The Burning Of The Clocks A Wiccan Ritual For Yule By Magicinlivingroom
3,00 USD Magic in Your Living Room SeriesThe Burning of the Clocks - a Ritual for Yule (Solstice) - By Wendy WilsonMagic in Your Living Room is a series of ready-to-use Pagan rituals, suitable for a small group that will fit in your living room or backyard. They follow the Wiccan calendar of holidays, but are mostly non-denominational and could be used by anyone who feels ritual is an important part of life. The booklet you will receive includes: a description of the ritual, instructions on holding it, a list of the items needed and a document that can be printed and used as a program. It will be sent to you as a PDF. In researching solstice rituals, I came across the Burning of the Clocks festival from Brighton, UK. It inspired me to create this ritual which explores the ideas of time, light and the fleeting nature of our material creations. This is two-part ritual, where we first created lanterns and then we had the formal part of the ritual, which included honoring the symbols of light and meditating on the meaning of solstice.Difficulty Level: Medium. Requires some setup and some "props".