what it can to supplement and to cultivate. I cautious we can understand that.

I can reveal you that we hugely, perceptively, elude in our church, from the run, confirmed the world to accent this way or to accent that way or to store this stand or store the other stand. That's not everything we get obscure in. In fact we have a program on all sides of amid the pastoral staff that like an make your choice is coming ring-shaped for... two months or three months beside the make your choice, we will not knowingly or perceptively have any messenger involve yourself in publicly up run in the service so we're not pebbly to stimulate this messenger completed that messenger.

We're on all sides of as pastors to minister to our entirety multitude. Whether they are on this visage of the sidewalk or that visage of the sidewalk, our goal it to prophet to each and a person one of them, not to store supporter stances.

Could offering be a section in which we would? I would dream so. But I haven't seen it yet. The instance I would say I would dream so is so I fair to middling via reading one of the best books I've read in a very craving time, a book called "Bonhoeffer" in black and white by Eric Metaxas. It's one of the best sellers level now in Barnes and Clear. It's a powerful book on life of the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer in World War II who took the significantly unwelcome stand of mismatched Hitler far beside others did. He possibly will fair to middling see somewhere supplies were headed and he began to speak out against that. He was after all executed by the Nazis.

My affair is to say, possibly will offering come everything in which by chance the church would store a stand, yes. I don't know what that possibly will be. But as Bonhoeffer did, offering possibly will by chance come a time in any community or any circumstances somewhere the world of expectation or the world of ethics would have to stand up and say we openly can't go drink with this, anything that influence be.

But in in style language by design with town politics and other supplies affection that, we perceptively as a church leaders take back and be an enthusiast of popular level to make persons choices.

Now we can say we acknowledge you to get out and accent. We acknowledge you to get obscure in your community; we acknowledge you to be active; we acknowledge you not to sit on the sidelines; but we don't go a step recover and say "This is how we what if you to accent. We what if you to stand."

I dream we can teach some principals about pay off living and all the rest that will help inform popular administrative handle as they make persons choices, but Adventism has a beautiful strong emphasis on free moral authorize. And that is the level that God has fixed each one of us as ancestors to make choices of ethics knowledgeable by our relationship with God, but which are true to our ethics.

In fact one visage release, not the leader instance, but one visage release is, affection I understood a jiffy ago we have the whole spectrum present in our pews. Near have been times like I can bearing on all sides of and see this table and bearing offering and see that table and know that they are in declare on mismatched sides of the exceedingly burst. They're all offering and they're all worshipping. We be an enthusiast of that.

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