Iwcvt Mission
Faith is the keyword for Indian Wiccan Council and Vodou Temple (IWCVT) in all its endeavors in alleviating the misconceptions that people have about Wicca, Tantra and Vodou. Nature has a will and way of its own, which extends to every esoteric path. We at IWCVT aim to foster this truth amidst the wise and otherwise. We believe that there is learning for all. Healing and Magickal manifestations, we believe is all about the intent and will and they happen at a time chosen best by the Goddess! It also depends on the faith, which if wavers; the manifestations too can be unfavorable. We at IWCVT can only work towards serving the Goddess's will better through each passing day. On request, we perform magical rituals, yagyas, havan's and also offer spiritual counseling for people, taking note of their intent. Success has its own time for fruition and is relative. After all, Magick is not about quick fixes but addressing any issue from a spiritual and psychological realm as well. We put forward our efforts in the name of the Goddess to pay homage to the higher powers, read the elemental signs and convey their guidance or divination message to the people at large! We believe that studying and researching are the ways in strengthen the mind and combating misconceptions. For this reason, we wish to create environmental/ spiritual libraries in the forthcoming days!This apart, we also deal with daily counseling and help people to sort out various issues they face due to energy exchange or unclearing of past karmas. Our intention is to guide people better, grow together in the spiritual path and foster love, peace and humanity in the universe!Best Regards !Rev. Sshivani Durga ( Awiki )Founder IWCVTEditor High Priestess Monthly Journal ( HPMJ ) and IWCVT News WeeklyOwner Wiccan AltarLogo By our project photographer Avigyan Dutta