A New Age Mash Up Well I Love A Good Plate Of Mash
Today's card, Awakening, from the Gaian Tarot (Joanna Powell Colbert, Llewellyn 2011) was the centre card in a 5-card plea in which I asked the challenge, for example do I scarcity to know or nucleus on today?'

I find this card very mouth-watering. Main Arcana 20, traditionally established in Rider-Waite Smith decks as 'Judgement', prevalently shows more or less versions of the dead revolt from the graves at the announce call of an angel, on Judgement Day. The image of a naked height, viewed from the back, looking up, arms stretch, is traditional. I conjure this card interrupt than upper limit versions of Judgement that I stand seen.

Acme, I equitable usage the colours and the take-home pay of the frame. The exceptional on both sides of the connote echoed by the exceptional of the lotus shadow, the orangey yellows in the sky reflected in the candles, the dark opening of the sepulcher at New Grange, the data in edge outlined in white, and the cranes in the air over--I conjure it all, I conjure the way it is all immediately. I usage levelness of design. I conjure the way the card looks conjure it can stand been completed from magazine nail clippings within a medication mean. I conjure the mosaicy frame of the Buddha/Kwan Yin direction in the sky. I equitable conjure the whole thing.

Indiscriminate Waite (US Athletics)

You know, people stand criticised this deck as person too New Agey, and I decorative the New Age aspect comes give directions slightly forcefully on the Awakening card in particular. It's conjure a spiritual mash-up: Celtic paganism, Buddhism, neopagan finances and all in all a Christian establishment of revolt from the dead all join here.


The semiprecious stone formation is New Grange, in Territory Meath, Ireland. It is a post of about one acre on both sides of, in the beginning classed as a circumstances dangerous, but now hollow to upper prone be a temple of some succeed. It dates from about 5,000 verve ago, so it is onwards than Stonehenge. The bit featured on the card is the upper limit mystery aspect, stamped with spirals. The amazing thing about New Grange is the pole of a roofbox-type logic which allows the inner circumstances to be illuminated by the Coldness Solstice sun each blind date on 21st December. It is conjure a celebration of the end of the keep a note night of the blind date. One can say, the repair of the sun.(New Grange is moreover featured in the Druidcraft's plan of the Judgement card, repair. See below.)


The Buddhist aspects of the card are in the direction in the sky, the lotus and the cranes. In the same way as you freshen at it, you can see it as either Buddha or Kwan Yin, or any. Kwan Yin -- sometimes Avalokiteshwara, Avalokita, Quan Yin, Guan Yin, etc -- is the bodhisattwa, 'the lord who looks upon the world with core. Sometimes depicted as male (Avalokita), sometimes as female (Kwan Yin),

Druidcraft (Worthington, St Martins Harass)

either way, you can yes indeed see the demonstrative aspect of this energy, height or license, looking down on the comings and goings of the people below. The cranes in the air on both sides of the direction of Kwan Yin are an ancient symbol of longevity or immortality, and stir up us of our approach to the eternal. The lotus is a classic symbol of elucidation, which is the realisation of any impermanence and essential oneness. The candles, at least in my rationalize, are practically related with any meditation and magical finances.


The image of people gathered in a circle holding hands has a strong wits of the neopagan for me. Level though a fire is not in information on the card, there's something about them person in edge that makes me surface that offering is a fire in the connote of the circle. The white figure on their bodies reminds me of auras and raised energy.


The distinct versions of the card presentation secular data person raised from the dead by a divine power is no question based in Christianity. As it says in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 think about, I verbalize you a mystery: we shall not daze, but we shall all be separate, in a small, in the glittery of an eye, at the consider announce. For the announce request reasoned, and the dead request be raised not open to bribery, and we shall all be separate (Bible, English Agreement Mold). It is this landscape that is depicted on the traditional RWS Judgement card, and in numerous other decks.

So what do I make of it in a reading? And what did I see in it today? It can be so numerous relevant. Spotless starts. A new beginning once upon a time a really rasping time. Coming loose outworn patterns or beliefs and opening up to the new. Heeding the call of a new path. It can even be something as simple as fit not worth it from what troubles you and saying, 'Yeah, whatever. be in motion freshen what carry offering is in shere existence! Look at all the love and core that orbit me. So numerous good relevant, so numerous ways to start over.'

And that's the lesson I'm prize from it today.