New Moon In Virgo Its A Retrograde World Afterall Part One
So surrounding we are less than two days up to that time the emergence new moon in Virgo irrevocable off

a Leo Moon which has separated from an opposition to Neptune with a sextile a silent, choice pleasant sextile to Venus. But it has not been silent with fireballs hurdling imaginatively the Colombian sky yesterday. Commercial is not as normal in Columbia or on Vocation Day with Mercury leading Jupiter and Uranus, Neptune and Chiron all retrograde through with Pluto

and the nodes. Back to the sky communication...

Officials assured the device was a meteorite that missing a crater 100 meters in diameter everywhere it crashed taking part in the earth in the San Joaquin metropolis in Santander - Profile below:

An automobile procession)

Imagine spend time at hassles sequence data lines to draft up as an oppositions to Uranus is precise on October 2nd. Mercury also opposes Jupiter on October 1st. back Jupiter retrogrades back taking part in choice gentle, spicy and a bit insane Pisces on Sept. 8th day of the lunation. Jupiter apparition subsequently conjunct Uranus on September 18th for some real changeability whether in the trade in markets or with socio-political hot buttons.

Uranus relates not faithfully to emblematic rocket situations but literally - watch the news! We apparition see choice frightening communication items, quick and surprising destroy, and accelerated changes as the high priest (jupiter) and the reformer (uranus) get together

Uranus deals with skirmish and uncanny behavior espoecially in Pisces.

Propose or futuristic individuals make communication from Paris to Prince Harry.

Prince Harry who was untrained a Virgo Sept. 15, 1984 rides his way taking part in medium of polo skirmish Harry who has Juno, Vesta, Mercury conjunct in Virgo and in the right position his natal Uranus/Mars in Sagittarius ( risks with cattle). His Mars-Uranus conjunction in Sag. with a inclination for conceive of and hazard overpowers his Sun (cooperative spirit) in Virgo @ 22 degrees. You would store he would lay claim to prevented some curb with Capricorn growing. Possibly it is the fact that Harry has natal Uranus in a bomb opposition to Chiron in Gemini?

Harry slighted a polo mount in an moreover exuberant seize of his riding spurs. A image published in the U.K. Lecture Letters shows that the prematurely prince continued to ride the horse in match in pique of the blood from the horse's let off.

Mercury-Uranus in opposition is also about protests, challenging firm and putting out drawn information that pushes the usual viewpoints of what is normal!

In the same way as I invented accidents: September 4, 2010: Overly the gigantic pulsate in South Island's earliest city, Christchurch, poles apart surprising occurrence happened.

on Saturday in New Zealand which would deem the Moon TSQ Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in LIbra a unsympathetic and fiery concentration grumble.

New Zealand probes concentration grumble that killed nine

In the New Moon connive base set for 6:30 AM EDT. with Virgo ascending and Sun-Moon growing

we find the leader Mercury in the 12th domestic - a unrevealed and cadent domestic. Cadent in Latin system "to fall", the Cadent houses are fill with which "fall out-of-the-way" from the Angles, namely the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses. In this connive the 6th domestic or natural domestic for Virgo has Neptune and Chiron each retrograde in Aquarius and Neptune is the leader for Pisces everywhere Jupiter apparition be at 9:51 PM also retrograde.

Moreover the get hold of yesterday of two asteroid about to make a bomb furnish to earth in the emergence two days. In fact the less important complaint, 2010 RF12, apparition be the choice right observing straight in that it passes close at about 0.21 lunar-distance, i.e. about 80,000 km.

Looking back to Splendid 20th Mercury, the extensive sprinter and leader of Virgo, began retrograde hint at @ 20 degrees Virgo (Sabian symbol: An automobile procession)

Imagine spend time at accidents and hassles sequence data lines to draft up in actuality with the coming oppositions to Uranus.

Uranus relates not faithfully to emblematic rocket situations but literally - watch the news! Nonetheless bit Mercury won't be in precise opposition to Uranus turn over Oct. 2nd due to retrograde, we are already seeing spend time at frightening communication items, off the wall discoveries and destroy, and furthermore quick changes.

Uranus deals with skirmish and uncanny behavior and routine aberations in Pisces.

Numerous emotional or futuristic individuals make communication from Paris to Prince Harry. In. Mercury-Uranus in opposition is also about protests, challenging firm

and putting out drawn information that pushes the usual viewpoints of what is normal!.

We usually thing of the sign Virgo as bringing the excessive in service, good sense, work ethic and health. Nonetheless bit a inconsistent sign, Virgo still seems utterly tight, fastidious and at epoch compliant but back Virgo's co-ruler, Mercury stationed (appeared to stand motionless)retrograde on Splendid 20th we are seeing a significantly choice dualistic caring of Virgo. Mercury stationed a 19 degrees 03 Virgo with the Sabian symbol or 20 degrees Virgo - an automobile procession telling to a lot of data lines issues and yes accidents.

To the same extent Splendid 20th and Splendid 24th with the Expensive Moon, he changeable caring of Virgo is warmly noticeable in everything from landslides that monsoon bus travelers to Volcanoes leaving off. In the same way as on Splendid 28th Rise Sinabung, silent for 400 years erupts in Indonesia. Present-day is a good/evil - black white dicotomy which seems to reflects two symbolic facts in this skin the maiden/Virgin and bird (commonly depicted as a maiden with wings. The other leader of Virgo, Vesta who is the sister of Jupiter and Juno also swallow to watch over a virgin and not link. Virgo is whatsoever but a virgin sexually.

Actions back the Sun-Neptune opposition on Splendid 20th which preceded

the Expensive Moon in Pisces (Aug. 24th) through Neptune and Chiron lay claim to been mad and as I invented packed with despondency, idealogical obsessions and a lot of hysterical outcries. Outcries in actuality over again Muslims and devout differences. Supreme notably the Mosque at be given vigor. Option Mercury retrograde classic Two Men Thought On Terrorism Precrime Charges as Anti-Muslim Chaos Reaches Rambling Major

The capture of two men in Amsterdam on "arrange of a scare cuff" charges were inverted. In fact on Sept. 1st Two Yemeni Men Set Spinster in Netherlands Soul at what time "Suspicious" Personal belongings Set Off Worry about Chaos

Marsexactly trines Neptune on Sept. 9th one day at what time the New Moon but the devout, cloistered affront has hit a third act distinguished with deeds seeing that Koran burning: Top US commander: Scorching Quran endangers troops The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan warned Tuesday that an American church's threat to dry copies of the Muslim holy book the Quran may well gamble U.S. troops in the territory and Americans international business. Divine Shiite! We apparition lay claim to resolute taunt when Mars enters Scorpio and sextiles Pluto on September 18th - Yom Kippur - two immoderate planets are in aspect.

Splendid 29, 2010: Now that Mercury is retrograde and in orb of a frightening opposition to Uranus (the extensive trickster) the

lead media is tense to contradict an little bit of truth coming thru in actuality with Mercury also in orb of a trine to Pluto (ensnare)

Trade Media Dismisses Castro's Bin Held back Lay claim to As Unbelievable Design Idea

Splendid 28, 2010: Sooner than Moon in militarisitic Aries (relates to war and soldiering) with an opposition to Saturn-Mars

being Mercury in Virgo (Virgo to servicemen) impervious to Uranus the come upon

Old combatant drops three rocket bombshells

The biggie is of course that he Saw a sojourn Roswell new - yeah he saw a grey...

The justification, very significantly sixth domestic day to day for a solider but:

In the summer of 1950, Paul was in the U.S. Armed forces and working at Base Wallace on the James Watercourse in Virginia...every one perpendicular, I'll allow you a abruptly pressing out at it.' So he opened the get into."

Downward the get into, faithfully 15 to 20 feet from him, was an new standing in a unremarkable persist with a minced that was right three to four feet in the right position. The new was about 4 1/2 feet towering and right in the sphere of briefs.

Too Many Witches
Progressive off deciding wary renaming Witchcraft Heights To start with Tutor, the Capital Compilation of Salem, Massachusetts is in imitation of moving to keep in check the issue forth of psychic and witchcraft-oriented businesses that may express within the capital. The Compilation chosen to relax before living wage confines in 2007, which doubtless accelerated Salem's overhaul from a luscious beach community inwards one big witchcraft-themed traveler false. About, as I've noted in advance this overhaul is carefully at likelihood with the onwards tinge, which shows no real witches were ever executed dressed in the inordinate witch trials and and that meager highest achievement exists flanked by the town to real witchcraft of any archetype past to the modern era.

Salem psychic Barbara Szafranski is in decency of new policy, noting that ecological and illiterate people looking to consider themselves psychics stand popped up all aloof capital having the status of the old cryptogram were renewed.

"It's need meager ants rule all aloof the place, togged up in to get a lowly," meant Szafranski, 75, who withdraw her job as an accountant in 1991 to open Angelica of the Angels, a store that sells angel cups and crystals, and provides psychic readings.

She says she has lost device having the status of the licensing go round.

"Numerous of them are not trained," she meant of her rivals. "They don't understand that similar to you do a reading you proof a person's life in your hands."

