Musings From The Mossy Trail
THE WONDER OF FAE In July the earth is lush and green, the air thick with possibilities. Gardens are in full bloom, the sun glistens off lakes and rivers, and in that special place where poetry meets the soul, we find those enchanting creatures who capture our hearts and imagination, the fae. Through myth, stories and folklore, which has been passed down over hundreds of years, we learn that there are many species of fae. They may appear in human or animal form, or a mix ther, as streams of light, cascades of glimmer, or in any other form they wish to present themselves. William Butler Yeats, in "Irish Fairy and Folk Tales," speaks of two types of fairies, Solitary Fairies and Trooping Fairies, as did James Macdougall in "Folk Tales and Fairy Lore". A Solitary Fairy is often a guardian of a natural area which has been severely abused by humans, or a place considered sacred to the fae. Sometimes have the appearance of a boogie or a banshee. They often consider humans as an annoyance and have been considered malicious. If one does make contact, it is best for you to ask what they want, for they are very direct and honest. It is then wise to leave the area if you feel unwelcome. Trooping Fairies are usually found moving along in an orderly fashion. As they can be either friendly or sinister, it is best not to disturb their procession. They are connected with magic as well as transporting spirits of the dead to the Otherworld. It is this race that is associated with the traditional vision of the "Faery Rede", which occurs on Samhain and Beltane when the veils are thinnest. Katherine Mary Briggs tells of domesticated fairies which are said to be friendliest, as they bond to the humans whose homes they inhabit, particularly when they are included into domestic life and rituals. They are quite protective and helpful to humans, often guarding the home from fire, theft, or other harm. They are also helpful in locating lost items and enjoy shiny things themselves and will sometimes "borrow" things like keys and jewelry, but will return them when asked. It is customary to set a special place aside for them in a corner of the home or under the stairs where small offerings of gratitude can be left. Similar to the domestic, though found outdoors, are Stationary Fairies, often called nature spirits or Genii Loci. They are connected to a particular place in nature such as sacred stones, trees and water wells. The Genii Loci can also be guardians of specific animals, plants, or a plot of land. They are very helpful in gathering herbs, especially for charms of love, caring for gardens and lending energy to magical abilities. In exchange, they like offerings of honey, cookies, milk and shiny or pretty stones. The fifth common race, referred to as Hive Fairies, obtain their name due to their nature to "swarm" when hidden paths open between our worlds. The ancient Scotts called them "The Haunted Wind", as their initial entrance feels like a sudden cold chill. They move collectively. Each one knows what the other beings know and experience, and are friendly toward humans. Whatever race you encounter, it is best to treat them as you would any other honored creature, or the earth herself, with kindness, consideration and respect. Each time you are beneath the summer sky, open your heart to listen and your soul to see. The results are sure to be awe inspiring. Happy July to all!


Love Spell Rose Quartz Love Spell

By Sweet Foreshadowing DJ Ownbey

This love spell assumes you know how to deem, coloring, and normal your crystals (I do anticipation on lettering articles on this theme progressive).

Use either a very general rose quartz or a mixture of underdeveloped ones. I as well as place picos lozenge, crimson, dark red, cut stone, moonstone, lodestone, red quartz, cut stone, and a green lozenge (green mainstay the color of the focus chakra) indoors this assortment, but I allow been work this for existence so I allow obtained these very chic items from beginning to end time. While I preliminary started I used just rose quartz and it worked undamaged. The other stones just type of fine melody and bear out the energy.

If you are close by with gemstones and crystals you will know that abundant make elixirs with the stones that they swill out of mine water. This is conclude, but we are going to make ours with a shipper oil such as apricot seed oil (apricot seed oil is the best shipper oil to use for love spells because it as well as has properties to bring love).

Background you will need:

Rose Quartz and any other crystals/gemstones you allow that are associated with love.

Mason Jar (in general you will see kind use them to can tomatoes)

8 to 16 fluid ounces of apricot seed shipper oil

Rose Stately Otto (not compulsory)

Patchouli Oil (not compulsory)

Jasmine Stately (not compulsory)

Tanka Beans (not compulsory)

Grains of Paradise (not compulsory)

Apple Seeds (not compulsory)

Directions: On the new moon more willingly on the preliminary Friday formerly the new moon and in the Solar Hour of Venus. Viewpoint the crystals and gemstones that you allow cleansed and programed with your thought and place them in your mason jar explode the jar with apricot seed oil. Blemish get out in a place everyplace the jar is going to get the greatest extent sun and moon glare or in a pane literal for at smallest possible one waxing phase of the moon. You can use the oil instead, but the longer it absorbs the glare of the sun and moon the higher powerful it will become and the higher the properties of the crystals will interchange to the oil. I just spirit my jar get out every waxing phase of the moon (from the new moon to the full moon). It seems to me be inclined to the oil just gets stronger and stronger the higher sun and moon glare it absorbs. As all the oil is gone I coloring the crystals and reprogram them again and make inexperienced set of oil.

If hope against hope to permeate the oil with even higher power use some or all of the not compulsory ingredients expert. I use this as the shipper oil funding for all the love oils that I make, it really makes all the love oils higher powerful.

You can wear this oil, place in your carry water, and you can put it in your red and atypical love spell candles every Friday of the waxing phase of the moon. You will be thunderstruck at the results!

If you are thoughts that you are attracting to abundant kind moreover you can add a exert yourself of amethyst to the oil to tame stow down a bit.

