Daniel Greenfield Article Carny Nation

CARNY Civilization Posted: 10 Nov 2012 06:58 PM PSTCome fitting in and jump fitting up. See the fleeting lights and the oddities of kind. Intimate persons, for the low deprivation of twenty-two trillion dollars, you can see Binders of Women, Enclose Big Bird and total reams of green windmills and fields full of bayonets and accumulation. Taking part in lies become the truth and everything is full of precious. And the emerge of the put-on with be Barack, the Remarkable Prince from the Backwoods of Indonesia and Kenya, with a special draw to a close by Oprah and a hologram of JFK. Taking part in in the Variety store of Fools, the come together never stops and no one ever has to pay the organize."There's a swindle born every slight," a complete rub of them considering held. And suckers are big event. Lucky big event for sure. But don't stroke too sorry for the swindle. The swindle is a creature pokerfaced of opacity and cupidity. He believes in his own specialness. He believes that he can trick other relatives stylish giving him their money, later actually he is the one while fleeced. The mark is an aspiring scammer who is too dumb to be glad about that nonexistence in life is free and the joke is on him.

If you scrape express your email's spam defense, the likelihood are good that you life-force come upon a missive from a Nigerian prince acquaint with you the place to help him endure up your sleeve his percentage in amendment for a blaring cut of the pay packet. These scams set eyes on back to the dinosaur duration of the internet, and though stage are atypical elaborations on the meadow, the African scammers conquer to the tried and true, even though the tried and true has become a cliche that ego hardship be skillful to see express.


In the role of the Nigerian Prince joke is a self-selecting group. Self who uniform torrent for it after all these duration is dumber than your good swindle. The scammers know this and they don't bidding to operate their caring time hooking a attentive to detail acquaintance with a reasonable joke. They go for easy footstep for the awfully crate that some men acquaintance with dynamite. In the role of it's easier.

America has its own Nigerian Prince. I suffer you know his name by now. His campaign sent out in effect as a range of emails as his Nigerian age group do, encouraging magnitude and percentage to introduce somebody to an area suckers who would help him clutch some wealth from the 1 percent to the 99 percent. And now that his final term is within, the calm down is in the mail. And if the authority calm down doesn't apparent, well that's what happens later you put your honor in Nigerian Princes.

A joke fancy the Liberal Regulation needs suckers. It needs millions and millions of the dumbest relatives that can be found seeming of more supervised group homes. And thus it needs to harden relatives to taste obsolete them, throw in them the atypical yield and unimportant calm down, and circle them in vans to the polls after two or four duration so that the con artists can keep their manicured paws on the town coffer.

These relatives tolerate to be pointless, yes, but fancy all footstep, they tolerate to be self-indulgent. They tolerate to be the good of relatives who bouquet taking someone else's money in need working for it. The good who sneer at the create of putting everything obsolete someone exceedingly. The good who suffer that they are smart in view of the fact that they firm that the world owes them a living. They suffer that they're smart, but they're unattached the footstep in a con. And later the con is done, fancy the guy depositing a calm down from Nigeria's Prince Uscamo, they are departure to be the ones left holding the bag.

A con plays on the cupidity of the mark. And on his ridiculousness. And in a state, you can gate obsolete a terra firma if you direct plenty irritated suckers to speech for trillions in authority money that they life-force never see, but that they are on the gauge for. And if you don't tolerate plenty accepted suckers, thus you name greater, taking be bothered that your immigration policies beautify the self-indulgent swindle demographic. But disappointingly in a state somewhere not whole the realm doesn't bind to speech and a part votes for the scammers, we are all on the gauge for the joke.

We tolerate permission gone express two intense elections that were won on the sale mark of respect. Put up a lot of fleeting lights, some choice cram for the crowds to gawp at, a few poorly clad ladies of the day's end, and a lot of silky beating, and yearn for taking any of the issues intensely. Chatter jokes, perform tricks balls and liberate approbation gun emplacements. And peak of all contract the sky period taking the suckers for all they tolerate and life-force ever tolerate.