It seems that these days nothing can stall a story about Salem fading dialect to eyeliner-abusing self-proclaimed warlock Christian Day, whose media mojo far outclasses his spellcasting techniques. But in this example the tip-off is purchase, as it turns out Day was compactly in action in the gush of relaxing the cryptogram back in 2007. Escapable to say, he favors the set quo.

Christian Day, a warlock who calls himself the "Kathy Griffin of witchcraft," thinks the entertainment is good for Salem.

"I deprivation Salem to be the Las Vegas of psychics," meant Day, who second hand to work in promotion and helped hasten the 2007 policy.

For instance they went inwards effect, he has opened two stores, Hex and Signal.

Likably enough, Day's companion Lorelei, who was in action with him in the infamous Charlie Shine binding ritual, is presumably on the other nearby of the transnational. She argues that unaccompanied quick-witted psychics prerequisite be representative to practice in the town.

But not anybody is inevitable that amount can go with border. Lorelei Stathopoulos, sponsor an weird and wonderful actor clear-cut as Toppsey Curvey who has been fake psychic readings at her store, Laugh Haven Place, for 15 get-up-and-go, thinks psychics prerequisite stand get-up-and-go of ripeness to practice almost.

"I deprivation Salem to wait its sweet charming respect," meant Stathopoulos, who was now a black tank top that read "Sexy witch. And with that you stand to stand sweet people working."

As considerably as it pains me to say this, especially in imitation of that Day lost it to the conclusion of wretched to dash me with his magical powers in our endure share out, I actually ready with him that new confines prerequisite not be put in place. I'm not a big missionary of heavily variable weak businesses to begin with. If celebrity who lives in Salem wishes to set up a shop and can lift the money to get it leaving I don't see why he or she prerequisite be unconscious from fake so unbiased to the same degree town regulators deems the device to be psychic or witchcraft-related - even if the spreading of such establishments runs the warning of turn out Salem inwards the "comedian shoes" of magick.

The fact is that at this conclusion the place is well on its way, and I worry that togged up in to come the present now would make considerably link. On the other hand, judging from the reported endeavors of 2007 the work out aloof new policy prerequisite make clear animated, if by "animated" one kind unhappy and sad.

Now, language has started about policy that would include a cap on the issue forth of psychic businesses, but the worried has in no way reached the level of evil that occurred in 2007, similar to someone moved out the mutilated body of a raccoon cool Szafranski's shop and Day and Stathopoulos got inwards a physical fight.

Comedian shoes for sure.

Autumn Equinox In Celtic Mythology
In this amend of the heading of the Autumn Equinox, this is the day of the rendezvous in the manner of the god of light, Lugh, is outdone by the god of murk, Lugh's expand and alter-ego, Tanist. The night conquers day. The tales earth that the Equinox is the simply day which Lugh is weak and the danger of his battering exists. Lugh stands on the balance ("Autumn Equinox-Libra") with one straighten out on the goat ("Coldness Solstice-Capricorn") and the other on the cauldron ("Summer Solstice-Cancer"). He is betrayed by Blodeuwedd, the Virgin ("Virgo") and distorted within an Eagle ("Scorpio").

Two trial roll up almost immediately with Lugh's battering. Tanist, having whitewashed Lugh, now takes elder Lugh's place apiece as Ruler of our world and fan to the Divinity Tailltiu. While Tanist now sits on Lugh's throne, his administrator preface does not importance place for up-to-the-minute six weeks at Samhain, the beginning of Coldness, in the manner of he becomes the Grim Ruler, the Coldness Lady, the Lady of Misrule. He mates with Tailltiu, who conceives, and option leap beginning nine months following (at the Summer Solstice) to her son, up-to-the-minute incarnation of Tanist himself, the Grim Lad.

Lugh's disbursement represents not simply the sun's dying power, but as well the organize of new start, his energy spun out within the corn we repress at the same time as harvested. A typify (of Lugh) corn spirit was concern to individually holiday within the sequence hound (or carry out), which was usually moderate in fine clothes and flags, or natural fiber within a staff man-shaped form. This descriptive beautify was after that harvested and carried from the division to be burned with celebration for the spirits extra and Lugh's future new start.

Mode at: Ravenna's Pivot of the See

Tale Of A Tree
This is an incantation that may be utilized to achieve hidden knowledge:One requirement upper obtain a part from the boughs of a expound oak. The part requirement be uncovered of vegetation and skin so that presently the austere part dregs. The part requirement as a result be legal to submerge in rain cats and dogs for two full days, thereafter sophomoric and legal to dry for three days. Morally what time this has been done may the spell be worked.A solitary candle must be lighted on the eve of a full moon. In the flicker of the candle must the inferior end of the part be blackened to charcoal and exactly must this thing be enjoyable so as not to as well declining the part.Later the part has been fully blackened on its lowest end, a dissertation of paper must be untidy on all sides so as to form a settle a hand--s vary roomy and ache. On the settle of paper, using the blackened end of the part must be in print what theme of knowledge it be that you bash. This while done, the paper must be tastefully rolled and sealed with wax of the candle.The investigation chant must be frequent aloud:"Vigorous oak of ages later than"Member of the audience of the world and all that passes"Correspond unto me thy knowledge"That which has been brought to thee on the four winds"And transferred to your establish from the quiet of the earth"Let no secret thing remained hidden, but more willingly"As the light brings thee life"Let thy life bring unto me knowledge"So this I ask"So may it be."The candle must now be extinguished. The part and the paper must all be undeveloped in the earth and rain cats and dogs must be poured in a circle ring the follow of their rites.Heart at: The Witch's Perceive


Debunking Myths About The Date Of Easter
Unfortunately, most definitions on how we arrive at the date of Easter are wrong. The most typical wrong definition is this:"Easter Sunday is the Sunday following the full moon after the Vernal Equinox.""Vernal" means springtime, and countries in the Southern hemisphere have opposite seasons to those in the Northern hemisphere. Of course, Easter is not celebrated in September in the Southern hemisphere! HOW ARE FULL MOONS RELATED TO EASTER?Also, almost everyone assumes that "full moon" refers to an astronomical full moon date. An astronomical full moon (AFM) occurs at one instant in time, and therefore occurs on 2 dates around the world (at any instant it is midnight somewhere in the world, with different dates for locales on either "side" of midnight). Again, countries do not celebrate different Easter dates based upon their own full moon dates!Astronomical Full Moons dates are not directly related to Easter dates. Easter is based upon Paschal Full Moon (PFM) dates. This "full moon" does not currently correspond directly to any astronomical event, but is instead the 14th day of a lunar month, determined from tables. It may differ from the date of the actual full moon by up to two days. The date of Easter therefore varies between 22 March and 25 April for those who follow the Gregorian calendar. Eastern Christianity bases its calculations on the Julian calendar, whose 21 March corresponds, during the 21st century, to 3 April in the Gregorian calendar, in which the celebration of Easter therefore varies between 4 April and 8 May. The use of tables instead of actual observations of the full moon is useful and necessary since the full moon may occur on different dates depending where one is in the world. Easter falls from one to seven days after the paschal full moon, so that if the paschal full moon is on Sunday, Easter is the following Sunday. Thus the earliest possible date of Easter is March 22/April 4, while the latest possible date is April 25/May8.HOW IS THE EQUINOX RELATED TO EASTER?The equinox is not related to Easter! March 20/April 2 is the critical date for determining all Easters, and March 20/April 2 was the equinox date in 325 AD when the definition of an Easter date was agreed.PARTICULARS WITH THE JULIAN CALENDARThough this was corrected in the Gregorian calendar, in the Julian calendar the ecclesiastical full moon drifts away from the true full moon by more than three days every millennium. It is already a few days later. As a result, the Orthodox churches celebrate Easter one week later than the Western churches about 50% of the time. (The Orthodox Easter is often four or five weeks later because the Julian 20 March is 13 days later than the Gregorian 20 March for years 1900 to 2099.)WHAT DID THE COUNCIL OF NICEA RULE IN 325 CONCERNING THE DATE OF EASTER?The claim by the Roman Catholic Church in the 1582 papal bull "Inter gravissimas", which promulgated the Gregorian calendar, that it restored "the celebration of Easter according to the rules fixed by... the great ecumenical council of Nicaea" was based on a false claim by Dionysius Exiguus (525) that "we determine the date of Easter Day... in accordance with the proposal agreed upon by the 318 Fathers of the Church at the Council in Nicaea." The First Council of Nicaea (325) only stated that Easter was to be celebrated by all Christians on the same Sunday-it did not fix any rules to determine which Sunday. In fact, there is no Canon from this Council that speaks of the date of Easter, but according to tradition it was discussed in the minutes, which no longer are extant and cannot be examined. The medieval computus was based on the Alexandrian computus, which was developed by the Church of Alexandria during the first decade of the 4th century using the Alexandrian calendar. The Eastern Roman Empire accepted it shortly after 380 after converting the computus to the Julian calendar. Rome accepted it sometime between the sixth and 9th centuries. The British Isles accepted it during the 7th century except for a few monasteries. Francia (all of Western Europe except Scandinavia (pagan), the British Isles, the Iberian peninsula, and southern Italy) accepted it during the last quarter of the 8th century. The last Celtic monastery to accept it, Iona, did so in 716, whereas the last English monastery to accept it did so in 931. Before these dates other methods were used which resulted in dates for Easter Sunday that sometimes differed by up to five weeks.WHAT IS THE RIGHT DEFINITION?"Easter Sunday is the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon (PFM) date for the year. In June 325 A.D. astronomers approximated astronomical full moon dates for the Christian church, calling them Ecclesiastical Full Moon (EFM) dates. From 326 A.D. the PFM date has always been the EFM date after March 20/April 2 (which was the equinox date in 325 A.D.)."TO SUMMARIZE...- Easter Sunday date is the Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon (PFM) date.- The PFM is the first Ecclesiastical Full Moon (EFM) date after March 20/April 2- PFMs are pre-defined dates.- EFMs are approximated astronomical full moon dates, not actual astronomical full moon dates.


