Updates 2
This weekend I took Lucas downtown to buy a present for Rodrigo, since his birthday is on the 25th. I let Lucas choose from the store, the gift, to the card, so he chose a beautiful t-shirt with a beach on the front side, and a pair of socks. He also chose a cute card with a kitty holding a birthday cake, and wrote a message, adding sweet drawings of smile faces, and of course, pentagrams (LOL). I'll send everything today, so it will arrive him in time - it takes longer than usual for the Mail to reach the tiny town of his. It's important to keep this tradition of choosing presents for his dad, and I would never deny him this pleasure. My relationship with Rodrigo ended, but he'll always be Lucas' father.Yesterday we had the awesome surprise of receiving a package from SABRINA, from whom I had bought this delicate HESTIA: Along with the gorgeous altered card, guess what came? This super-cool castle for King Arthur, Lancelot and Nemo (yes, my brother-in-law gave him another fish...)! According to Sabrina, a king must have his castle, and although mad at her at first because the expense she had, I had to agree that they got happy and all curious with their new ornament, and Lucas got excited and proud of it!Thank you again, girl! Lucas told everybody about it and how the fishes love the castle (specially Nemo, that tries to get into the cave all the time! LOL)The weather here is still the weirdest. Most time sunny days with ncredibly rainy afternoons and nights, hug storms that make fetching Lucas from school a pain... We had a total 4-hour blackout last week that let in darkness 18 states! Government is still trying to explain what happened to that super-complex energy system to get down that way...I'm busy creating new goddesses and gods, and it's been fun to imagine new embroideries. SO this week will be a short one for posting again.Wish you all a wonderful week!

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