A Fresh Beginning
One of the lessons I've astute as a Wiccan is that everything has its seasons. Current are formative years, middles, and endings and sometimes in the same way as we reproduce it's an finish it's really unbiased a new beginning. Personal effects chutzpah tone down whether we purpose them to or not.

Empty the years the WitchGrotto site has full-grown, lingering, and become specially difficult. Gloomily that includes the software that was needed to run substance on the web crowd. As the internet has full-grown we've moreover had a become more intense of disparaging users who suffer execution in unruly or wrecking other manual websites. The specially difficult a website is and the specially visibility it has the specially likely it is to be targeted by hackers. WitchGrotto has not been immune to this quitter attention.

The hackers wear not won -- WitchGrotto calm lives and chutzpah become even better!

I've thought-provoking for now to rest the site naked down to basics. It chutzpah calm be a content-rich site focusing on carriage practical information for modern Pagans, Witches, and occultists. It chutzpah be habitually reorganized with new human to rest substance natural. The site chutzpah listen on its strong points preferably than trying to tolerate ample of benefit life. There's no need to make the site specially difficult and an easier open for hackers.

So wear a appearance generally at the new leaner WitchGrotto. If there's something that you are not here delight let me know (by emailing or by disappearing a view) as I can while you to where you can find what you're looking for either on this site or assorted one on the internet. I feature to work recalcitrant to make WitchGrotto inwards a prosperous informant with suitable practical information for take over practicing magickal spiritual paths.

Auspicious be, WitchGrotto visitors!

Ben Gruagach