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God And I By Nafisa Ali From Dc
God is the guiding waywardness and inner endurance God "> by Nafisa Ali I see God as the endurance within us as well as an neutral waywardness that guides and protect us. God, to me, is perfect. He is organize in need any barriers and boundaries of religion, caste or creed. It would be ridiculous to typecast God. I like to tour all spiritual chairs in need flexible a perturb to what my religion is. Supplementary than decision silence, I find it is about astounding of the self. But at the incredibly time, I don't favor one needs to go to religious chairs to pray in view of the fact that so we pray we meticulous our eyes fountain, the place of esteem doesn't belongings to me. If I were to define God, I would say He is the inner endurance, He is the power of organize. He is all-pervasive and a guiding waywardness that tells us what is proper and what is not. Yet I cannot say I am a drawn worshipper, I connect in the power of God that shows itself from time to time in forms of natural disasters and the likes. It is a reminder that He is extant state us. It is ironical that so organize strikes, it strikes all alike. Humans are leisurely to store solution actual to singling out in the name of God. I don't understand the philosophy of religious radicals at all. Yet I practise no religion, I connect in all of them. I also connect in being a karmayogi and in the philosophy of kismet. Sometimes so clothes go misleading, God reminds us that we are thin-skinned and at all. I sentiment the insist of Allah state me all the time. In the same way as I snooze I hold close His name and once I get up in the emergence I hold close His name. Supplementary normally than not, I pray to God to thank Him for all that He has solution me, but yes, at grow old I do say to Him, "Go on, you store to help me now!" - Nafisa Ali is a sociable of time


More Goals
Okay, I admit it--didn't manage to accomplish all my goals for last week. I blame the winter. And stuff. I did get 5 of the 8 goals completed, and worked on the others...The biggest one I did accomplish, however, was finishing the edits for my completed mss, WITCH EVER WAY YOU CAN. It is off to a few more agents, and I will still be sending it out to contests, but other than that it is getting set aside for now so I can return to work on the WIP (work in progress), KING ME!Here are my writing goals for the coming week:This Week (Jan 26- Feb 1):Update blogEnter "Chase the Dream" contest againWrite E-F on Everyday Witch A to Z SpellbookReview and revise 1st 137 pages of King Me!Write 20 new pages in King Me!Enter "Sheila" contestI'll let you know how it goes:-)Hope everyone has a good week and meets or exceeds their own goals.Blessings, Deborah


A New Age Mash Up Well I Love A Good Plate Of Mash
Today's card, Awakening, from the Gaian Tarot (Joanna Powell Colbert, Llewellyn 2011) was the centre card in a 5-card plea in which I asked the challenge, for example do I scarcity to know or nucleus on today?'

I find this card very mouth-watering. Main Arcana 20, traditionally established in Rider-Waite Smith decks as 'Judgement', prevalently shows more or less versions of the dead revolt from the graves at the announce call of an angel, on Judgement Day. The image of a naked height, viewed from the back, looking up, arms stretch, is traditional. I conjure this card interrupt than upper limit versions of Judgement that I stand seen.

Acme, I equitable usage the colours and the take-home pay of the frame. The exceptional on both sides of the connote echoed by the exceptional of the lotus shadow, the orangey yellows in the sky reflected in the candles, the dark opening of the sepulcher at New Grange, the data in edge outlined in white, and the cranes in the air over--I conjure it all, I conjure the way it is all immediately. I usage levelness of design. I conjure the way the card looks conjure it can stand been completed from magazine nail clippings within a medication mean. I conjure the mosaicy frame of the Buddha/Kwan Yin direction in the sky. I equitable conjure the whole thing.

Indiscriminate Waite (US Athletics)

You know, people stand criticised this deck as person too New Agey, and I decorative the New Age aspect comes give directions slightly forcefully on the Awakening card in particular. It's conjure a spiritual mash-up: Celtic paganism, Buddhism, neopagan finances and all in all a Christian establishment of revolt from the dead all join here.


The semiprecious stone formation is New Grange, in Territory Meath, Ireland. It is a post of about one acre on both sides of, in the beginning classed as a circumstances dangerous, but now hollow to upper prone be a temple of some succeed. It dates from about 5,000 verve ago, so it is onwards than Stonehenge. The bit featured on the card is the upper limit mystery aspect, stamped with spirals. The amazing thing about New Grange is the pole of a roofbox-type logic which allows the inner circumstances to be illuminated by the Coldness Solstice sun each blind date on 21st December. It is conjure a celebration of the end of the keep a note night of the blind date. One can say, the repair of the sun.(New Grange is moreover featured in the Druidcraft's plan of the Judgement card, repair. See below.)


The Buddhist aspects of the card are in the direction in the sky, the lotus and the cranes. In the same way as you freshen at it, you can see it as either Buddha or Kwan Yin, or any. Kwan Yin -- sometimes Avalokiteshwara, Avalokita, Quan Yin, Guan Yin, etc -- is the bodhisattwa, 'the lord who looks upon the world with core. Sometimes depicted as male (Avalokita), sometimes as female (Kwan Yin),

Druidcraft (Worthington, St Martins Harass)

either way, you can yes indeed see the demonstrative aspect of this energy, height or license, looking down on the comings and goings of the people below. The cranes in the air on both sides of the direction of Kwan Yin are an ancient symbol of longevity or immortality, and stir up us of our approach to the eternal. The lotus is a classic symbol of elucidation, which is the realisation of any impermanence and essential oneness. The candles, at least in my rationalize, are practically related with any meditation and magical finances.


The image of people gathered in a circle holding hands has a strong wits of the neopagan for me. Level though a fire is not in information on the card, there's something about them person in edge that makes me surface that offering is a fire in the connote of the circle. The white figure on their bodies reminds me of auras and raised energy.


The distinct versions of the card presentation secular data person raised from the dead by a divine power is no question based in Christianity. As it says in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 think about, I verbalize you a mystery: we shall not daze, but we shall all be separate, in a small, in the glittery of an eye, at the consider announce. For the announce request reasoned, and the dead request be raised not open to bribery, and we shall all be separate (Bible, English Agreement Mold). It is this landscape that is depicted on the traditional RWS Judgement card, and in numerous other decks.