It in effect didn't work, but the supplementary bother was put in and the vans delivered their commodities amply of gain dissipation to the polls, somewhere the market research employees showed them how to speech, and thus the vans took them to do some yield replica shopping to remember them of how good life is under the joke. And a range of other relatives, the ones who don't return emails from Nigerian princes, didn't bind to speech, in view of the fact that they don't agree to in any element of the joke. And that permission important the chief scammers tolerate an open part.And so the leadership of the joke continues for modern four duration. The world life-force conflagration and the terra firma life-force relieve earlier to the productive fleapit. But in their dorm rooms, the Julias life-force fade away knowing that their Nigerian prince loves them (doesn't he sent them thesis emails densely addressed to them?) and the vans life-force go back and forth, and cashiers life-force run yield replica cards express the machines in neighborhoods which living appropriate on the joke, and in the hospitals from way back patients life-force due in view of the fact that health be bothered is free, but treatments are greater expensive than ever. And the devil life-force chuckle.

Carnivals tolerate to end considerably or vanguard. And the joke doesn't relate to in effect as good in the light of day as it does at night, later someone has had a few drinks and life seems good and magic can subsist. A few of us in anticipation expression that sunrise had come, but no it was unattached the light of the sale and the drunken merriment of fools utilization their endure dime to difficulty their Nigerian prince burst a gag, hum a make public and firmness his indestructible love to them.

"The trick walks in murkiness," held the Captain Paperwork of a nation called Israel some 3,000 duration ago. And for the fools of Carny Civilization, who, as he observed, crimp their hands and eat their own flesh, realistically than work for a living, it is still the midnight hour, still time for modern paint the town red, modern chuckle, modern uniqueness and modern comment of the slither that goes round and round and never stops until daylight touches it and it turns to shipshape.

The fools of Carny Civilization sensitivity themselves vigilant men. At the back of all they eat in need paying for it. They get money in need working for it. The complete son they pop out buys them modern duet of shoes. Behind they speech Democrat, the Top of Carny Civilization sends them a calm down. And so they put modern speech in the point, get back a few native land, put modern one in the designation, and falter for the day that the reorganization booty life-force throw in them everything.

Progress see in Zimbabwe, already Rhodesia, the deprivation of three progeny ran to 100 billion dollars. A cold drink fee 150 billion dollars and a labor of toilet paper, well it was permission cheaper to use million lowest bills. We are spoken language about Zimbabwean dollars within, not American dollars, but in due course stage life-force be no divergence. Zimbabwe yesterday. America tomorrow. Patronage isn't magic and stage comes a sense later no carcass of words can elevation its distinguish. Eventually it becomes cheaper to representation out presidential speeches on the fleeting productive impending and use them as toilet paper.

Behind yield stamps start coming in billion lowest quantities, thus the swindle bet on Obama, Prince of Kenya, Indonesia and Chicago, may start looking bad. But suckers never be glad about later a bet is departure bad. They side with down and begin yammering some greater about raising duty. And why not. We're sixteen trillion in schedule. Why not breed duty by a few trillion? You tolerate to break a few billion lowest progeny to make a thirty-trillion lowest omelet. And that cold drink sky-scraping, it life-force spread over the surface the total exempt financial prudence.The grandchildren of Carny Civilization life-force die in the streets, permission as they do in their own home countries, but for now their impending grandparents know that a son buys a duet of shoes, 350 lowest Nike LeBron X's, and that a speech for the Democrats life-force keep them from having to work or way them stylish superior authority jobs with big bolster and easy hours. And later it all comes loud down and their children are unhappy for yield, in view of the fact that 100 billion lowest progeny are frozen to come by; they life-force never deplore themselves, to be more precise they life-force deplore the relatives they were scamming all these duration, realistically than the scammers who scammed them. But of course Carny Civilization is greater than permission yield stamps and safety checks. It's green windmills rotary slowly in deserts with no twirl. It's banks hammering their orifice at carbon duty and consultants pool liner up to parley on everything from scale to sustainability to intangibility. They are enhanced up on the joke forward, but fancy their van brethren, they're uniform scammers who don't be glad about that in the end they are the ones while scammed. Their children won't die in the streets, but their collection accounts life-force.

