Kfb Only God Could Have Done This Mike Bamiloye Agbara Nla Movie Showed Me The Way Out Of Hell
My testimony is not like many others being read on this platform. Mine is not of physical or financial reward but more importantly of eternal value.

Before l begin, let me give you an inroad to my history. I was not born a Christian so l married a non Christian and we had our children when we were still outside the faith.

Glory be to God of Israel who chose to find me out and cover me with love. The Grace found me.

I had lived the worst of life before and after l got married. I depended on Men and Women spiritualist for almost anything-security, success in business, etc.

I visited any of these - at any slight opportunity to hear what the queen of the coast, the demons of the forest, and the familiar spirits would say to me.

I had been told how the witches had tried to help me, all these l received with fears.

My first born who was 7years old then followed a woman we respected to church on one of the Sundays. On his return, he was able to convince his siblings who decided to be going to church with him. Their decision was alright with us - their parents - even though, sometime, my husband would go out on drinking spree with his friends. This is because we would be free to attend our mundane functions and outings on Sundays.

But at God appointed time, l was brought out into Light - which was so dramatic.

God was able to show me in particular, the way out of hell with the power-packed and soul inspiring Gospel film by Mike Bamiloye titled Agbara Nla [The Ultimate Power].

It was then being shown on air every Sunday in series. God used the film to arrest me.

That day, l was the only one at home when the film was running on air. The 'intro' was catchy and this made me glued to the television screen.

Right in my eye, there was a replay of my life, being helpless to help myself like the helpless villagers in the movie. I was afraid, a cloud of despair covered me.

The Life that l thought l was enjoying became empty. I was really inside the film. l saw the futility of the life lived outside Christ...I cried that day to God to save me.

I ran to the church the following Sunday. With all eagerness in me, l sold myself to the Lord God of Israel. Thank God my husband joined us after about a month. Everything in the home changed. The whole atmosphere was cleansed. Our relationships were renewed. My husband came home that very first Sunday he attended the church, packed all his charms and took them to the Man of God without anyone's prompting.

Since then, over 10years ago, we have peace within ourselves and within the home.

Behold all things have become new. l can now say, 'The things we used to do, we do them no more. The things we used to say, we say them no more.Where we used to go, we go there no more.

Because there is a great change since we are born again
' With little efforts on our part, we have victory over every issue that rises against us. HALLELUJAH kfbers!

Join us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony...BTW, if you have got a great testimony you'd like to share, kindly send it in to kemisolafilani@yahoo.com.