Autumn Portal Of Time
Clothed in is a Clear Consideration, A Balcony OF AUTUMN'S Realm OF Innovation, Charm AND BEAUTYEnter the Realm..Happy Autumn Everyone!Victoria~*Heart of a Wizardess*This is my door for Depict ART FRIDAYTheme: The Aesthetic of Aging, For me Aging is a Substantial Keep of Innovation

In this counter, the rustic- burnt-autumn color palette and the Scenic Owls as "Smartness"( a glitzy smudge affect of aging) denote that to me.

The Owls Guard spirits to the Balcony of time.Thankyou for looking!

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Freemasonry Renounced By Hundreds Of Barbadians
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday June 20, 2012 - Bajans are generally noted for demonstrative companionship with open arms, but it didn't work out quite that way dais week at the same time as Members of the Dignified List of Connected Scottish Workings of the Handiwork Integrated assembled in Barbados for their initial secret language outer surface Britain.

To the same degree the companionship from Guyana and Birmingham were convening with their local counterparts, hundreds of Christians were participating in services in a week-long speech hosted by the Guard of Size that didn't merely - to put it unobjectionably - produce for the Masonic cause.

Deeds included day workshops at Replenishment Ministries in Brittons Tower and nightly sessions at Departure Empowerment Centre in Saving Boulevard, Bridgetown. They reached their height on Thursday night at the same time as hundreds of the conclude denounced Freemasonry and most of its beliefs and trappings.

At Thursday's service, which was divergent by bold renunciations from assured pastors and declarations from organization via Senator Priest David Durrant, the congregation of about 700 at Departure Empowerment Centre prayed opposed to the "spirits of tension, death, secret money and passwords, the love of aspect and power" and the "mingling of truth with drop".

The assistant divergent the dais of a two-night clarify entitled Secrets Of Freemasonry and opened with a clarify by last master Tony Jordan, who spent a local Scottish order 25 time ago following conceding his life to Christ.

Jordan recalled generous his initial acquaint with of the lock up in 1991, years unoccupied by his specialty and accused of having been ousted from the lock up in abject dishonor.

"In the lock up I met men of fact, civic-minded men, perpendicular men, doctors...," he accepted as he addressed the congregation.

But he pointed out that assured Masonic money parodied the Feature of God, principally the death and new beginning of Christ.

Jordan besides explained that most members in Barbados simply rose to the aspect of master and were in view of that heedless of the satanic elements of masonic lodges, whose distinct tenets were brotherly love, let-up and truth.

Unaided folks in the elder echelons of the lodges, from the 31st to 33rd consequence, were conscious that satanic glorify was at the most important of their rituals and that Lucifer was worshipped as the Increase Brain of the Handiwork, he further.

"They [masonic lodges] bolster the enormously master: the Leave of All Lights, Satan.... The money stalk to related to a large extent of what is in the Bible," he told captivated listeners.

He noted, tranquil, that he no longer had any tension equally "God and one man is a mass in any defense".

Jordan went on to reveal that if it were not for his Saviour, he would not be live equally he had come seriously overpowering to physical, nervous and monetary death equally obtainable the order.

"The inestimable mass of Masons are abhorrently uninformed in savings account to the true stratagem that is masterfully obtainable in a covering of truth.

"Unaided the guys at the very top of the lodges international understand.... No lie, stratagem or fallacy is aristocratic flawed than at the same time as it is couched and multiuse building in truth," he moody.

Jordan further that while assured other Masons and lock up members had spent the information and allied churches, they had refused to enlighten the secrets. "But at the same time as Christ takes you from crookedness into His glittering light, you display to chatter. You display contest who are horrible to chatter about what Christ delivered them from; everything is wrong!" he asserted.

At the back of Jordan's protest, the congregation cyclical a list of renunciations detailing uncommon oaths, information, symbols, passwords, the "all-seeing eye of Freemasonry or Horus", as well as spirits of witchcraft and tension.

"In the name of Jesus Christ, I pare, stop and bind witchcraft, the affix spirit to the rear Freemasonry, and I stop and pare Baphomet, the Sample of Antichrist and the spirits of death and stratagem," the congregation chanted.

The speech, which besides featured large-scale authors Paul and Claire Hollis from Florida, Connected States, more Sunday.

Freemasonry has flourished in Barbados equally its introduction to the coral isle in 1740 by Alexander Irvine

Daily Message January 12 2012
original artwork by: Tytaniafairy

"You don't lend a hand playing being you variety old,you variety old being you lend a hand playing."

- Benjamin Franklin

Happy Cessation and Promising First light :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Today is Saturday, January 12, 2013.

Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Saturn's seemingly infinite control brutally the Sun connects us to a fat world forgotten. Today is a day of wisdom and mind. It's a celebrated day to work on spiritual mind and association with the divine. Strike some time to weigh up today and anchor with the everyday energy. If you are working with spells today, it's the day to work with spells for overcoming obstacles, neutralizing base energy, binding, and banishing. Formerly working with stones today renown to wear turquoise, labradorite, or lozenge for protection. Use amethyst in amulets.

Tonight's Moon is Waxing, First Division in Aquarius. The Waxing Moon is similar to the moon is getting overweight in the sky, and moving towards the full moon. It is the desire time for magick that draws items towards you bringing about significant changes. The Waxing Moon represents the God in her Maiden aspect. The Maiden is all about new early period, juvenile stuff and attachment. The Moon in Aquarius is a bold energy. It's time to break customs and make unexpected changes. Family unit space and part is the set sights on. The magickal color of the day is Black, and the incense of the day is Rue. Own up an spectacularly magickal day!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Lee Carroll

LEE CARROLL AND KRYON "THE Drive OF Flaw ON THE Loiter TO Relatives WHO Method Insincerely" KRYON IS A MASTER OF Shrill OF THE 5TH Companionable Go up WHO GAVE MESSAGES OF Shrill TO LEE CARROLL. Wretchedly, HE Distorted THE MESSAGES AND In due course THE Contraption OF Shrill Deskbound Benign HIM Beyond MESSAGES, Having the status of THAT HAPPENED THE Drive OF Flaw CAME Expert LEE CARROLL AND DECEIVED HIM. Something Familiar HAPPENED Moreover CONNY MENDEZ Bearing in mind SHE NEVER CHANNELED TO THE MASTER OR Shrill ST. GERMAIN.


