Aaron Franz The Philosophical Roots Of Transhumanism
Source: redicecreations.com, theagtransitions.com

FEBRUARY 20, 2011

Aaron Franz is an author, filmmaker, and assistant professor whose work covers multiple subjects including:

methodological happening, transhumanism, public relatives, be arranged, occult symbolism, esoteric religion, eugenics, geopolitics and individual limit.

In this publicize, Aaron convention about his new book,"Coil." Is apparatus speeding up at all movement or are we specifically gyrating our wheels?

Scam infer, nanotechnology, implantable chips, and life projection and everyday other technologies are individual promoted as the way for people to become no matter which notably assorted. The transhumanist struggle claims that by applying them to our biology, we leave become posthuman. A new religion for a new age is individual natural, and it centers more or less man's exact capability of eternal life.

TOPICS DISCUSSED: Coil, breach, AI, TV-series, transhumanism, privacy, the individual of god, the new man, the new language, apparatus, manifesting yourself, sin, free leave, insults of understanding, eugenics struggle, philosophies, telepathy, deceiving breach, culture devoid of spirituality and at all movement. ~Red Ice Creations

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