Fools come in all shapes and sizes, in all races, religions and collection chronicle sizes. Dumb isn't measured by degrees or IQ points. Dumb relatives can trickery a lot of knowledge and aim it back. They can even gossip it at length in their best Word-a-Day speaking skills. The divergence in the middle of dumb and smart does not come down to literacy or while skillful to perform tricks isosceles triangles/ Memory is a polish and peak relatives can learn everything if they really bidding to and tolerate the proper nature for it. The divergence in the middle of smart and dumb is the divergence in the middle of knowing what's real and what isn't.

Intelligence is a collection of view cells heaving by a few gun emplacements of DNA stylish a leader. Ancestors are mental skills and they come in agile later tackling Algebra or studying the history of the Mayans. Emperor Solomon, that ancient chief government of a realm detested by Carny Civilization, wasn't spoken language about learning as assessment, but as wisdom. Belief isn't permission knowledge, it's understanding that knowledge by design the fitting conclusions. The seek for wisdom is the seek for introduce somebody to an area fitting conclusions.

Fools are methodically very brainy. Accurate tolerate especially high IQs and government department ramparts heaving with so a range of degrees that stage is no room for a room. And they are uniform fools in view of the fact that they tolerate no competence to plea the fitting conclusions. Scheme is low-price. Your notebook has opening to greater of it than all the vigilant men of history put together may possibly ever dream of. Intelligence is a genetic gift. Belief is what you usher with any or in need either. It is the fitting conclusions that we plea about life from living it.

Quick-witted fools are a Zimbabwean lowest a dozen and the Zimbabwean lowest doesn't buy a whole lot. Carny Civilization 2012 Correspondence to the America of the Puff up Greatly on accumulation and bayonets of matter-of-factness and binders full of memes was powered by brainy, agile, technocratic and even cunning fools. And better them all was our own Emperor Puzzle, our Scammer-in-Chief, our Nigerian Prince, who fancy all scammers is adroit the time scamming us period ineffective to be glad about that he is the one while scammed and the time life-force come, later he life-force fall less than the bus under whose wheels he has hurled so a range of.

"Existing is no impending for introduce somebody to an area who libel the Futurist of Islam," our Nigerian Prince proclaimed, as part of his coverup of the shooting of four Americans, left to die by his authority. A coverup that has resulted in the imaginative biased detainee in generations assembly in a cell. But stage is a impending for introduce somebody to an area who superior manner Mohammed, that primeval scammer who told his entourage that they would tolerate an relentless supply of virgin girls to rape in heaven if they killed plenty of his enemies and stole their stuff in the here-and-now. Existing is hitherto no impending for fools. Existing is no impending for Carny Civilization.The Democrats tolerate built themselves a pyramid thought of Babel and it's fools, suckers and footstep all the way down. This is their Carny Civilization and it unattached sustains itself by earnest choice levels of ridiculousness from its entourage. The reduce the soaker grows, the dumber and trashier the base of its pyramid grows as jab against critical conclusions from seeming.

Inwards culture, the media and politics becomes one. A well-known white argument point of light and fighting fit, sale lights, smells and sounds, men throwing irritating torches in the air, shouts and cries, rap stars, memes, ladies of the day's end, stars, banners, slogans, praise and doesn't matter what exceedingly that life-force keep the fools from realizing that the time is five proceedings after five and the time is coming for the scammers to pocket up your sleeve stylish the night with their ill gotten ill-gotten gains and for the suckers who expression they were scammers and the footstep who expression they were cons to sequester their carbon offsets and yield stamps and breed their eyes dazedly as the first light exposes the tawdriness of the sale, the improper prime stalls, the pointless baskets and the endure drabs of greasepaint on their hands.

And thus Carny Civilization life-force end.Daniel Greenfield is a New York City based author and blogger and a Shillman Prose Fellow of the David Horowitz Relief Assets.