Name Of The World Game Becomes Contradiction
Ah Zorro, otherwise known as Antonio Banderas playing the role of Zorro... did the Kougaress ever enjoy-love this swashbuckling movie!

After midnight meowsa, my beautiful and bold Big Cats... a quiet-looking day on the tame prairie... the air is nice and dry... so the big bad hurricane that wasn't? Except for all the flooding, of course... Hmmmm... when this big cat first heard about Irene, she had a bad feeling, as in lots of 'intended' devastation by the bad powers that be... and good gosh the HYPE! being allergic to that level of overplayed and obvious hype, the Kougaress didn't even hear most of it, or see it... however, once Irene finally made landfall, this Big Cat 'lost' that intuitive feeling that it would be a whirling monster eating up the east coast... divine intervention? Always a good possibility... intervention by good guys and gals, another possibility... so, really, what is the truth?

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Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #156

For this week, beneath the influence of the New Moon, the name of the world game becomes CONTRADICTION. Extreme contradictions in ideology arise as never before, and the result is twofold. Conflict spreads like wildfire over the globe. And a Renaissance-like creativity soars, one that unites people of like mind.

This theme of opposites continues, and increases in intensity throughout this year of 2011. Events on the world stage will be a macrocosm of Hurricane Irene, and its aftermath of devastation. Simultaneously, there will be a new cohesive energy from the cosmic Divine. This bright energy will bring people together who are ready to create the world anew.

During this week, it will be apparent and transparent that life for many is rapidly spinning out of control. In part, this is because the institutions that could be counted on in the past will begin to topple and fail on a massive level.

There are TWO possible directions for this week. One is a dramatic rise in riots and upheaval. The OTHER possibility is an underground revolt that has been gaining strength and momentum since the first of the year. The clue to knowing if this is underway, will be the sudden silence of those who have been very vocal in their criticisms of the establishment.

Either way, at this time life will be a tornadic ride. The dynamic cycles that are the ebb and flow of life on Earth, now clash and crash against one another. Or, a giant tsunami meets the fiery lava of an erupting volcano.

On the economic front, as the global mafia makes certain the world's economy swirls around the proverbial toilet bowl, there will be many folks making decisions they never thought they'd be faced with. This is your opportunity to look outside the box. There will be good answers if you persevere, and use your intuition combined with your common sense.

From this point forward, death is an unwelcome specter across the globe. This will be due in large part to the bio warfare weapons beings loosed by the dark powers that be. It's time to strengthen your immune system, and rest whenever you are able.

There will be a crucial happening midweek, that at first will seem somewhat insignificant. However, it will be a trigger to a huge event on the near horizon.

A cantankerous mood will likely overcome many this week. And for good reason. However, your best defense against a world gone mad, is to join together in divine love with those who resonate with you and your goals. Good relationships are the key to happiness in the Aquarian Age.

Trendwise, good quality survival gear will be in demand. Hard currency, as in gold and silver coins, will only gain in popularity. And, growing hemp is likely to become a way to protest the establishment, as well as earn a living.

However, the hottest trend in the making, one that is invisible to most currently, is the Book of Aquarius by Anonymous, a free download. This is an alchemical manual on how to make the philosopher's stone.

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Yep, the Kougar is writing her Tuesday blog for SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Hopefully, it will fully materialize onto the computer screen without too much effort... oh, yowls, claws crossed.

So, what to writerly work on next? There's so much confusion over the whole Indie pubbing thing. Good vs Not so Good, as in sales. Of course, nothing is ever that simple or straightforward. And, since the Kougar has so many heroines and heroes calling her name, pestering her to have their stories told... what's a Big Cat author girl to do?


Fangbanger II: Love's a Bitch

by Pat Cunningham

Gina raked her predatory gaze over both the customers and the staff of the coffee shop. As she'd feared, pickings were slim. Her first choice of hunting ground, Dante's Pleasure Club, had ended up on the fiasco list. Her efforts to boost her age through make-up hadn't fooled the bouncer at the door. The son of a mutt had carded her, noted her birth date, and turned her away with a condescending grin and a snide, "See you in two years, honey."

Hump him. Hump him and Dante and the legal drinking age and Dane, her pack's alpha, and especially the Stone Age law that said only alphas could mate. She wasn't a puppy any more. She was a full-grown beta bitch and she wanted a date, dog damn it!

Note: My darling Big Cats, buy lots of extra food. Even if there aren't a whole lot of shortages, with the devaluation of the dollar, this is a good strategy for these times.

Spring floods cost Arkansas farmers millions in lost income Reuters - 1 hour, 56 minutes ago

Reuters - Arkansas farmers suffered a severe blow from this spring's floods and stormy weather, with crop damage costing them 335 million in lost farm income, a study released on Monday said.

The most powerful weapon is the human soul on fire. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

~ Happy Summer-escapin' in August ~


And, May you live the dreams of your heart, not in interesting times...

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