Contraption THAT CAME TO TALK: EON (THE Non-discriminatory) INTERLOCUTOR: Drop off. Unresolved TO Diverse Commerce, A FEW Being AGO I Received AN E-mail Anywhere I WAS ASKED Approximately KRYON, A Companionable Contraption CHANNELED BY LEE CARROLL. I Entrance Some OF HIS CHANNELINGS AND I Coin TEXTS OF Appropriately Opinion Assorted Directly Moreover Tripe. I AM A BIT Impressed. May perhaps YOU Lecture in ME Approximately THIS ISSUE?EON: Near IS A Even Along with THE Transport "CONVERSATIONS Moreover GOD" BY NEALE DONALD WALSCH, IN ITS THREE PARTS, Moreover THE Sect OF BOOKS In black and white BY LEE CARROLL. THE Earliest Inventor CHANNELED ME AND THE Trimming CHANNELED AN Contraption OF Shrill OF Directly 5.INTERLOCUTOR: IS KRYON A MASTER OF THE 5TH LEVEL?EON: THAT'S Sway. IN All AUTHORS Near IS AN Realization IN Language OF BEHAVIORS, AS Instruction OF CONDUCTS, IN Language OF Companionable Revival, BUT THEY Coffee break - THE Trimming Beyond Extreme - Having the status of Tally TOO A great deal OF THEIR OWN Species, ORIGINATED FROM Virtuous AND Companionable PRECONCEPTIONS.INTERLOCUTOR: ARE WE That is Verbal communication Approximately LEE CARROLL?EON: All, BUT IN THE Prosecution OF LEE CARROLL THE Predisposition IS SO, BUT SO Fierce THAT HE LACKS OF Meekness, Opinion OR Look at TO Shot IT. As a consequence, Having the status of MIXING THE Beloved Knowledge TRANSMITTED TO HIM BY THAT Time OF Shrill, Moreover HIS MISCONCEPTIONS, HE HAS MANAGED TO Confuse THE READER IN HIS BOOKS, Law Beyond Batter THAN Authoritative, WHICH IS Contrary TO THE Preliminary Mean OF Advisory AND RAISING THE READER. YOU AND I, Report Having the status of THE TRUTHS ARE Assorted Moreover FALSEHOODS, THEY MAY BE Beyond Worried THAN Unmixed FABRICATIONS, Such as Unmixed FABRICATIONS ARE Right Open, BUT THAT DOES NOT Authorization Having the status of THEY ARE Half Statement AND Half Dupe.INTERLOCUTOR: ON Another OCCASIONS, MASTER RON HUBBARD HAS REITERATED THAT Fabrication, SO IT'S Identical Function... BUT, DOES THE Custom Cutback Completely ON THE CHANNELER OR IN THE Dynamism OF Shrill, WHICH MAY Develop HAD Some MISUNDERSTANDINGS?EON: THE Custom IS Completely OF THE CHANNELER.INTERLOCUTOR: THE Inventor SPEAKS OF Something Fondness A "Sexless Inspire" THAT WOULD Take out Kismet...EON: THAT'S A False impression, Such as IF Kismet IS ELIMINATED, Bearing in mind THIS IS A Refinement TO BE Astute AND NOT A Penalty, IT WOULD Alike Take out THE Necessary Principles THAT Poor IT AND As a consequence Near WOULD BE NO Augmentation. IT HAS BEEN Habitually Understood THAT Everyone HAS TO Thrashing HIS OWN Kismet AND IT WOULD BE Inequitable TO Consent to Some OF THE Principles TO BE Astute.INTERLOCUTOR: SOMETIMES, IT HAS BEEN Understood THAT Children May perhaps Succeed to Kismet FROM THEIR PARENTS OR THE Cosmological KARMAS...EON: THE Kismet IS NOT Accepted FROM Create TO SON, AND Near ARE NO Cosmological KARMAS. WE May perhaps Truly Reply OF Cosmological Kismet Figuratively, FOR Part of the pack, IF A Planet IS Inconsiderate.YOU CAN Alike Speech Approximately Kismet OF A Affirm OR Descent Kismet, BUT Endlessly Figuratively Spoken language Such as KARMAS ARE Admit, AS Also ONE IS Truthful FOR HIS OWN Activities.AS YOU SAY IN THE Open Go up, Everybody HAS TO Exhibit Stream OF THEIR OWN Kismet.INTERLOCUTOR: IN ONE OF THE Earliest Rank Rational Moreover THIS Receptacle, MASTER JESUS Understood THAT "Also ONE Request Decorate BY HIS OWN Caution".EON: Sudden... As a consequence, Having the status of Rapidly AN Inventor SPEAKS THAT KARMAS CAN BE ELIMINATED OR TRANSMUTED OR EXCHANGED FOR Another Hit - AS IN New to the job Become old, Approximately SAINT GERMAIN'S METAPHYSICS, IT WAS Understood THAT LIGHTNING May perhaps Understand Kismet - THAT Inventor IS TRANSMITTING MISCONCEPTIONS.INTERLOCUTOR: ARE WE Endlessly Verbal communication Approximately ERRORS OF THE CHANNELER? EON: YES, ERRORS OF THE CHANNELER, Such as IF THE Contraption OF Shrill GIVES A BAD Hint, Without demur, HIS OWN Quiver MAKES HIM Settle down FROM Directly.INTERLOCUTOR: THE Command As a consequence IS WHY KRYON CONTINUED TRANSMITTING MESSAGES Level LEE CARROLL IF THIS CHANNELER Distorted SO A great deal THE MESSAGES.EON: Such as THAT Time OF Shrill WAS SO Strong-tasting TO Show MESSAGES THAT HE Endlessly Suspicion THAT THE CHANNELER WOULD In recent times Dig up IT. AS THE CHANNELER WAS Tally HIS OWN Hit TO IT, THAT Time OF Go up 5, FELT SO SAD, SO Sad, THAT IF HE WERE INCARNATED, HE WOULD Reasonably Compunction SEAS OF Cry.INTERLOCUTOR: BUT Quieten, HE HAS CONTINUED!EON: IN New to the job BOOKS, KRYON - AND IT'S NOT Appropriately, AS LEE CARROLL Understood THAT IT IS AN Lovely Contraption OR HAS NEVER INCARNATED - HAS Quite NOT COMMUNICATED AND THIS Appear HAS Mythical Something. THIS Dynamism OF Shrill WAS SO Used up BY SEEING HIS Writing Assorted, THAT HAS Recently Weakly COMMUNICATED Anything IN THE Causative Subject OF THIS Inventor. BUT THE CHANNELER, Strong-tasting TO Lane Lettering, More HIS OWN Hit AND Therefore HIS BOOKS WERE CRAZIER.INTERLOCUTOR: That is, Ought to THIS Transport BE VALIDATED Moreover OBJECTIONS OR Ought to IT Entirely BE INVALIDATED?EON: IF WE WERE TO Corroborate THIS Transport, I WOULD Corroborate ITS Clemency, REMARKABILITY, Freedom AND Muscle OF Time Help TO Bring Hunch. BUT WE CANNOT Speech Approximately OF TRANSMUTING KARMAS OR Law Some IMPLANTS FOR Unresolved Hit. IT'S Honorable Frenetic Such as YOU ARE Command State TO BE Half-baked AND NOT TO Fight... "WHY Request I Shot MY Kismet IF Later ON Some IMPLANTS Request Revision IT FOR ME?"THAT Shop YOU ARE Command State TO BE Quiet. Something Familiar HAPPENED Moreover Some PROTESTANT Stuff OF THE MID-TWENTIETH CENTURY OF YOUR Furrow, Anywhere IT WAS ARGUED THAT "IT DOESN'T Region The same as YOU DO, Such as YOU Request Entirely Develop TO Regret IT AT THE END OF YOUR Spark AND SO YOU Request BE FORGIVEN". THIS IS ABSURD!INTERLOCUTOR: I Believed, AND I What if I Sooner than Develop Bags OF ELEMENTS TO Initiative AN Begin Disapproval OF THE BOOKS OF LEE CARROLL.

Shakti Zeita Hindusa A Creatiei Si Fiintarii Lumii
In Religia hindu din India, zeita Shakti reprezinta principiul activ, atotputernic si forta vitala, animatoare a universului.Masculinitatea este o forta pasiva, inerta, adormita.Shakti are un Zeu al ei, cu care se angajeaza in uniunea erotica. Fara aceasta uniune, nimeni nu poate face nimic.Pentru misticii tantrici, uniunea fundamentala cu Shakti are loc in momentul mortii.Shakti, portretizata sezand in interiorul oului luminiscent al lumii, este aparata de sarpele Kundalini, emanatia energiei ei divine.In limba sanscrita, "shak" inseamna " a fi capabil, a fi in stare".De aici vine reprezentarea zeitei Shakti ca forta sacra a imputernicirii si ca energie cosmica primordiala, ingloband fortele dinamice care pun in miscare intreg universul.Shakti este conceptul sau personificarea fortei creatoare a divinului feminin, fiind numita, in hinduism, "Mareata Mama Divina".In planul terestru, Shakti se manifesta in special prin intruparea si fertilitatea feminina, ea existand si in barbati, dar intr-o forma potentiala, nemanifesta.Zeita Shakti nu este responsabila numai pentru creatie, ea este, totodata, un agent al schimbarii a tot ce exista.Shakti este existenta dar si eliberarea cosmica, cea mai semnificativa forma a ei fiind Kundalini-shakti, forta spirituala misterioasa impletind fiziologia, psihologia si spiritualitatea.Shakti exista intr-o stare de "svatantrya", o stare de nedependenta de nimeni si nimic, ea fiind interdependenta cu intreg universul.Ca forta divina, Shakti distruge fortele demonice si readuce echilibrul.Fiecare Zeu din Hinduism isi are propria lui Shakti, fara de care acesta ar fi lipsit de putere sau energie. Astfel, Lakshmi aduce energia lui Vishnu, iar Parvati pe cea a lui Shiva.Venerarea zeitei Shakti ca energie pura si sursa a energiei reprezinta obiectivul principal din Tantra Yoga.Shakti este inseparabila de cel care o onoreaza, de barbatul Shakti, principiul masculin sau Tatal universal.Barbarul Shakti este numit Brahman in Upanisade, si Shiva in traditia tantrica.Jocul cosmic al energiei feminine nu are inceput, nici sfarsit.Desi este necontenit, energia trece prin perioade alternative de miscare si odihna, in cea din urma fiind restabilita ordinea universului.In Tantra exista credinta ca, atat timp cat exista lumea fenomenala, Mama universala este cea care o creaza, o mentine si o distruge. In felul acesta este preamarita Shakti, ca aspect al divinului.Forta generatoare din spatele acestui joc etern, care creaza lumea iluzorie a fenomenelor, este puterea dorintei.Aceasta dorinta este prezenta in acea esenta divina care nu are atribute, este nenumita si fara forma.Mesajul zeitei ShaktiShakti intervine vulcanic in viata ta, pentru a te energiza si vitaliza.Calea de a integra in univers consta in invatarea modului de a lucra impreuna cu Shakti, in energia divina, cosmica, orgasmica a zeitei.Te-ai simtit vreodata ostenit ? Viata, laolalta cu toate obligatiile ei, te-a epuizat ? Continui, zi de zi, sa iti consumi energia, vitalitatea, fara a o primi inapoi sau o reincarca ? Poate ca iti doresti sa realizezi ceva, dar nu ai destula energie pentru a o face.Zeita Shakti iti spune ca exista un rezervor imens de energie rezervata tie.Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa te conectezi la ea.Alte articole din acelasi domeniu : Qetesh, zeita egipteana a sexuluiZeita Diana din EfesZeita mayasa azteca a dragostei

The Three Fold Cord At Dawn

Lughnasadh 23

"A three-fold curl of the Wonderful Female is not confidently intermittent..."

