Solitary Lammas Ritual
Last night I performed a ritual to honor the God and Goddess at Lammas. I chose to keep it simple, honoring the two that are One and speaking from the heart. I understood and could feel the energy of the God and Goddess in their roles at this time of the year.During meditation within the ritual, I clearly felt the presence of the God. As his sacrifice is approaching, I asked him what sacrifice I need to make in my life to attain my goals. He responded with a definite (personal) message.I then asked the Goddess, who is both mourning the God yet anticipating the birth of her son, for guidance along my journey through these mental and mood disorders. She responded with perseverance, letting me know that I can find the light within all of this darkness.That gives me hope for the future, knowing that the God and the Goddess are with me through this time of emotional turmoil, and I can look to them for guidance and protection when the load is too difficult for me to bear.