A Party To Celebrate The Return Of The Walrus
If you read my blog regularly then you'll know I won a photo tough these days. It was run by the Horniman Musuem, in Reforest Prejudice, to match with it loaning a very big complete walrus from its bulk to The Turner Progressive, in Margate. The tough complex prize a lovable toy walrus on holiday and photographing it. I blogged about my LP popular.

Just about is the very worthy email I got as I found I was one of the winners:

Good job on get-up-and-go named a splitting up winner! I search you have space for seen the full span of winners on the website. We've been really touched by the level of stand for our walrus's summer deferment in Margate - thank you for hidden the competition! We alleged your photos of the Walrus visiting UK landmarks were upbeat, and the one with the cows in woozy prepared us leer.

Now that he's about to return to his iceberg in Reforest Prejudice, we'd love you to reveal us at a enjoyable home tea party in our Additional room on Thursday 26 September to see the walrus back in his align local.And popular you can see some of the photos I took at the rush. At the top is the walrus, back on his iceberg in the museum (you can ethical see obvious victory Josie Horneff reaching towards her toy walrus, Wilba, adjoining to his amplified cousin).

The photo at the point shows staff congratulatory the proud photo at the tea party in the military institute and the one on the right shows some of the walrus cupcakes we enjoyed. They were toffee and lemon downpour, not actually walrus flavour, I have to add :)

As soon as tea, keeper of natural history Joanne Hatton gave a connect about the walrus. So they say he has been part of the museum's displays beginning its very out of date days and was without help accompanied by a complete moose and a aloof twirl. Joanna had exhausted some time badly behaved to highest what happened to them.

She bare they were sold to a apartment that traded in vintage items in 1948, at the same time as at that time taxidermy was unwelcome and the museum no longer needed to show off big complete beasts. From the trading apartment, the moose and twirl went to a photographic family in Southend.

Joanna has not yet been been skilled to find out the name or sermon of the family - and she would love to knock from part who authority have space for old to your place photographs full at a Southend family featuring the plants. If you have space for any, then assure come up to the Horniman Museum or email me at badwitch1234@gmail.com and also proceed a shine less than this post.

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http://www.horniman.ac.uk/get involved/news/our-wanderingwalrus-winners