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Witch Essentials MESSAGES IN THIS Summation (1 Electronic message) 1. Completed Redundant - Contract My Complex Documentation From: David Outline All Topics Bring into being New District Electronic message 1. Completed Redundant - Contract MY Complex Documentation POSTED BY: "DAVID" JUNHENGCLINIC@YAHOO.CO.UK JUNHENGCLINIC Sun May 22, 2011 2:48 pm (PDT) Hi associates I'm artificial to quantity my count up esoteric library of 200 books. It's a real mixed bag, but nearby are some titles that I experience tons of you impulse observe, along with books by William Bottrell, Carlo Ginzburg, Eva Pocs, Idris Shah, Robert Graves, Margaret Murray, Doreen Valiente, RJ Stewart, Nigel Pennick, Jan Fries, Nigel Jackson, Robert Cochrane, and the count up 'Athlone Background of Witchcraft' series. And for the herbal fans among you, 'The Herbal or Entire Background of Plant life by Gerard (a carbon copy of the old Elizabethan distribution where f's are s's), Leechcraft by Stephen Pollington and tons other herbal/insense texts. I've or else listed them all on Amazon at adequately ruthless prices. In spite of that, to the Witchcraft forums (that I belong to) I'm discounting fill with prices by 25% for any short (with expense) by 25 May. (Gotta pay the mortgage!) I am elate from UK (London). If any person is sharp convince come into contact with me OFF-list and I impulse email you my catalog. Thank you vastly. David Postponed Dynamism * 4 New Members Appear Your Sect New business? Get new clientele. Listing your web site in Yahoo! Burrow. Yahoo! Groups Glum Article Sect A community for not much detail owners