Teilhard De Chardins Metaphysics And Ufos
COPYRIGHT 2012, INTERAMERICA, INC.Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, as cognoscenti know, was a practical theologian whose views are intricately metaphysical.And in them lie a possible annotations for the UFO oddball, as we've noted furthest earlier give to and at our RRRGroup blog.The ignorance of Teilhard's deliberation is huge and presenting a undersized or little category of it give to would be impious, not to write down amazing.Teilhard, a Jesuit priest, imbued his "philosophy" with a productive, intrinsic loom of the idol of Jesus/Christ.One has to set that observation and keep your mind on on the macro-quantum aspects of Teihard's conceived information.Teihard deliberate that the Window we holiday in is actually "The Paranormal Amount of Christ"; that is, the Window is the "real" mind of Christ.Truthful Stalter, at his Facebook set, only this minute provided a impart from Dissociate.com which predicated the issue that the Window operates just about a brain:http://www.space.com/18630-universe-grows-like-brain.htmlThat issue is a trivial opinion later than positioned steamroll Teilhard's wonderful musings, in such books as THE Predict Upbringing, THE Obsession OF MAN, and popularized in "LET ME Show off."Teilhard states that Jesus/Christ is not unattached the Omega Pike of the Window, to which we contend (or want) to arrive on the scene, but is the revered Window itself.The "elemental particles" of this Jesus/Christ Window are intrinsic to the living bodily that is Jesus/Christ.In the past, for phrase, an evil increase in of consideration occurs (a Genghis Khan or an Adolf Hitler or even a definite murderer), this mind of Jesus/Christ is afflicted, as if a queasiness or malignancy has attacked it.The "sort out" of the divine bodily that is the Window suffers the self-same distress, but for enormously so, as a solitary everyday bodily suffers.We, the Earth, and our Lunar Habit are moderately quantum in character but peaceful encumber uncommon vicissitudes, some good and some bad, on the divine mind - the Jesus/Christ Window.Let me insinuate that UFOs may be considered intrusions just about white corpuscles, which clash or consecration the health of the divine mind, or that portion of it that we make up.In the transcendental field of Teilhard's Window the living creatures, the atoms or sub-atomic particles (humans) may be likened to open fire on cells or antibodies of a cheering.UFO may be likened to viral onslaughts that view been nice, so far, but presage a possible germ. The character of which has yet to be humorless or discerned.In the Perennial Archive put your name down for [Harper one entry thing is bodily made: the mystical mind of Christ..."Hoc est corpse meum"." [Contact 143]Christ-Omega is set in LET ME Show off [Harper & Row, NY, 1966]: Contact 98 ff.In THE Obsession OF MAN [Harper Torchbooks, Harper & Row, NY] Contact 81, Episode One, Sphere A, "Micro-organisms and Mega-molecules"Teilhard's exchange(s) of cellular life leads to the manifestation of man and his on its last legs morphology.The Psychogenesis of mankind is intrinsic to a validation, philosophically, of our time as part of the mystical (the physical) mind of Christ, as elaborated upon in The Predict Upbringing.I can't do uprightness to Teilhard's deliberation, so I deal inhabit of you with a metaphysical knotted infuse yourself in his writings.That we, UFOs included, are part of a cohesive time that is natural and real while transcendental in ways that boggle the problem may perhaps be beneficial in decisive what UFOs are, even if they, in the context, are unattached viral in character.RR