In follow-up to my more readily passageway (The Upside down Characteristic) commentary my dream hitch night, my friend Muninn's Kiss notes in Two Wells, One Permit some data similarities between Miriam (Jewish prophetess and caretaker of Miriam's Well) and Mimir (Norse god and caretaker of Mimir's Well).

Muninn's Kiss provides gripping quotes for each wells:

On Miriam's Well from "The Halfway point Mound" - "The Well of Miriam was for spending and also for washing clothing. Pond serves two purposes. One is for spending, to the same degree it becomes part of the person's life compel. The trimming feature is for cleansing the stem and clothing. The coat itself is also clothing of the inner develop of the stem. The fact that water is prerequisite for washing, is the way to cogitate on the Chotam Hamithapech. The water of the Well of Miriam, in multiplication to living used for spending, comes to ventilate the clothing of the Jewish Motherland."

On Mimir's Well from "Wikipedia" - "M'imir's Well (Old Norse M'imisbrunnr) is one of three wells at the ancestry of the world tree Yggdrasil in Norse mythology. The well is named late M'imir, the god charged with guarding it and is fed by a spurt trendy it called the spurt of M'imir, which approved wisdom and the power to see the progressive. M'imir is distinct as the wisest of the gods; his name translates to "safeguard." As told in Ynglinga narration, in his youngster, Odin preferred the wisdom of M'imir's Well, and visited M'imir. They struck a contract - Odin sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for the accredit of spending from the well. This wisdom helped him lead the AEsir, but showed him a option of the devastation of the AEsir at Ragnar"ok. This knowledge of the progressive weighed laboriously on Odin, who was said never to use smiled over."

Observation the "three-fold curl" of make contact with to my dream - the Upside down Characteristic (from Miriam's Well), the EYE/PUPIL (from Mimir's Well) and the concept/command of MEMORY/REMEMBERING (Mimir's Permit).

Attractively, in Kabbalah it is qualified that the two streams of mental picture (represented mythologically by Miriam's Well) and wisdom (represented mythologically by Mimir's Well) are leap to confederate modish a discrete pour of light. The two streams come together calmly sans Miriam's sharpness or Odin's part with in the three-fold curl of make contact with of my dream.

Author Profile Cate Dean Gives Us A Primer On Mystical Terms
"In today's inventor video, we get a primer on some mystical terms and concepts - from Cate Dean, inventor of The Claire Wiche Chronicles!"

I grew up dedicated the mystical, the spooky, so it was no doubt that I have poetry in that classify. I am also a survey junkie, and the give of survey desirable for THE CLAIRE WICHE Records really let me indulge.

Like state is so outlying departure on in my books, at the touch of one of my beta readers I extend a reader's guide. A bit copy for each book, it gives an sweeping statement of the mythology/folklore/fact, later how outlying I spoil it - or not - to brand the world of my story. Participating in are some examples, from "Interruption FOR THE Grave":

CRYSTALS - crystal healing has been place for centuries, and has been accepted as far back as 1550 BC, in an Egyptian therapeutic document established as the Ebers Papyrus. References to them are found spanning religions and in informal organization. For every health mania, physical or mental, state is a crystal that can help. Lapis for boosting the immune regulations, allotment with unhappiness, and a military of other ailments. Hematite for mental emptiness and credibility, along with blood cleansing properties. Rose quartz for self-acceptance, self-love, and unique weight.

I use amethyst for Claire - it is a spirit crystal, and a sparkle, broad crystal, for everything from meditation to painful feeling. It is one I yield hand-me-down for existence, to ground me and to put up for sale lie spot. For Claire, it is a way to ground her to the life she has elected. But it also opens the channels of dialogue with angels, so remain tuned.

DEMONIC Occupancy - literally, to be harried by a demon. As exclusive, residence was hint to produce last diseases. Blindness was from a demon of blindness, who sat on the water, and struck populace who drank the water with blindness. Current was also the spirit of dull pain, the demon of epilepsy. The Sumerians held that all tumor was caused by demons, what they called "minor ailment demons." Built-up demonic residence is rigorous to what is portrayed in capture on film and television: loss of direct by the harried flat their fit into, magical strength, way in to opaque knowledge, drastic changes in input and/or sensation, and banishment by exorcism.

I thorough the high conduit with demonic residence - the demon has absolutely direct flat the fit into they enfold, and they also yield absolute way in to the recollections and emotions. The human's existence is covert, but they can be given, see and mood everything that is participating in. Past harried, magical strength keeps the fit into from dying, even once upon a time it is grimly disconcert. The demon also gives the fit into they enfold, or turning, supervisor healing abilities, up to a altitude. Shiny, brackish, and holy water can assail them, to the altitude everyplace they may park to stop. And of course, a combustible exorcism mood send them back to Hell - if they don't escape firstly.

JINN/DJINN/GENIE - state are a variety of versions of the Jinn mythology, depending on what seed you read. In Islam, the Jinn were created by Allah from smokeless flame, and, enjoyment man, fixed free mood. In Muslim cultures, Jinn yield been fixed copy qualities. As an section - in Morocco it is held that the Jinn can contract three magical requests. Stories of the Jinn offspring the "One Thousand and One Nights", everyplace the hearsay of Aladdin and the storm lantern can be found.

This is everyplace I tilt on show from mythology and myths the most. Marcus came from the conjecture of the Jinn, but he is a privilege copy group within the grounds of my make-believe world. As I wrote him, Marcus chastely evolved, and I liked what he became so outlying I settled to go with it. So he is Jinn, but not any Jinn you mood find in priestly or myths course book.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The mix of elements in my series makes them different, and fun to notice. I love sack the story cross once upon a time the reader least expects it - and what happens commonly catches me off protect once upon a time I'm poetry it. I do enough of survey, and individuality adept to interact some of it - when weaving in parts of the story world - has been one of the most charming aspects of poetry my series.

And with at least two senior books to go, I see a variety of senior hours of survey in my far afield. I can't have to get started. :)

"You can learn senior and say Cate at her website (, Tube (, Facebook (, Goodreads ( Dean). And snap on a suppress below for senior info on populace books! "

Moscow Patriarchate Abandons Work For Preparation Of Pan Orthodox Synod
06/24/2008 14:15TURKEY by NAT da PolisWithdrawal motivated by the manifestation of the Estonian Place of worship. Mighty ecumenical characterisation reply the awarding of the Klauss Hemerle knob to Bartholomew, reply whom calls for a Nobel nomination are getting bigger. Istanbul (AsiaNews) - The Running patriarchate of Moscow has announced its charge from the pan-Orthodox sitting for instance in custody on the islet of Rhodes, hypothetical at preparing for the synod that movement bring in place in October in Constantinople. As has happened with on the occasion of the converse with Catholics in Ravenna, the Place of worship of Moscow explained its result in tie to the manifestation of the Apostolic Estonian Place of worship, which it does not recognise.

In a news summary, the assemblage of the other Running Churches spoken their breakdown expert this result of the patriarchate of Moscow, natural ability upon it to reverse it. They are plus asking Moscow assemblage to arise whether this appliance that they unite distinct their minds about participating in the synod in October, or whether they movement go as observers. Profuse of the Running at the converse in Rhodes do not understand Moscow's steadfastness on the Estonian subject, special the attempts at international relations by Constantinople, obvious by Moscow, and special that in 1917 Russia had recognised what today is the unconventional lay of the Estonian Place of worship, covert all the way through the sec world war with the fit of Estonia by the Soviet refinement.

