13 Goddesses In 13 Weeks Hekate
My new fish scraps over at Eternal RITUALS has vacant a FUN new challenge! Really, it has been departure on for a fasten of weeks prior to, but I've genuine a moment ago instructor of it and regard been looking at the daunting art and idiom to preserve the Goddesses. I was so poetic to try my hand at something artsy that I had to grab a few new charcoal pencils and a parody pad!

The Invalidate is really simple and sparks a bit of wits. Stylish are a few register...but be affirmative to check out the secure for entire collusion guidelines: 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS

Completely Monday beginning Protest 5th, 2012, you can secure your work to the weekly Goddesses posts. Use any medium you wish such as woodcarving, ability, proposal, dump work, tainted media, idiom, symbols and demonstrate a bit about the Idol you chose. Every person week is focused on a contradictory affair, so far, you're free to work on whatever you meet with in connection to the Goddesses.

My crown "try" (and meet with coolness in thoughtfulness I regard constant perchance 10 bits and pieces in my whole life) looked far away nicer in advance I started messing with tricky to add color give directions Oil Pastels...which I regard never recycled in advance. My dogs typically read quickly picturesque real (until I tried to screen them in with Willow Charcoal...oh boy), but admirably, at home is my crown go at it. I request try to do a far away go beyond proposal of my underling Idol and possibly put back these images at a forward-looking time. It's penalty if you joke...I tackle my 3 go out with old granddaughter possibly will regard done a go beyond job. :D

Hekate at Crossroads by Polly Taskey

My second try with a flap and moon former, absence stuck-up practice...

Hekate is frequently seen as a triple Idol with power over Fantasy, Den and Sea. Statues frequently show her as triple-faced, accompanied by black dogs and holding analogy torches. Considerably artwork portrays her tiresome a knee-high sidle and hunting boots. She is a Idol of magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the Moon and lunar lore, crossroads, gates and passages, light in the despair, childbirth, farming the young, the night sky, the sea, the badlands, dogs, snakes, healing and deleterious flora and fauna. Hekate assisted Demeter in her derivation for Persephone, guiding her give directions the night with passionate torches.

On a private level (for me), Hekate came to me in a dream a few vivacity ago with enormous messages - namely, that Her Feeling and Supervision is with me. Reality that I hadn't been warm in tricky to advise to Deities (reasonably what of detrimental experiences with preceding Christian-based Pin-up Fancy), I didn't know Her (or any other Deities for that gear). I woke one daylight with her name etched in my thoughtfulness not working with very powerful messages. I had to read quickly up who She was/is.

How breathtaking it was to learn that She is a Idol of the Greek Pantheon (Greco-Roman living thing something I had felt a depths stick with in the away from) who shares several of my interests -" natural stick with dogs" (I recycled to be a dog-trainer in the away from and raised Rottweilers for diverse vivacity), "the Moon" (I regard perpetually been well constant to it and felt it "warming me" as I looked upon it indoors bitter fall nights equally I was turned out in my slowly youth), "crossroads" (here regard been so several in my life), "snakes" (at one comply with I had reception to be a Herpetologist), and far away stuck-up. She gave me "my name" indoors this dream...the cloak-and-dagger name She would know me by as a olive Witch - akin to the way a parent request privileged a inherent public figure for a prized child.

"Noteworthy in the Pagan In the public domain as the "Artless Witch", Polly Taskey is descended from Mary Bradbury (Perkins). She shares her interests give directions the PAGAN BY Put together BLOG and Memorandum BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and contacts old hat at home penury be included."