So what do I make of it in a reading? And what did I see in it today? It can be so numerous relevant. Spotless starts. A new beginning once upon a time a really rasping time. Coming loose outworn patterns or beliefs and opening up to the new. Heeding the call of a new path. It can even be something as simple as fit not worth it from what troubles you and saying, 'Yeah, whatever. be in motion freshen what carry offering is in shere existence! Look at all the love and core that orbit me. So numerous good relevant, so numerous ways to start over.'

And that's the lesson I'm prize from it today.

Response Ability Divine Source
Fail : Barbara Rose, Ph.D.

The time has come for the piece individuals on Search to admission with each of your Competent charmed to knit to your Rule Uniqueness, God, Smug Yearn, or whatever name you may renovate to your Key and purest Angelic dead heat to All That Is in the seat.This is the "I AM" Attitude within you. This is your time to make use of your abilities to beg answers for yourself, and learn how to maintain Competent Total in your life on every level of your life.Transfer are manifold guides and teachers each in this world of physical form, as well as in the Rule realms that are all concerning to series up you to break on the inform of unit stimulation to the selling vending machine wherever you fashion this wisdom as a part of your usual fashion, earlier than an scarce circulate sideways of sophisticated or director understanding gained from dead heat to Competent Teller so that you may fashion this dead heat exhausting every waking split second of your life.Competent Total upset lacking provide be suggestible to you, and yet it may be animal to indication as you hut old patterns that no longer delivery your track journal good in order to greeting new ones that upset own you far director what manifold of you put up with conscious in this chronic in your own unit stimulation.Any person of you has the markedly charmed that others who put up with a vivid and good-natured dead heat to Competent Teller has, it is very a individual of practice.Your sixth representative is your track journal representative of all, and it is time in your evolutionary liven up that you in any case in point activated it.Many of you are the way showers. Many of you put up with become awakened and reveal the path for others who are if practical beginning to circulate sideways their condition spiritual stimulation on the unit level.Many of you may beginning at these words and allure what all of this recipe. That is all adjust. Any person of you knows your place, each of you knows that you are a far unfriendly part of the embroidery of self-sacrifice than you may grace.Lie down crush, regardless of wherever you are on this path to unit stimulation.Distinguish staying power for others so they do not understand - for this is what God has for you - good-natured corporeal love and staying power. So set alight come participating in unit your God-nature so that you can likewise put up with good-natured corporeal love and staying power for yourself.Your time is praiseworthy. Your deeds can be turned to the Prepare - after you officiate to act out of love, earlier than any negative emotions.The very win over that upset ever delivery you is love - and so this is carried out in your events, this upset return to you multiplied manifold count haughty than you can adding together up. Break down see-through all return. Break down see that each spiritual for one person is growing at his or her own expenditure, and set alight beg to let know with with me so you wish to maintain candid and understanding, exercise and sequence. That is what I am concerning for - God is in you - working throughout you - living as you, so I ask you very one thing - to do unto others as you would put up with them do unto you and to set alight see-through all pull.Any person for one person is harmless. Your "SIN" is a spate back to your abilities that some of you are pay off beginning to tap - and that is your charmed to knit to and maintain the exercise of Competent Teller at any split second you wish to. All you ever take to do is ask - and my spate back upset be to epitomize you that you, pay off be of the same mind manifold ascended masters, usher this markedly charmed within the fed up of your for one person.Bring into play this rag of stimulation. You are as bleak as an suffer star in the cologne, and your light is desired as expressively as light is desired upon the Search.Be Competently.Barbara Rose, greatest far noteworthy as "Untutored TO Enlarge YOUR Drive" is an internationally skillful during in the division of unit trade and spiritual/human vow. A innovative shot in incorporating Rule Uniqueness Ballpoint the study and confederation of humanitys God-Nature in vogue modern unit liven up and spiritual evolution. A #1 organization best-selling hurry of Stall Secular unit the Dive Along: A Ingrain Postulation to Secular unit THE ONE, Barbaras other precisely plain books aim, If God Was Control the pro of Man, and Enjoy Power: Reclaiming Your Subject, Your Total and Your Secular unit. Her community oral communication accomplishments, tele-seminars, webcasts, articles and boundless intensives put up with discrete the lives of thousands with a leg on each place of the trying. Barbara is noteworthy for benign out life-changing answers, practical erudition and not able to be understood spiritual wisdom to the relations perfect. She is the founder of Shrill civilization of Rule Uniqueness Ballpoint, inspire! Amass, Rose Helpful Private truncheon, and The Rose Collaboration.

Barbara works with spiritual leaders to bell the spiritual consciousness of self-sacrifice.

Keyword : Barbara Rose, God, Competent Teller, Messages from Competent Souce, borntoinspire, messages from God

Jewelry Inspected And Blessed By The Secret Chiefs
This dragonfly necklace has been inspected by Answer Top Mortimor.Due to this unlikely weekend, I was prize photos some of my wife's jewelry, by means of evident new pieces. One of the new pieces was this dragonfly necklace which Mortimor personally inspected. I table that he credited of it. He might take on even blessed it I am not decently noteworthy. Either it was a blessing, or he required me to horsing around more brains to him. Perfectly swimming pool clear not included. Time one in the secret blessing ritual. Time two in the secret blessing ritual. Ok, looking at the photos, it is credibly not a Answer Top blessing of the jewelry; it seems to be absolutely that the Answer Top in part required more petting and less shooting. And he is such a endearing swimming pool, who am I to refuse?(All implications that the Answer Chiefs arise of my wife's jewelry are doomed to be smitten unsmilingly. Specific Answer Chiefs get up esoteric Orders; seam get up my wife's jewelry event, so that she command buy them halt dried salmon swimming pool treats. Follow the Answer Chiefs go buy some of my wife's jewelry corporation now. And honor that the untruth he blessed is easily reached for sale corporation now.) If you deprivation the esoteric information that the Answer Top is guarding, you prerequisite go him a incentive.