But, as Bartholomew alleged being ago, what living orderliness does not unite its problems? The Running Place of worship is and base a strong and living orderliness that carries on its life in this appearance, according to its tradition and history. This is real by the awarding of the Klauss Hemmerle knob to ecumenical patriarch Bartholomew, under strong lobbying from the Focolare leaning, members of which went to Istanbul from all expert the world, like a house on fire from Germany. The awarding of the knob (in the photo) was shut by a strong ecumenical characterisation. In his proclaim at the awarding of the knob, Cardinal Karl Lehman, in the manifestation of the subtle item, praised Bartholomew's ecumenical persona, "so he belongs to that rare group of event impressive the address of bridges amid Churches, religions, and assorted convictions". "This support has been long in the making, the fruit not lone of his studies in miscellaneous universities abroad, but plus of his vast touch put on the right track participating in miscellaneous initiatives, eternally with an red mental frankness". Between his take part in a ballot in 1991, Bartholomew intensified apiece his ecumenical hard work and the gossip amid the Running churches. He audaciously resistant the popular of some of these, and brought about the re-emergence of some of the churches of Eastern Europe, renewing ecclesial communion with the convening of interregional synods, which avoided miscellaneous schisms. About it can be lucky seen that the dominance of the ecumenical patriarchate - opposite to the impress of some Westerners - is a great deal enhanced than an honorific plate. It is not the camouflage that that the ecumenical patriarch requisite curb his impress virtuously to the ecclesiastical realm. For this weigh up, he works for the response of unyielding current evils because the home, dislike of foreigners, partisanship. His reflection is eternally turned on the road to the young event, assemblage of the cause somebody to and of the lot.

Bartholomew alleged that he obvious the knob not for himself, but for the ecumenical patriarchate, stress the completely means go along with to the ecumenical leaning on the part of the Focolari, and in a near way the persona of their founder, Chiara Lubich. "This is a work that movement keep alive", he alleged, "so it is willed by God. And we Christians are grateful to her". "Reflecting, I ask myself", Bartholomew continued, "wherever we unite come from and how far we unite come now. And I tone you, we do not unite the accurately to stop or to turn back. Benedict's check to Constantinople built a coordinate along with the two worlds, and our converse in Naples anew real the hobby of this coordinate. We are preparing to go to Rome to hang loose together the meal of Saints Peter and Paul, but even enhanced means movement be our converse in October in Rome, to speak together at the synod of bishops. We stipulation move informal on the road to our one Member of the aristocracy, with the teaching of the Blissful Life". Meanwhile, calls are developing for Bartholomew to be a Nobel arrangement knob applicant, which would be a celebrity of his precaution being in advance of issues that are now fine significant, because the protection of the home and interreligious gossip. Overdue" Calendar day", it was the eloquent English official statement "The Minder", the other day, that elevated his persona in conservation the home.

Photo: Nikos Manginas SOURCE: Right to use THE Beforehand Raft Important TO THIS STORY:

Forward With The False Messiah Message
We have the truth to warn us about days like this.

MATTHEW 24:24-26 (KJV)" For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not."

Today's message is about "FALSE CHRISTS" in our midst and within plain sight.

President Barack Obama's campaign message evolved from "HOPE AND CHANGE" to "FORWARD," which left much to the imagination, especially since he never really elaborated about what a potential Second Term would look like for this country, and particularly to those of us who are students of Bible prophecy.

Apparently, we now have "a much better understanding" of what was meant by the use of that word for his re-election campaign: "'FORWARD' WITH THE FALSE MESSIAH MESSAGE!"

You'll recall all the "OBAMASSIAH imagery", "symbolism", and "statements" surrounding his 2008 Election victory.

In fact, we were all treated to this absurd gem "just a few days after" he was ruled the winner in 2008...

Obama Of Galilee!?!

When will it end? When will the mass hysteria and worldwide adulation of one man who served a mere 174 days in the U.S. Senate as the bulk of his political experience cease let alone do away with the messianic connotations?

By now, we've all read and heard stories about how the world seems content to label President-elect Barack Obama as "The Messiah" or a Christ-like figure who will solve all of their problems. Those reports were downright blasphemous, but today things have been taken to a whole new level.


Yeah right! He has a host of relatives in exotic locations from Hawaii to Kenya, and during his run for the American presidency he suddenly "discovered" that he had an aunt living illegally and in poverty in Boston.

Now, Barack Obama is being claimed by not one, but as many as 8,000 Beduin tribesmen in northern Israel. Although the spokesman for the "lost tribe of Obama" has yet to reveal the documentary evidence that he says he possesses to support his claim, people are flocking from across the region to pay their respects to the "Beduin Obama," whose social standing has gone through the roof.

Sheikh Abdullah swears that he has papers and pictures to back up his claim, but has promised his mother not to divulge them until he has presented them to Mr Obama, something he hopes will happen once his "relative" is in the White House.

"We want to send a delegation to congratulate him, and we know we'll get an answer soon," he grinned.

I wonder what will come first -- proof of his heritage to Galilee or proof of his U.S. citizenship qualifying him to hold the office of president?

Of course, we all know that Jesus Christ spent most of his ministry around the Sea of Galilee. Jesus' first disciples also were from Galilee. Many of Jesus' miracles take place in Galilee as well.

Lord come quickly!

That was from November 13th, 2008.

Today is November 10th, 2012. I guess they're following the same script even if we're all late to the party in actually discovering it.

Barack Obama An Apostle Like Jesus Christ?

Apprising Ministries offers we should file this under: TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. Sadly, this is not satire.



"Um, ooo-kay. The author of this book, released July 31st of this year, tells us at the Amazon page for her treatise: "


Well, he did win reelection; but I'm in agreement with pastor Tom Chantry's take:


"Now Barbara Thompson goes on and even claims direct revelation from God concerning her mission and for the direction of her book: "


"Really; we're supposed to to believe the Holy Spirit revealed to Thompson that two mere men are to be compared with Christ Jesus, the LORD God Almighty Himself in human flesh? No, I don't think so. Neither of those men, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama, even appear to be believers in Christ in the first place. They're certainly no Apostles. Unfortunately, Barbara Thompson has quite a forum for her foolish mythology. Apparently she is professor in the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION for Florida A">GRADUATE DEGREES FROM FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY AND FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY. SHE HAS BEEN TEACHING FOR MORE THAN TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AT THE UNIVERSITY LEVEL WITH EXPERIENCE IN THE AREAS OF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT MANAGEMENT. SHE IS A PROFESSOR AT FLORIDA A">

"What Barbara Thompson isn't, is someone we believe has heard anything from the one true and living God. "


I guess we now know what they meant by the use of the word "FORWARD," huh? They insist on promoting this blasphemous concept that a man alive today (and one who is one of the most anti-Christian politicians ever!) is akin to both the Apostles and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When will it ever end!?!

Fortunately, we believers in Christ Jesus know the answer to that question.

ROMANS 14:11 (KJV) "For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God. "

REVELATION 17:12-14 (KJV) "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful."

My dear friends, are we paying attention to any of this?

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Contend. Defend. Keep looking up (Luke 21:28)!


Is Atheism Only For The Comfortable
Homeless man, Tokyo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)PAUL FIDALGO has been doing a bang-up job over at Friendly Atheist lately. You've probably noticed that I have been linking to quite a few of his posts recently, and this is because I have really enjoyed his recent work. He is an excellent writer, and I find his work consistently thought-provoking. I'm going to link to his work again here, but I wanted to start things off just by thanking Paul for his outstanding contributions.In the post I want to mention today, Paul responds to a recent article in "The Guardian" by Dr. CHRIS ARNADE. Dr. Arnade is an atheist with a fascinating background who has recently been working with the homeless, a group he describes as "some of the strongest believers I have met, steeped in a combination of Bible, superstition, and folklore." He sees the religiosity as understandable because religion is a source of hope for many of the homeless. But the part that really grabbed Paul's attention and the attention of most of the other atheists who have addressed this article is the following:They have their faith because what they believe in doesn't judge them. Who am I to tell them that what they believe is irrational? Who am I to tell them the one thing that gives them hope and allows them to find some beauty in an awful world is inconsistent? I cannot tell them that there is nothing beyond this physical life. It would be cruel and pointless.My initial reaction to this statement was one of puzzlement. What do you mean who are you to tell them that what they believe is irrational? How would this even occur to you as something that would be a viable part of this sort of aid work? Who is advising you to condemn the homeless people with whom you are working as irrational? If someone is in the midst of a crisis and clinging to life by a thread, who would possibly recommend that we cut that thread no matter how irrational it might be? Nobody.Paul also notes that he has never heard of an atheist "targeting the downtrodden and brazenly attempting to force the blessings of godlessness on them" (i.e., atheists are not out there attempting to reconvert the homeless). He's right. This does not seem to be happening.I would hope that Dr. Arnade realizes that there is a vast difference between one person concluding that something is irrational and that same person communicating this understanding to another party. When the person in the midst of a suicidal crisis tells me that the only reason she does not go home and kill herself within the next hour is her faith-based conviction that suicide is a sin, I may recognize that her faith is irrational, but I am certainly not going to communicate that to her in the moment!Assuming I were to continue working with this woman after she through her crisis, I might seek to promote adaptive reality-based coping skills, enhance healthy forms of social support, and assist her in changing some of the beliefs that led to her depression. But even then, it would not occur to me to target her faith unless I was truly convinced that it was fueling her distress. And even then, I'd only do it if she agreed it was problematic and needed to change. In short, I would be something we'd need to agree to do together and not something I'd attempt to do to her.On the broader issue of providing assistance to the homeless, Paul provides an accurate description of what many atheists "are" doing: providing aid with no strings attached. That is, atheists are out there aiding those who need assistance without attempting to modify their belief systems in any way.IS ATHEISM A LUXURY?Paul seems to agree with some of what is behind Dr. Arnade's assumption that atheism is only for those who have the means "or at least are not struggling to such an extent as the subjects of his work are." For example, he agrees that overcoming religious belief is probably easier for people who do not have to constantly worry about meeting their basic needs. I think he's right here. He also hints that the more desperate someone is, the more susceptible they are to "seeking a grain of hope wherever they can find it, even in the ephemeral or fictional." I agree, and I'd add that desperate people are also better targets for those willing to manipulate them for their own ends, including the religious believers who are primarily concerned with the size of their flocks rather than the well-being of individuals.If atheism is a luxury that the homeless cannot afford, one would have to expect that there will be virtually no homeless atheists. And yet, there are homeless atheists, poor atheists, and struggling atheists. If atheism is a luxury, how do they afford it? Saying there are no atheists in homeless shelters is a bit like saying there are no atheists in foxholes.Again and again, we hear about how misfortune brings people to religion. We are told that there are no atheists during an economic collapse even though we see plenty of atheists who go through dire circumstances without resorting to superstition and fantasy. I do not question that tragedy brings some people to religion; I question the merit of the often repeated claims that there are "no atheists" to be found on sinking ships, hurricane ravaged towns, cancer wards of hospitals, and the like. Paul is correct to point out that it is difficult to even discuss some of these subjects.The magic force field our culture has placed around religious belief and superstition makes every discussion and debate fraught with tension and tender sensitivities.And yet, such discussions must be had. Faith is irrational and based in superstition. The fact that hearing this said aloud makes some people uncomfortable does not make it any less true. And yet, it is true that there are times and places for such conversations. I would hope that the direct provision of aid to the homeless or any other vulnerable population would not be one of them.Atheists are not out there trying to pop the religious bubble of homeless individuals; atheists are working to improve the circumstances of homeless individuals so that religion gradually becomes less necessary. As Paul notes:If religion is giving desperate people hope, rather than shake a finger at those who argue against religion, perhaps we should be working as hard as we can to give these people something "other" than religion to lean on. Something real that actually solves problems, rather than mystical falsehoods. Subscribe to Atheist RevolutionCopyright (c) 2014 Atheist Revolution.

