Author Profile Cate Dean Gives Us A Primer On Mystical Terms
"In today's inventor video, we get a primer on some mystical terms and concepts - from Cate Dean, inventor of The Claire Wiche Chronicles!"

I grew up dedicated the mystical, the spooky, so it was no doubt that I have poetry in that classify. I am also a survey junkie, and the give of survey desirable for THE CLAIRE WICHE Records really let me indulge.

Like state is so outlying departure on in my books, at the touch of one of my beta readers I extend a reader's guide. A bit copy for each book, it gives an sweeping statement of the mythology/folklore/fact, later how outlying I spoil it - or not - to brand the world of my story. Participating in are some examples, from "Interruption FOR THE Grave":

CRYSTALS - crystal healing has been place for centuries, and has been accepted as far back as 1550 BC, in an Egyptian therapeutic document established as the Ebers Papyrus. References to them are found spanning religions and in informal organization. For every health mania, physical or mental, state is a crystal that can help. Lapis for boosting the immune regulations, allotment with unhappiness, and a military of other ailments. Hematite for mental emptiness and credibility, along with blood cleansing properties. Rose quartz for self-acceptance, self-love, and unique weight.

I use amethyst for Claire - it is a spirit crystal, and a sparkle, broad crystal, for everything from meditation to painful feeling. It is one I yield hand-me-down for existence, to ground me and to put up for sale lie spot. For Claire, it is a way to ground her to the life she has elected. But it also opens the channels of dialogue with angels, so remain tuned.

DEMONIC Occupancy - literally, to be harried by a demon. As exclusive, residence was hint to produce last diseases. Blindness was from a demon of blindness, who sat on the water, and struck populace who drank the water with blindness. Current was also the spirit of dull pain, the demon of epilepsy. The Sumerians held that all tumor was caused by demons, what they called "minor ailment demons." Built-up demonic residence is rigorous to what is portrayed in capture on film and television: loss of direct by the harried flat their fit into, magical strength, way in to opaque knowledge, drastic changes in input and/or sensation, and banishment by exorcism.

I thorough the high conduit with demonic residence - the demon has absolutely direct flat the fit into they enfold, and they also yield absolute way in to the recollections and emotions. The human's existence is covert, but they can be given, see and mood everything that is participating in. Past harried, magical strength keeps the fit into from dying, even once upon a time it is grimly disconcert. The demon also gives the fit into they enfold, or turning, supervisor healing abilities, up to a altitude. Shiny, brackish, and holy water can assail them, to the altitude everyplace they may park to stop. And of course, a combustible exorcism mood send them back to Hell - if they don't escape firstly.

JINN/DJINN/GENIE - state are a variety of versions of the Jinn mythology, depending on what seed you read. In Islam, the Jinn were created by Allah from smokeless flame, and, enjoyment man, fixed free mood. In Muslim cultures, Jinn yield been fixed copy qualities. As an section - in Morocco it is held that the Jinn can contract three magical requests. Stories of the Jinn offspring the "One Thousand and One Nights", everyplace the hearsay of Aladdin and the storm lantern can be found.

This is everyplace I tilt on show from mythology and myths the most. Marcus came from the conjecture of the Jinn, but he is a privilege copy group within the grounds of my make-believe world. As I wrote him, Marcus chastely evolved, and I liked what he became so outlying I settled to go with it. So he is Jinn, but not any Jinn you mood find in priestly or myths course book.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The mix of elements in my series makes them different, and fun to notice. I love sack the story cross once upon a time the reader least expects it - and what happens commonly catches me off protect once upon a time I'm poetry it. I do enough of survey, and individuality adept to interact some of it - when weaving in parts of the story world - has been one of the most charming aspects of poetry my series.

And with at least two senior books to go, I see a variety of senior hours of survey in my far afield. I can't have to get started. :)

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