Hecate Is A Harsh Mistress
This week/end I've been struggling with the possibility of pointing myself in the direction of "Torchbearer" for my goddess, Hecate.

I first began discussing it on Monday with hubby. That afternoon a snake appeared in our doorway, dropped to the floor and dove past him into our *storage* area for Sosanna's Closet. Snakes are sacred to the goddess.

Hubby and I chatted bout a recent event in the Covenant of Hecate where they are looking for *Torch Bearers* These are individuals dedicated to the Goddess. Recently I've had a question of faith, but have found that honesty, all answers can be found within.

This past weekend we participated in Central NC Pagan Pride. In the weeks prior, I created several items which hubby said were too deity specific. I made a few necklaces for her as well as some other items.

These were the questions I encountered this weekend:

Do you have anything for Hecate?

Do you have items with keys?

Do you have items with dogs?

When I come here, I feel a need for keys, do you have those?

It appears that the Goddess has called to me. There are set steps for becoming a Torchbearer for the Goddess, and I am happy to learn, and possibly follow in those steps!

Namaste and Blessed Be


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Credit: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com