North Carolina Denaissance Fair

I am so excited to host this at my school. This event has been a dream of mine for over a year now, and with the help of my dear DEN friends Mark, Kelly, Conni, Dacia, Karen and Allison, it will come true. My principal Ed Weiss is also looking forward to welcoming the DEN to this event. It will take place March 22 from 9-3. We will have a marketplace with an old timey photo booth (you know they were real popular in the Renaissance), Robin Hood will teach math lessons with his bow and arrow, we will have catapulting, minstrels, storytelling, a geocashing treasure hunt, magic potions and spells by Discovery's Science Sorceress Patti Duncan, skype and Google hangout sessions with DENaissance men and women from other kingdoms, a Grant Writing session lead by the Goddess of Grants, Dacia Jones, a Medieval Feast with keynote DENertainment by the one and only Steve Dembo, and we will end the day with the Evolution of Dance. Prepare to be DENlightened!