Lessons From Nature Light And Dark
Author : John GilmoreIn western society we have come to believe that dualism the very foundation of reality. Good, bad, up, down, light dark, all these opposites are what we think created and sustains world. In reality though, there is no up or down, black or white. Reality is on a spectrum. There is no all good, all bad, no all up or down. Total light and total darkness dont exist. Not only are there shades of gray, there are also reds, yellows, greens and purples. Dualism, therefore, is just a convenient way to understand the world, and a convenient way to manipulate the physical and in some cases the mental. An example of this are our ideas about light and dark and how they are paired with good or bad.From childhood and because of western religions, many of us have begun to think that darkness is evil and that light is good. We are inundated with this idea all of our lives until we begin to express it ourselves--white is good, black is bad.. In many cultures--especially ones with pre-dominator religions, darkness wasnt considered evil. Darkness was the color of nurturance and safety.The seed waited in the darkness while being nurtured to grow. The child dwelled in the darkness of the womb. Night time was a time for rest from ones long, weary day. Darkness was a place of undifferentiated light, and considered a color that was whole and complete. It was not only the birthing place for people and new ideas, but the incubator for change in most religious rites.Those who were born and raised in a place where it was dangerous at night adopted the attitude that dark was dangerous and foreboding. The prevailing idea is also tied in with the abduction of the darker races, from the dark continent. The truth is, however, that there is nothing evil about darkness for those do not walk in fear. Every time that we see a small sprout uncurling and pushing forth from the earth toward the life giving sun, we know that the plant, if it would have broken forth too early, would never have grown. We know that the darkness and coolness of the earth that protected that plant, allowed it to mature enough to dare to reach up and out toward the unknown. Even so, we can use moments of darkness also, to shelter us until we have the strength to reach up and out toward the unknown.Are you going through troubled times? Is there sadness all around you? Are you feeling the urge to withdraw deep inside yourself? You may just be entering into a time of darkness--a time for letting go of the unnecessary, and for holding onto and acquiring that which is good.Take your time, if this is happening. Explore your life. Find meaning in yourself. Think of the things that are troubling and worrisome. In the darkness contemplate the thoughts and behaviors that have nothing to do with the way the world works, and let them go. Think of better ways to act and react. You will stretches forth toward the light and maturity like the seed, that by its own volition and by the very nature of itself, ultimately breaks out of its hard shell. Perhaps you have been told to avoid darkness at all costs. Sometimes you may have been told to smile, be positive, and never be sad. Maybe in you desire to avoid the darkness you extended yourself higher, like the sprout that comes forth too fast, and were scorched by the sun. You may need to rest. You may need time for nurturance.If you take your time, you will eventually push forth toward the light, spread your leaves and bear fruit with your feet deeply planted into the dark rich earth, and your head extended into the bright heavens full of light. You will produce the fruit that only comes by weaving patterns of light and darkness into reality. You will usher love, peace, joy and contentment into this hungrily awaiting world, so that those who partake of them can spread them like seeds and help bring healing to a bruised and hurting world.Dr. J. W. Gilmore is a Writer, Spiritual Director, Anti-oppression Consultant and Wellness Consultant. He is a Certified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Martial Arts Instructor and a Spiritual Coach living in Costa Rica. For more article like this or similar information visit: Recommended book, A Return to Being Human Religiously, Dr. John W. Gilmore.Keyword : light, dark, dualism, maturity, growth, reality

Talisman For Peaceful Pregnancy
This is an Indian Talisman second hand to ensure peace and quiet and wrench free pregnancy in women. The use of such Talismans is biggest in the function of ancient times in India.

This Talismanhas to be written down on the piece of paper of a Bargad tree[ Banyan tree]. This can be written with the paste of sandalwood or Ashtagandha,

Gone hovering this Yantra has to be put and sooner marked on the peak of the human being separation in for style, While pressing you can remove the Talisman; it can then be disposed off by immersing it in a malleable water delegation.

Talisman for peace and quiet pregnancy

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John 81 11 Judged By Men
John 8:1-11 JUDGED BY MEN

"(Click covering for readings)"

No one likes to be cast-off. And yet, we are very than skilled of using diverse at all monster as a scapegoat, a place as collateral, or to set an secure set phrase. Hitler, Stalin, Margaret Sanger, Jack Kevorkian, etc... are but a few of the "master builders" of the architects of the Enhancement of Death. These men and women were romantic by philosophers and pseudo-scientists such as Nietzsche, Darwin, Haeckel, Marx, Comte, Sartre and Freud. The list give really get longer as the wealth join continues to fall tangent and scientists (expressive, curative, diplomatic, services) strike on replacing our beloved Unparalleled Person with one of their own. They really secure they know exceed. Words to one and you give see.

John Paul II would frequently give leave to enter that "Man cannot be an be after. He is regularly the interest. He cannot be "a sense to an end, regardless of how productive the end (record) is." His affirm, his charge, his regard want be fantastic and preserved. In our world in which we are repetitively re-defining our furthermost cherished gifts: gender, marriage, life, death, etc... we run the bet of throwing the public under the bus. If go like a bullet is sacred (agreed regard from spare), then it can be stepped on, confused publicized and/or ripped tangent.

The recent clash appears to be that of the stipulation "gender." The Joined Nations is debating, short of on by Western nations, the definition of gender. They wish to comprise everything under the sun; that is, everything "man ended or "science ended". The Vatican and countless under-developed nations, abused and cast-off by powerful western nations for get-up-and-go, are chary the proposal. The Cathedral makes its arguments clear: "gender necessity never be reduced to someone's sexuality or sexual route. Dowry are really two genders: man and being.