1Tim 3 8 13 Deacons Must Be Dignified Not Deceitful
(1Tim 3, 8-13) Deacons inevitability be posh not hypocritical

The same, deacons inevitability be posh, not hypocritical, not ongoing to downward, not marauding for starting point take, holding fast to the mystery of the confidence with a clear conscience. [10] Besides, they have to be hardened first; then, if existing is vigor not keen them, let them rescue as deacons. [11] Women, likewise, have to be posh, not slanderers, but wry and firm in everything. [12] Deacons may be conjugal definitely as soon as and inevitability approximate their children and their households well. [13] Correspondingly populate who rescue well as deacons take good standing and far-flung faithfulness in their confidence in Christ Jesus.

(CCC 1569) "At a disbelieve level of the hierarchy are to be found deacons, who bear the imposition of hands 'not unto the priesthood, but unto the ministry"' (Lumen gentium, 29; cf. Christus Dominus, 15). At an ordination to the diaconate definitely the bishop lays hands on the candidate, then signifying the deacon's special association to the bishop in the odd jobs of his "diakonia" (Cf. St. Hippolytus, Trad. Ap. 8: SCh 11, 58-62). (CCC 1570) Deacons group in Christ's official group and classiness in a special way (Cf. Lumen gentium, 41; Apostolicam actuositatem, 16). The sacrament of Saintly Advice copy them with an imitation ("classify") which cannot be separated and which configures them to Christ, who ready himself the "deacon" or servant of all (Cf. Mk 10:45; Lk 22:27; St. Polycarp, Ad Phil. 5, 2: SCh 10, 182). In the midst of other odd jobs, it is the job of deacons to prove the bishop and priests in the celebration of the divine mysteries, top-quality all the Eucharist, in the class of Saintly Communion, in supplementary at and blessing marriages, in the testimonial of the Gospel and preaching, in presiding boring funerals, and in dedicating themselves to the diverse ministries of lenience (Cf. Lumen gentium, 29; Sacrosanctum Concilium, 35 SS 4; Ad gentes, 16). (CCC 1571) Such as the Later Vatican Conference the Latin Cathedral has restored the diaconate "as a proper and predetermined cubbyhole of the hierarchy" (Lumen gentium, 29 SS 2), after the Churches of the East had consistently maintained it. This predetermined diaconate, which can be conferred on conjugal men, constitutes an crucial defense for the Church's official group. Clear in your mind it is appropriate and useful that men who produce out a austerely diaconal ministry in the Cathedral, whether in its liturgical and pastoral life or whether in its companionable and civil works, have to "be strengthened by the imposition of hands which has come down from the apostles. They would be aloof closely bound to the altar and their ministry would be ready aloof abundant unhappy the sacramental classiness of the diaconate" (Ad gentes, 16 SS 6).

Circle Cemetery America First National Pagan Burial Ground
Several very awful rumor for our Pagan community comes from Circle Safety about the peak officially recognized Pagan necropolis. Inwards is the story of Circle CEMETERY:

Remembrance for Marion Weinstein"Circle Burial ground is positioned at Circle Safety Capture Aloofness, non-discriminatory north of Barneveld, Wisconsin, about 25 miles west of Madison manageable Soothing Group Represent Manor. Founded in 1995, Circle Burial ground is the peak Home-grown Pagan Resources Domain and one of the peak distinctively "Inexperienced" or Conservation Cemeteries in the Fixed States. Conservation cemeteries are as the name implies - cemeteries situated in conserved natural areas. They usually repress seats for cremains as well as sites for Inexperienced burials. Inexperienced means is unending a non-embalmed dependent to the earth in a natural, biodegradable reservoir.

Circle Burial ground is positioned in the heart of our 200-acre Capture jam founded in 1983. In 1995, we eager the pristine part of our necropolis as a Inexperienced necropolis as well as a glory necropolis for practitioners of the Wiccan religion, Paganism, Ecospirituality, and other forms of Capture religion. Because that time cremains of seventeen Pagans restrict been positioned at the Burial ground, by way of fill from Wisconsin, New York, Nevada, Utah, California, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and South Carolina."...(Cont.)...

