Colours Of Magic In Magic Realm
Higher at Akratic Wizardry, Akrasia has published his Swords & Wizardry Billet Set of laws. Those put up convention shelter convention to categorize the way magic works. Akrasia has re-categorized all the magical spells stylish three categories: white magic (in ring with the natural order), grey magic (manipulating the natural order) and black magic (quash to the natural order).

I convene Akrasia's classification is a enjoyable one, following his put up convention are believed for a swords & sorcery savor of game.

I besides match the classification cast-off in Avalon Hill's Magical Alight. In that game, all magic is divided stylish five colors.

Snow-white Magical - represents power from on high, working sound magic.

GREY Magical - represents natural laws, tyrannical form.

Gold Magical - represents copse sprites, working elvish magic.

Purple Magical - represents elemental energies, indirect and reshaping integrity.

BLACK Magical - represents demonic power, working infernal magic.

Acquaint with are ten wide-ranging magic-using classes in Magical Alight, and each has confident colors of magic almost to them. For typical case, the Snow-white Knight and the Pilgrim whichever shoulder admission to Snow-white magic. The Elf has admission to Gold magic. The Druid has admission to Grey magic. The Wizard has admission to Grey, Gold and Purple magic. The Witch has admission to Grey and Black magic, and so on.

I strength post a list of the spells in Magical Alight, by color, sharply.