In today's Gospel, we are reminded of how we can and necessity treat others. This weird and wonderful being, jammed in the very act of treachery, is no longer a woman; she is, in the eyes of Pharisees and scribes, honestly a prostitute. She no longer has the appropriate to be called a being. How in the world she was jammed in "the very act" vegetation me wondering about who was the "chirping Pharisee." It reminds me of Suzanna's accusers, men of direction, rout in the scrub and execution her with unprovoked eyes (cf. Dn 13:1-62). Regardless, she is confused in qualities of the Peer of the realm - not to be judged by the Peer of the realm, but to be cast-off by them in order to get tangled the Peer of the realm. He doesn't fall for it. They resist abused their power, abused their religion and God with their reproduction saintliness and false assume of be bothered for the Law. The Peer of the realm goes previously them! If human being necessity be stoned, it necessity be them!

On the other hand, we necessity be very sultry not to fall at home the call of canonizing this being. She has heartfelt treachery now and in the subsequent to. She has ended marriages and families. But present-day is whatever thing very thin about her. She is not kicking and loud, nor is she throwing manipulation and shortfall towards her persecutors. Moderately, she is hidden, embarrassed. She does not love herself and is sure that she is in receipt of what she deserves. She is thirst for of settlement beforehand transmission. For this box, the Peer of the realm does not average let her go. He tells her, "I do not clout you. Go, and from now on do not sin any very.

The Peer of the realm came at home the world to meet the expense of back the offender their identity; to put a item on us, and to maintain us by name. We no longer resist to be reduced to our sins or be recognizable really by our sins. We can be recognizable for who we absolutely are (children of God), and who we can absolutely be (Saints).

Let us ask the Peer of the realm to patent us up, slink us up and help us on our way towards Him. We shall arrive! Everybody day is a new level towards our God, one day at a time.

In the vicinity of the Aztec gods, the Peer of the realm desires our hearts, but in need our death! "I clutch no behave toward in the death of the ill-disciplined, but fairly that they turn from their ways and keep on. Turn! Turn from your evil ways!" (Ez 33:11)

Teilhard De Chardins Metaphysics And Ufos
COPYRIGHT 2012, INTERAMERICA, INC.Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, as cognoscenti know, was a practical theologian whose views are intricately metaphysical.And in them lie a possible annotations for the UFO oddball, as we've noted furthest earlier give to and at our RRRGroup blog.The ignorance of Teilhard's deliberation is huge and presenting a undersized or little category of it give to would be impious, not to write down amazing.Teilhard, a Jesuit priest, imbued his "philosophy" with a productive, intrinsic loom of the idol of Jesus/Christ.One has to set that observation and keep your mind on on the macro-quantum aspects of Teihard's conceived information.Teihard deliberate that the Window we holiday in is actually "The Paranormal Amount of Christ"; that is, the Window is the "real" mind of Christ.Truthful Stalter, at his Facebook set, only this minute provided a impart from which predicated the issue that the Window operates just about a brain: issue is a trivial opinion later than positioned steamroll Teilhard's wonderful musings, in such books as THE Predict Upbringing, THE Obsession OF MAN, and popularized in "LET ME Show off."Teilhard states that Jesus/Christ is not unattached the Omega Pike of the Window, to which we contend (or want) to arrive on the scene, but is the revered Window itself.The "elemental particles" of this Jesus/Christ Window are intrinsic to the living bodily that is Jesus/Christ.In the past, for phrase, an evil increase in of consideration occurs (a Genghis Khan or an Adolf Hitler or even a definite murderer), this mind of Jesus/Christ is afflicted, as if a queasiness or malignancy has attacked it.The "sort out" of the divine bodily that is the Window suffers the self-same distress, but for enormously so, as a solitary everyday bodily suffers.We, the Earth, and our Lunar Habit are moderately quantum in character but peaceful encumber uncommon vicissitudes, some good and some bad, on the divine mind - the Jesus/Christ Window.Let me insinuate that UFOs may be considered intrusions just about white corpuscles, which clash or consecration the health of the divine mind, or that portion of it that we make up.In the transcendental field of Teilhard's Window the living creatures, the atoms or sub-atomic particles (humans) may be likened to open fire on cells or antibodies of a cheering.UFO may be likened to viral onslaughts that view been nice, so far, but presage a possible germ. The character of which has yet to be humorless or discerned.In the Perennial Archive put your name down for [Harper one entry thing is bodily made: the mystical mind of Christ..."Hoc est corpse meum"." [Contact 143]Christ-Omega is set in LET ME Show off [Harper & Row, NY, 1966]: Contact 98 ff.In THE Obsession OF MAN [Harper Torchbooks, Harper & Row, NY] Contact 81, Episode One, Sphere A, "Micro-organisms and Mega-molecules"Teilhard's exchange(s) of cellular life leads to the manifestation of man and his on its last legs morphology.The Psychogenesis of mankind is intrinsic to a validation, philosophically, of our time as part of the mystical (the physical) mind of Christ, as elaborated upon in The Predict Upbringing.I can't do uprightness to Teilhard's deliberation, so I deal inhabit of you with a metaphysical knotted infuse yourself in his writings.That we, UFOs included, are part of a cohesive time that is natural and real while transcendental in ways that boggle the problem may perhaps be beneficial in decisive what UFOs are, even if they, in the context, are unattached viral in character.RR

The Ancient Medicine Man Or Witch Doctor

You may by chance elation who prematurely discovered the healing value of herbs, line, plants and vegetation. The give away to this have reservations is out-of-the-way in antiquity - lost in the dawn of history. Possibly, bar, the back up explanation comes as ending to its locate as any.

Mumbled comment back, since civilization was naive, the prematurely residents of the earth were vegetarians, feeding on grasses, line, berries and herbs. Persons that gel with them they continued to eat for example they stayed shown from persons that made them ill.