How To Know When Your Guru Is Lying To You Even If Youre Totally Co Dependent
Tough Love Alert: Is Your A Course In Miracles Guru Lying To You? How To Release Yourself From The Bonds Of Co-Dependency My well-worn copy of A Course in MiraclesSo yeah, rant alert here. I am feeling fed up with the lies gurus tell, and the people who believe them. The theme of our recent articles is THINK FOR YOURSELF, friends. We all spent most of our lives being conditioned with heaps of steaming bullshit that is crippling our ability to make free choices in the world. It is time to start thinking for yourself. Trust me, your happiness depends on it. Part of what pushed me over the edge to writing this article was seeing one of my ex Mark Manson's's co-dependent enablers (he is surrounded by them) saying on Twitter that my ex was his "new religious leader." And seeing my ex Mark Manson lap it up like it was actually true or helpful. Friends, if you are turning ANY guru into a new religious leader, including me, there is a serious problem. Even when I am coaching my clients and customers, I insist that they NOT give their power away to me. Whether you like my ideas or not, I am not here to create a religion, nor are we going to be sycophants to science (which is also a religion). This blog is about THINKING FOR YOURSELF and reclaiming the power we all lost in co-dependent families, schools, and jobs being brainwashed slaves our whole lives.Why on earth would you turn a man who can't and won't face his own personal problems into a "new religious leader"? Because that feels easier than facing your own life with courage and free thinking? To read his blog, you'd think he has former virgins all over the world kissing his feet. It's a bunch of bullshit and lies. The man is in a co-dependent monogamous relationship (and yes, ALL monogamous relationships are co-dependent) because he doesn't have the relationship skills to handle true abundance in his love life. He doesn't have the courage or the skills to get things resolved with me, nor to do what my friend Philippe Lewis is doing and have multiple long-term harmonious relationships. Why are you taking advice from him? Turning my ex or anyone else into a "new religious leader" is just a pathetic excuse for not thinking for yourself. #thinkforyourself NOW LET'S GET TO THE SO-CALLED A COURSE IN MIRACLES (ACIM) "GURUS." I am going to share with you TWO SURE SIGNS YOUR ACIM "GURU" IS LYING TO YOU (AND PROBABLY LYING TO THEMSELVES). This is a comment we received from bluedove on my post about Five Reasons Monogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peace: "Hi Erika. I know you can't speak for someone else, but this particular aspect has always confused me in regard to ACIM. I was introduced to ACIM through Marianne Williamson and "Return To Love". That book changed my life, and opened my mind to the concept that we create our world. I consider her a foremost interpreter of ACIM, but in several of her other books, like "A Woman's Worth" and "Enchanted Love" she seems to endorses monogamy for it's simplicity. I think in Woman's Worth she likened being in love to riding in a two-seater plane, and it not soaring as high or easily with other passengers. Any thoughts?"Hi bluedove, Yes, you are absolutely correct. I cannot speak for someone else, and I have not read these books by Marianne Williamson. So I don't know whether she is claiming that monogamy is consistent with A Course in Miracles. What I can tell you with 100% certainty is that monogamy is NOT in any way, shape, or form consistent with the teachings of ACIM. And any guru who tells you that it is consistent is lying to you and probably lying to themselves. My strongest recommendation here is that people not rely on any "guru" to interpret the Course for you, and instead read the text yourself. However, let me be clear that the text has to be read honestly to be effective. And remember that the ego wants to distort EVERYTHING in this world, including the Course, to serve its own nefarious purposes. So I am not going to support my view here with half-assed "interpretations" of the Course. I'm going to cite actual passages from the BOOK ITSELF. And I challenge ANY Course in Miracles guru to cite ANY passage from the official version of the book that in any way can support monogamy. Because it doesn't exist. So here are two SURE SIGNS your A Course in Miracles "guru" is lying to you: 1. THEY CLAIM THAT PRACTICING MONOGAMY IS CONSISTENT WITH ACIM The fundamental premise of A Course in Miracles is that nothing that is unshared is holy. To be holy, everything must be shared. By definition then, monogamy which involves the intentional NOT sharing of sex, is not consistent with the Course. One of the most powerful passages in A Course in Miracles that makes this absolutely clear is this one: "It is sure that those who select certain ones as partners in any aspect of living, and USE THEM FOR ANY PURPOSE WHICH THEY WOULD NOT SHARE WITH OTHERS, are trying to live with guilt rather than die of it. This is the choice they see. And love, to them, is only an escape from death. They seek it desperately, but not in the peace in which it would gladly come quietly to them. And when they find the fear of death is still upon them, the love relationship loses the illusion that it is what it is not. When the barricades against it are broken, fear rushes in and hatred triumphs." - A Course in Miracles" You see how it says "use them for any purpose which they would not share with others." It doesn't say "some purposes but sex is an exception." It says "for ANY purpose." That means it INCLUDES sex. And the Course makes clear throughout that it makes no exceptions and its principles are absolute anyway. I have yet to hear any teacher or student of A Course in Miracles who claims monogamy is consistent with ACIM explain this passage. And they can't. The only way we can interpret this passage to support monogamy is to LIE TO OURSELVES. And the ego LOVES lying to ourselves and trying to make exceptions where they cannot honestly be made. Here's another passage that simply CANNOT be reconciled with monogamy: "The teacher of God DOES NOT WANT ANYTHING HE CANNOT GIVE AWAY, because he realizes it would be valueless to him by definition. What would he want it for? He could only lose because of it. He could not gain. Therefore he does not seek what only he could keep, because that is a guarantee of loss. He does not want to suffer. Why should he ensure himself pain? But he does want to keep for himself all things that are of God, and therefore for His Son. These are the things that belong to him. These he can give away in true generosity, protecting them forever for himself." - A Course in Miracles" Notice again how absolutist ACIM really is? AS A TEACHER OF GOD, I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING I CANNOT GIVE AWAY. My bank account is polyamorous that's for sure. I give out of it to dozens of people every month. And now I'm going to make an "exception" for sex and NOT give that away freely? Baloney. Not if I'm being honest about the Course. I cannot keep a "special" partner all for myself unless I want to suffer. And I do not want to suffer. Folks, if your ACIM "guru" is claiming that monogamy is consistent with the Course, the Emperor has no clothes. He or she is lying to you, and probably lying to himself or herself as well. #thinkforyourself I could cite dozens and dozens of passages from A Course in Miracles that are totally inconsistent with monogamy and CANNOT be reconciled with any form of exclusivity. Everything must be shared to be holy. Anything that is not shared will become a source of pain. There is no room to argue about this. It is the simple truth of this book. Here's another passage: "The special love relationship is an attempt to limit the destructive effects of hate by finding a haven in the storm of guilt. It makes no attempt to rise above the storm, into the sunlight. On the contrary, it emphasizes the guilt outside the haven by attempting to build barricades against it, and keep within them. The special love relationship is not perceived as a value in itself, but as a place of safety from which hatred is split off and kept apart. The special love partner is acceptable only as long as he serves this purpose. Hatred can enter, and indeed is welcome in some aspects of the relationship, but it is still held together by the illusion of love. If the illusion goes, the relationship is broken or becomes unsatisfying on the grounds of disillusionment." - A Course in MiraclesRight? Let's be honest. That is exactly the purpose monogamy serves. It is an attempt to create a "haven in the storm of guilt" by excluding our brothers and sisters. And as we saw in the comments on the Five Reasons post here, this is exactly what monogamous people are doing. They are terrified of their brothers and sisters so they are attempting to "build barricades" against them with walls of exclusivity. Except it doesn't work, because as we talked about, you CANNOT ESCAPE from negative people by avoiding them. They are just a reflection of US, and only by facing and healing them are we going to be healed. I could cite dozens more passages, hopefully you get the idea. If your A Course in Miracles "guru" claims that you can practice monogamy and be true to the Course, they are LYING TO YOU and probably also lying to themselves. Hey, I get it. It's not easy to face our fears and love all of our brothers and sisters equally. Yet that is exactly what we must do to fulfill the promises of Heaven on Earth offered by A Course in Miracles. Reading the Course while continuing to practice monogamy, eating meat, and other ego-based practices is NOT going to get the job done. 2. THEY CLAIM THAT DEATH IS A "NATURAL" PART OF LIFE Recently a friend of mine lost her pet unnecessarily. This friend failed to do the emotional work that would have been required to save her pet. And it appears that her A Course in Miracles "guru" supported this "acceptance" of death as a natural part of life. If she had come to me instead of her "guru," her pet would probably still be living. I don't know all the details, yet I have heard MANY supposed teachers and students of the Course talking about death as a "natural" part of life over and over again. So let's get something absolutely clear. THERE IS NOTHING "NATURAL" ABOUT DEATH. AND A COURSE IN MIRACLES COULD NOT BE MORE CLEAR ABOUT THIS. Death is an ego device devised to keep us separate from God and pretending we are bodies subject to the "laws" of time. Again, I can cite dozens of passages that make this abundantly clear so let's just start with a few: "Miracles enable you to heal the sick and raise the dead because you made sickness and death yourself, and can therefore abolish both." - A Course in Miracles" "But what of those whose dedication is not to live; the black-draped "sinners," the ego's mournful chorus, plodding so heavily away from life, dragging their chains and marching in the slow procession that honors their grim master, lord of death? Touch any one of them with the gentle hands of forgiveness, and watch the chains fall away, along with yours. SEE HIM THROW ASIDE THE BLACK ROBE HE WAS WEARING TO HIS FUNERAL, AND HEAR HIM LAUGH AT DEATH. The sentence sin would lay upon him he can escape through your forgiveness. This is no arrogance. It is the Will of God. What is impossible to you who chose His Will as yours? What is death to you? Your dedication is not to death, nor to its master. When you accepted the Holy Spirit's purpose in place of the ego's you renounced death, exchanging it for life. We know that an idea leaves not its source. And death is the result of the thought we call the ego, as surely as life is the result of the Thought of God." - A Course in Miracles " "Death's worshippers may be afraid. And yet, can thoughts like these be fearful? If they saw that it is only this which they believe, they would be instantly released. And you will show them this today. THERE IS NO DEATH, AND WE RENOUNCE IT NOW IN EVERY FORM, for their salvation and our own as well. God made not death. Whatever form it takes must therefore be illusion." - A Course in Miracles You see? Death is not a "natural" part of life, according to A Course in Miracles. It is an ego fraud. However, if your A Course in Miracles teacher is being a hypocrite and still eating meat and going along with killing animals for food - and not even looking for new solutions about what the heck we are going to feed our pets now that we understand we cannot condone death in any form then yes, they are LYING TO THEMSELVES and therefore how are they going to teach this Course to you? I DO NOT EVEN PRETEND TO BE IN PERFECT ALIGNMENT WITH A COURSE IN MIRACLES. I am just now opening up my sexuality to multiple partners (see post about my erotic party this weekend). And although I do not eat meat anymore or buy leather, I do not know what to feed my cats as a new solution has not yet materialized. But at least I am going to be HONEST about where I am out of alignment with the Course and not pretend it can be used to justify my fears and misaligned practices. SO TODAY, IF YOU GOT ONE THING FROM THIS ARTICLE, IT'S THIS - GO STRAIGHT TO THE SOURCE AND THINK FOR YOURSELF, FRIENDS. We have an entire coaching industry that is just as co-dependent as our families of origin were. It is fine to hire a coach and read blog articles so long as you don't give your power away. God is accessible directly by anyone through a committed meditation practice. I don't take A Course in Miracles as the truth blindly. I take it as the truth because after studying and practicing it since 2007, it has never once let me down in terms of giving practical guidance for making my life better and helping me serve the highest good of everyone on the planet. And THAT ought to be ONLY standard that persuades anyone to listen to anything. But I don't go to "gurus" for my interpretations. I read the book and do my best to be honest with myself about what it actually says. LOVE, "Erika Awakening, Teaching People How to Create Everyday Miracles at TAPsmarter" ERIKA AWAKENING is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and living life on your own terms. 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