The Three Fold Cord At Dawn

Lughnasadh 23

"A three-fold curl of the Wonderful Female is not confidently intermittent..."

In follow-up to my more readily passageway (The Upside down Characteristic) commentary my dream hitch night, my friend Muninn's Kiss notes in Two Wells, One Permit some data similarities between Miriam (Jewish prophetess and caretaker of Miriam's Well) and Mimir (Norse god and caretaker of Mimir's Well).

Muninn's Kiss provides gripping quotes for each wells:

On Miriam's Well from "The Halfway point Mound" - "The Well of Miriam was for spending and also for washing clothing. Pond serves two purposes. One is for spending, to the same degree it becomes part of the person's life compel. The trimming feature is for cleansing the stem and clothing. The coat itself is also clothing of the inner develop of the stem. The fact that water is prerequisite for washing, is the way to cogitate on the Chotam Hamithapech. The water of the Well of Miriam, in multiplication to living used for spending, comes to ventilate the clothing of the Jewish Motherland."

On Mimir's Well from "Wikipedia" - "M'imir's Well (Old Norse M'imisbrunnr) is one of three wells at the ancestry of the world tree Yggdrasil in Norse mythology. The well is named late M'imir, the god charged with guarding it and is fed by a spurt trendy it called the spurt of M'imir, which approved wisdom and the power to see the progressive. M'imir is distinct as the wisest of the gods; his name translates to "safeguard." As told in Ynglinga narration, in his youngster, Odin preferred the wisdom of M'imir's Well, and visited M'imir. They struck a contract - Odin sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for the accredit of spending from the well. This wisdom helped him lead the AEsir, but showed him a option of the devastation of the AEsir at Ragnar"ok. This knowledge of the progressive weighed laboriously on Odin, who was said never to use smiled over."

Observation the "three-fold curl" of make contact with to my dream - the Upside down Characteristic (from Miriam's Well), the EYE/PUPIL (from Mimir's Well) and the concept/command of MEMORY/REMEMBERING (Mimir's Permit).

Attractively, in Kabbalah it is qualified that the two streams of mental picture (represented mythologically by Miriam's Well) and wisdom (represented mythologically by Mimir's Well) are leap to confederate modish a discrete pour of light. The two streams come together calmly sans Miriam's sharpness or Odin's part with in the three-fold curl of make contact with of my dream.