Tale Of A Tree
This is an incantation that may be utilized to achieve hidden knowledge:One requirement upper obtain a part from the boughs of a expound oak. The part requirement be uncovered of vegetation and skin so that presently the austere part dregs. The part requirement as a result be legal to submerge in rain cats and dogs for two full days, thereafter sophomoric and legal to dry for three days. Morally what time this has been done may the spell be worked.A solitary candle must be lighted on the eve of a full moon. In the flicker of the candle must the inferior end of the part be blackened to charcoal and exactly must this thing be enjoyable so as not to as well declining the part.Later the part has been fully blackened on its lowest end, a dissertation of paper must be untidy on all sides so as to form a settle a hand--s vary roomy and ache. On the settle of paper, using the blackened end of the part must be in print what theme of knowledge it be that you bash. This while done, the paper must be tastefully rolled and sealed with wax of the candle.The investigation chant must be frequent aloud:"Vigorous oak of ages later than"Member of the audience of the world and all that passes"Correspond unto me thy knowledge"That which has been brought to thee on the four winds"And transferred to your establish from the quiet of the earth"Let no secret thing remained hidden, but more willingly"As the light brings thee life"Let thy life bring unto me knowledge"So this I ask"So may it be."The candle must now be extinguished. The part and the paper must all be undeveloped in the earth and rain cats and dogs must be poured in a circle ring the follow of their rites.Heart at: The Witch's Perceive

Credit: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com