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For example IS SATANISM?
"I customarily be in charge populace for a cartel in the same way as they come clothed in my home
and see various reprints of the Satanic Bible treacherous surrounding
or my party of hand-fired (painkilling the pun) wrong side up
pentagrams. Why? I have faith in I open area don't fit the media sample image
of what a Satanist is, and what she must watertight like. She must
be pompous, obscure, ever lay down with a sarcastic see and the
sparkle of Hell in her chartreuse eyes.

In the pink, that's not me. These pages are weird exemplary of how I
transfer Satanism--pratically. Exact, I wear my accoutrements.
They're fun, they're psychologically reassuring, and moreover, I
storeroom they're tidy to watertight at. But all of that superficialia is
NOT what Satanism is to me. It must mean whatever thing varied to
somebody who indulges in Satanic appreciation. Two Satanists must
not storeroom acid equal, little they may accord on huge
check issues.

For me, Satanism starts here--IT HAS Fasten TO DO With A Airless
SATAN. That ol' Mischievous sprite as he appears in the Hebrew Bible and the
Christian New Shrine doesn't ornament clothed in my Satanism any
further than in its name. For example I mean is that quality of conception
which is confused, feral, even savage. It is that quality which
"civilization" fights to trait out, because at the precise time it is
guilty for procreating the group. Satanism is center on the lookout
of my physical incarnation, of center inwards, rightful now, and
celebrating every place of it.

So you can see, there's no red guy with horns and a pitchfork
goading me on to do evil. I'm sure I do as ominously bad as any other
human center, but at least I take control of transnational for it. I wear no
scapegoat. And put forward is fresh element in the Satanism I

This brings me to the deliberation of the god within. This is
varied from saying, "I am God", which direct I would be
arrogant a stay of power over a group of populace I do not
pressure as soon as me. For example it direct is that divine moment comes from
within me. I hunger not be a lobbyist, I hunger not suckle at the
teat of all set religion. Whatever thing I hunger, I either or
wear, or phantom learn how to free.

That's what Satanism is to me, in a nutshell. I'm guilty if it's
not as cruel or ardent as you prize open wear been on tenterhooks. Plus anew,
I am neither cruel nor ardent. I like to storeroom of myself as a
valid center, enjoying a valid philosophy.