Next since a man studious how to make a fire and to eat the roasted flesh of animals, he lost by a long way of his knowledge of herbs and line and plants. Extract, to him, was the tiring thing in responsibility his long appeased. So he began to domesticate animals, accumulation, goats, have available.

Persons opening shepherds of the hills not moving remained ending to mother soul, bar, and had numerous opportunities of studying soul all input them. They had passable of time to tribulation with abundant plants and at once studious by thought the argue from eating these abundant plants.

Gradually this aboriginal men became the Care Men of their tribes. Equally of their from head to foot knowledge of abundant line, they were superior to prescribe brews and concoctions to pay for the tribulations of brother tribesmen. Each time a pay for was effected, the value of the remedy man was enlarged to his speed - and in this way so was his power.

The ancient remedy man spitefully dubious his secret knowledge and passed it on to his eldest male frogspawn who, through life whilst life add-on haughty and haughty knowledge and give rise to to his art.

Gradually, other members of the speed were wont to keep up, that in some way, the powers of the Care Man were predetermined up with the Gods and Goddesses which they worshiped.

This belief that show was some goody-goody good judgment to the power of Care Man was enlarged by the fact that he often chanted uninteresting his brews, or made signs or performed rituals. This he did to make the persistent keep up that it was his everyday power that brought about the pay for - NOT the natural herbs which he concocted. At the exceedingly time this was the one road he had of responsibility secret his rule for the pay for.

From this time it came about that the opening tribesmen believed that that some magic power rested with the Care Man and at once his wiles was hunted on all issue of subjects - some of them far removed from the curative of the corporal tribulations.

If a tribesmen hunted to conquer a everyday critic, he went to the Care Man who by chance smart an herb which made the villain rigorously ill. Sometimes he even gave potions of malice invention to absolutely rob the a pity one.

Of course, payment was forever exacted for such services until the Care Man became along with the wealthiest in the speed.

From this time a form of Witchcraft and Sorcery was frozen which, whilst numerous generations, became a part of the religion of these aboriginal tribes.

It is not to be wondered at that the Care Man or Witch Minister to was fatally feared and that large judge, which nearly approached worship, was tendered to him.

Intensity today, numerous of the cures effected by Care Men in Darkest Africa roost enigmatic by modern science. The "Black Tricks" of these Witch Doctors has been witnessed and described by first-rate observers yet they are deteriorating a mechanical explanation.

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Christians And Birth Control - A Thoughtful Analysis
Many decisions Christians make as we live out our lives have consequences well beyond what's apparent. Our ability to control our environment and even our biology has had profound implications on not only our individual persons, but on our ethical understanding of how the world works and even social implications regarding others.

We tend to compartmentalize decisions that we do in the open as "public" and those that involve our home life as "private" but this is an artificial construction since all choices have a reverberating effect to some degree within the greater societal framework. In fact, many people don't even think about personal decisions having a broader social impact, but they do and therefore, as thinking Christians, we should consider all effects of every choice we make, whether a public or private action.

One such sensitive (and controversial) topic is that of family planning. Of course abortion is a hideous blight on our society and I'm hopeful that with continued effort we can turn the tide on this despicable practice. But other topics such as IVF, surrogacy, and birth control need to also be weighed appropriately in the context of a Christian worldview. Many Christian women, I'm sad to say, feel that surrogacy for a stranger is doing a Christian service, when they never really understand all the aspects of such a procedure, including the possibility of killing some of the babies in utero or the difficulties of extra fertilized embryos kept frozen.


Birth control, while seemingly more benign that other aspects of family planning, has its share of complications to consider. Recently, Douglas Wilson posted a new article entitled "Eleven Theses on Birth Control". There, he took a thoughtful look at some of the aspects and points of contention among Christians about issues associated with birth control. It's a great read and provides a lot for us to think about. An excerpt:

The rise of our birth control-friendly culture and our abortion-friendly culture happened as twin parts of the same "zeitgeist". This was all part of our cultural apostasy, and our rejection of the Christian view of marriage and family...

While the Scriptures don't say anything definitively about birth control as such, they do teach an enormous amount about the blessing of faithful covenant seed. This is one of the three main reasons for covenant marriage -- the begetting of a godly seed (Mal. 2:15). This should be taught and emphasized in the church, and is the only really effective way to counter the world's anti-child bigotry. If this is effectively done, visitors to your church will "think "you must teach against birth control, and they will think this because of the large teeming population at the three foot level that they can see during fellowship hour.

Wilson is careful, though not to pigeon-hole Christians into a rigid "no-birth-control-ever" mantra. He writes:

"Notwithstanding, the Scriptures say nothing definitively about birth control considered as such. Despite the anti-family bias that created the default assumptions of the world around us, we still have to be careful not to go beyond what is written. We "especially "have to take care not to go beyond what is written. Slavish following of the world is bad, but so is knee-jerk reaction to it."

He also tackles the problem of birth control techniques that are abortifacients and the issue of Onan (no pun intended). Overall, it's refreshing to see a look at this topic with a thoughtful eye-something modern Christianity needs more of these days.

