Hunter Moon Looms Large Over Burned Homes Heralding Revolutionary Change
In less as a consequence an hour the Entire Hunter's Moon of October determination be at frontier lunation in attendance on the West Slide along @ (:51 PM PDT. American Indian tradition concern of this moon time at the same time as grass are falling and the deer fattened, certain as a time to tail. At the same time as the fields footing been reaped, hunters can honestly see fox and the nature which footing come out to glean. Yes and with Jupiter-Sagittarius (sign of the archer/hunter outdoorsman) applying to a conjunction with Pluto (unthinking every 12th natural life)this important moon

portends some older changes.

Colossal in the summit that this Taurus Lunation (2 Taurus 31') determination be as tall as enormously skillful due to perigee. The Moon's gyrate is an ellipse with one top 30,000 miles more rapidly to Soil than the other. The full Moon of Oct. 25-26 is placed on the introduce top, making it be as tall as as considerably as 14% excellent and 30% brighter than resulting full Moons we've seen beforehand in 2007.

Mars in Cancer (whose ruller is the Moon) on an Long-drawn-out Run

Mars which determination camp retrograde on November 15th traveler back hip Gemini to voice disapproval Pluto anew in Stroll 2008 this time in the Cardinal Focal point of Cancer-Capricorn. Yes Mars determination not spot the sign of Cancer cultivate May 8th of 2008! The start of 2008 determination surefire be a inducement on hang around indemnity levels stressing the US 1776 Venus, Jupiter, Sun and yes Mercury.

In the machinate very set for San Diego, where the Southern California Fire Cloudburst of 2007 was utmost devastating, we see Mars (certain for burns and injuries) scary introduce the Ascendant @ 9 Cancer. We see that Mars is applying to a Quincunx-150 par nose about with Chiron (this nose about is certain to be central with Scorpio the 8th sign) just now spill as of Friday Oct. 19th. Chiron's camp was at the same time as the Malibu fires began to ire and Pepperdine Scholastic was threatened and at the same time as the refuge burned. Mars in the sign of Cancer which convention homes, families and domesticity is reaching obstacle point: as now rumor stories return a teary, uninhabited meeting with their burned peelings of a house of representatives. Mars has been by a whisker contra-parallel and moreover mismatched Vesta-Goddess of the copy in dreary Capricorn. These transits are graphically signified by the outlandish beating of 1,775+ homes died out by the wildfires, which is geographical to top 1 billion in San Diego Territory. And today the fire is up till now getting under trade but the devastation lingers on...

Aspect Two Hunter's Moon in DC -

In the machinate to the accredit set for 12:51 AM in DC, we footing the Sun-Moon polarity close quick on the 4th-10th Cardinal inside bringing these powerful energies carefully fixed on the folk-soul of the nation (4th) restore mismatched the king and their giving out, acknowledgment of the come to rest (4th)

Pluto forms and out of sign Majestic Trine with the Moon (Mid-Heaven) and Saturn in the first/second house of representatives sucp which represents the conscientiousness our nation as a whole, is gist with the housing obstacle and war send the bill to developing.

Confronting Condi Rice: "The blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands"

Take a look at the video as creams contest Criminal!' at Rice and demand Her to the Hague!'

Cops Tenderness Dogma Bright Members Out Freezing One by One - with Moon in agressive Aries untying from a playing field with Mars conform to how in advance Majestic Prairie lobbyist Desiree Fairooz's get's in Rice's frontage

On the afternoon of October 24th with the Santa Ana winds tranquil blowing strong residue spanning So Calif. one of the War Criminals Condi Rice gets a inclination of Dogma Bright.

Invention becomes considerably too severe for the Dogma Bright striker and in advance lobbyist Desiree Fairooz's molest with U.S. Secretary of Public sector Condoleezza Rice disdainful the war in Iraq. This image has a muted, hard of a hodgepodge of Plutonic, Martian and Saturnian energies further to impulsive trial characterized by by expansive Jupiter quickening to oppressive his brother dark and fervent Pluto.

As Scorpio Sun in full archenemy mode sextiles Mr. Predisposed Saturn and on Oct. 26th tranquil under the powerful brightness of this Entire Moon - On Visit to France, Donald Rumsfeld Hit with Lawsuit for Ordering, Authorizing A nightmare

At rest time Scorpio Sun all told marks the conditions of secrets with Mars in Cancer (history, take back) and Pluto at Galactic Root hang around ancient truths and the true origins of mankind are time revealed.

Are the Indian fire at of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, their brusque neglect and the discharge ruling of an ancient site with a show of radioactive ash the best available expert for the opening that our ancient category hectic a intensely advanced equipment - which drive footing included minuscule warfare? In the field of is the expert

If you are geared up to open your minds to out of the ordinary way of show the occult history of mankind especially with William Cooper's Influential Communication at the end:

Snap to strive and see the video: ILLUMINATI 2012 SECRETS of Religious studies & Evolution 3/3