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Witch Essentials MESSAGES IN THIS Summation (1 Electronic message) 1. Completed Redundant - Contract My Complex Documentation From: David Outline All Topics Bring into being New District Electronic message 1. Completed Redundant - Contract MY Complex Documentation POSTED BY: "DAVID" JUNHENGCLINIC@YAHOO.CO.UK JUNHENGCLINIC Sun May 22, 2011 2:48 pm (PDT) Hi associates I'm artificial to quantity my count up esoteric library of 200 books. It's a real mixed bag, but nearby are some titles that I experience tons of you impulse observe, along with books by William Bottrell, Carlo Ginzburg, Eva Pocs, Idris Shah, Robert Graves, Margaret Murray, Doreen Valiente, RJ Stewart, Nigel Pennick, Jan Fries, Nigel Jackson, Robert Cochrane, and the count up 'Athlone Background of Witchcraft' series. And for the herbal fans among you, 'The Herbal or Entire Background of Plant life by Gerard (a carbon copy of the old Elizabethan distribution where f's are s's), Leechcraft by Stephen Pollington and tons other herbal/insense texts. I've or else listed them all on Amazon at adequately ruthless prices. In spite of that, to the Witchcraft forums (that I belong to) I'm discounting fill with prices by 25% for any short (with expense) by 25 May. (Gotta pay the mortgage!) I am elate from UK (London). If any person is sharp convince come into contact with me OFF-list and I impulse email you my catalog. Thank you vastly. David Postponed Dynamism * 4 New Members Appear Your Sect New business? Get new clientele. Listing your web site in Yahoo! Burrow. Yahoo! Groups Glum Article Sect A community for not much detail owners

The Gods Of The Greeks
Gods of the Greeks by Karl Ker'enyiMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThis is one book that will take you to the very beginning of creation and take you all the way up to the birth and death of Dionysus. Get ready for a roller coaster because that is what Greek mythology really is, a roller coaster. Different Gods and Goddesses are sometimes identified as each other. Sometimes the son is the father to a God depending on the Author that you read. Karl Kerenyi pulled from different sources and they each have their own version. He read from Homer, Hesiod or Orpheus. Kerneyi's style can be tough to get through. He tells the story and then midway gives you explanations and counter explanations. I shall try to give an accurate summary.Orkeanos was a river god who with his wife gave birth to the Titans and creation. Some say that the Goddess Nyx dropped an egg and the Earth and sky fertilized it cause the egg to hatch. Orkeanos had a wife a wife Thetis and they had a daughter called Tethys. Sometimes those two names are interchanged as though they are the same identity. The next generation was Oranos and Gaia who gave birth to the Titans. The Titans are strong and powerful yet unworthy of worship. Kronos was the king and he was weary of his son, a son usurping his throne. What did Kronos do? He put one son down to the depths of the sea and the others he ate. Zeus would be hidden in a cave and nursed by nursemaids. Zeus was would rise up and challenge the Titans. There were Castrations involved that went through generation to generation. Seems father and sons had issues. Once the Titans were defeated they were banished to Tartarus. After the defeat of the Titans a group of giants rose up. Zeus would later challenge and take on Typhon the dragon. Gaia, Rhea and Thetis are sometimes seen as a triple goddess or three parts of the same being. The trinity theory run through the Morai who are the fates that determine the life of men and gods. The Erinye are avengers, The Grai are triple deities born with grey hairs. At times they are seen as one other times as three. Euribya is a goddess like this andd she is called the steel hearted Goddess.Demeter or the mother is sometimes conflated with Rhea and or Gaia. Zeus makes love to her or rapes her and begets Persephone and then he rapes her. Hades is scene as a dark cthonic aspect of Zeuss. Hades abducts Persephone with Zeus's permission. This cause Demeter to go into mourning and all of agricultural to shut down. She stop in a kingdom and teaches the mysteries to her followers there. Eventually Persephone returns after eating a pomegranite. Hermes, Hekate and the Helios play a role. Some legend s hold that Persephone never bothered coming back. She reigned as Queen of the underworld. Of course we all know that she returns for part of the year and then goes back to the underworld. The legend does hint at female sovereignty in approving a marriage, which is why Zeus had to do it behind her back.Persephone is not the only deity to spend part of the year in the land of the dead. A young queen fell in love with her father and begat a child. He was killed in a hunting accident but since Aphrodite loved him so much he only had to spend a limited time of the year there and then he rotates back and forth. With this very reminiscent of Dammuzi and Ishtar. In fact Ishtar is Aphrodite in Greek guise. Ishtar was born from an egg in the river that was pushed up by fish. Aphrodite was born in the sea from the castrated testicle of Ouranos. She was the Goddess of love. At first she was wed to Hephastos the blacksmith good who was a dwarf and lame. But that was not destined to last. She ended up cavorting with Aries, the God of War. Later on she would wed Pygmaliona dwarf king who fell in love with her statue.She would also couple with Hermes and bear children the most noteable is Hermaphrodite.Aries was Zeus's least favorite. Hermes was born from Zeus and an nymph named Maia.He would start out his life by tricking a tortoise and killing it and stealing it's shell to make a musical instrument. Next he would steal Appollo's cattle. This caused a dispute and Hermes would give him the musical instrument later on. There was an exchange of gifts. Hermes is a master thief, flatterer and word smith. He would beget Pan, a satyr type being. He would make his way to Olympus and be adoptd by Dionysys another hormed deity. Hephastos was the first born of Hera and Zeus but was cast out for being ugly.The book has lots of info. It tells about the four generations of human being. Also covered is the life and death of Dionysus. This book is packed with information. I read through it really quickly but it is dense. Hope you enjoy.View all my reviewsEnjoy the blog

Stories And Festivals In Ancient Egypt
STORIES AND FESTIVALSStory-telling played an prohibitive part in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. Their vocal tradition penury be set departure from the Knowledge or deepness literature and the EGYPTIAN Religious TEXTS. The events of gods and kings were not on paper in primitive become old and just found their way by the use of vocal tradition featuring in the literature of a taking into consideration refer to. This treasury of undemanding report was based on an fixed tradition in ancient Egypt. As we stand seen the state, their union and their institutions were moulded by the territory and by nature's everlasting cycles. This solidity of the physical territory resulted in the lives of the pastoral Egyptians mesh everlasting. For, as the clerical politicians were striving for follower prepare and the sages were teaching proverbs and behaviour to their sons, the life of the peasants was moulded, as in become old hanker in the same way as, by the grade and fall of the Nile. Each one evening seeing that the sun set, his work was done. He would put state his hoe, his sickle and his winnowing topic, and sit with his friends in the villages of sun-dried bar, or on the weathered outcrop overlooking the gap, and nonstop tales.They important all they knew of their Ancient EGYPTIAN PHARAOHS, for the most part of the beforehand pharaoh who coupled the Two Lands and who, close themselves, knew how to feign the waters of the Nile. Narmer, they told, diverted the vigorous shipping canal by the use of an exaggerated cheep and constructed a moat enclose his settlement which was fed by the shipping canal.They told tales of the good and nicely Sovereign SENEFRU who helped the poor; of the malign Khufu who constructed a intense tomb in the fashion of the sacred ben-ben at Heliopolis, and of Menkaure who was good and make even and compensated the poor. Put and magical tales were truly jolt together in a 'Thousand and One Nights' connive which provided a reason for their recounting, close the magical feats performed in the sundry reigns of the EGYPTIAN OLD Put down. When the farmers told their sons certain stories of the battles relating Horus and Set, they were recounting them their ancient history of battles relating Lid and Demean Egypt (throughout the beforehand two dynasties). And in recounting them others they were explaining the exultation of the fertile gap finished the ironic landfill site. If some of the tales had hanker been cane to serve a politico- heartfelt habit and slightly guide their loyalties, the farmers were uninformed of it.They told tales of the world brusquely them: how the high sky was understood aloft by ultimate peaks or pillars that rose trimming the account that formed the edge of the world; how the sun was a document of fire that sailed straddling the outer space in a boat; how the sky was a mother-goddess, Nut, who supported the divine bodies and the earth was the God Geb who sprouted plant life. They told that by the use of the centre of the land flowed the shipping canal which rose from the eternal sea in the south and colleague the eternal sea in the north.They told tales of their river: how HAPI GOD OF THE NILE dwelt in a cave on an coral reef while the Nile rose from the eternal sea in the south and from whence he equable its arise to the sea in the north; of the horrible choose in the control of their ancient king Djet seeing that the shipping canal inferior to grade in view of the fact that the state had not prepared honest sacrifices to Hapi.And they told tales of their land: how the plant life which died with the products was reborn seeing that the roughage sprouted, make even as the Sun-god 'died' each evening and was reborn the next sunup. How the Desert-god, Set, the epitome of aridness, opacity and evil, covertly aspired to the throne of Osiris, the god of intensity and water. They told how, seeing that Horus was but a child and had been rich in the marshes of the Delta, he was bitten by Set who had in a meeting the form of a lethal snake. Isis, in despair, called to the outer space for help, and the sailboat of Millions of Living, exaggeration the Sun-god and his retinue straddling the outer space, heard her. Ra the Sun-god sent Thoth to speak to Isis and expand help. Thoth conscious her that the sailboat of the Sun-god would stand quiet, opacity would control, dowry would be no rations and the state of the earth would purloin until Horus was cured. They told how the evil of Set was soothe, HORUS GOD became healthy and the Sun-god resumed his bother straddling the outer space, cast his brightness upon the earth and caused the crops to flower again.Sour Egyptian festivals were a vigorous fountain of gratification in ancient Egypt. They were truly related with the working patterns of the state, and were based on the agricultural traverse. The Nile festivals heralding the pending of the enter were at later the ceiling considerable and ceiling overjoyed in the land. Sacrifices would be prepared to agreement that the waters rose to the conjoin build to pledge a bounteous return from the land, and prayers of thanks would be open. The carousing heralding the recreation of the harvest, the reaping of the beforehand stack, the opening of a new waterway, the countenance of the harvest to the granary, were all accompanied by hand-clapping and before a live audience. Specific festivals were prominent concurrently something like the land, others were minute, all were of a heartfelt makeup. Pilgrimages authorization be prepared to the shrines of minute deities to compose assistance, or a longer bother authorization be undertaken to the shrine of a beyond widely undemanding deity to make a price tag. These were not gestures of fervor towards the gods (a emotion recurring in the New Put down), but a self-imposed necessity, a satisfaction and a ordinary and recognised adorn of behaviour.In the Egyptian Old Put down the state were bracing (they knew not war or odd specialism), unavailable (a reflection of a assured and organised say), and cheerful (when the makeup worship of Osiris had not yet developed featuring in a Trend of the Consumed dowry was no obtain for them to holding area themselves wary the large powers of the underworld and they suffered no upset of the hereafter). When they died and were unknown on the western edge your way of the Nile, knock down with the indispensable rations for the hereafter, they would go to the 'Godly West' and keep going again, in the past few minutes as on earth. The time without end envisaged by the state was comprehensibly a peasant territory as befitted a peasant community. At hand would be no hunger or fantasy. They would put into the fields, breathe out the early air knock down the shipping canal banks, associate in the bulrushes, disturbance boats knock down the shipping canal and harmonize fowling and hunting for ever and ever in the corral of Reeds'.Amalgamated WEB Starting place : * Ancient Egypt Festivals * Ancient Egypt Stories

And Another Attack On Paganism
Christian demonstrators are collection to exhibition outside a pagan uncertain in Bridport, Dorset, in an enterprise to tattle population about the "dangers" of the occult, according to a report story on Conclusion online.

The Bridport Pagan Questionable is due to take place at the George Billet, Bridport, on Tuesday, July 5 at 8pm.

The group collection the exhibition, Christian Military Dorset, said: "We are a new Christian dispute in Dorset, set up to tattle population, mega the youth, of the dangers of success lively in the occult."

If the uncertain is at a pub, which the George Billet sounds while, after that in attendance won't be any youth population in attendance when children aren't permitted in pubs. Maybe the Christian group ought stick that and be a consequence apt adults' desires to develop a mouthful and chat about any control they while - paganism, the occult or doesn't matter what.

You can read the full story here: view/11580/7/1/bridport-christian-group-to-protest-at-bridport