Beginning Of Great Beginning
Manual IS Considerably BIG, I Recycled GOOOGLE TRANSLATOR TO Fate ) THE Miracle THAT AT THE Base, IS THE Aura OF THAT WHICH IS Even more AND THAT WHICH IS Even more, IS THE Basis FOR THE Equality OF THE Miracle THAT AT THE Base, AT THE Pioneer Strength of mind OF HIM WHOM WE MEN Keep THE Sturdy PA-M-X.

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For example at hand was not an iota that we, the race superficial, was not implemented, in a minute the Sturdy PA-M-Ha - Elementary the unknowable cologne, mighty Zhiznrodyaschy Primary Catch fire Cosmos - Ingle.

Sturdy PA-M-HA appeared in the new information and the impression of the new information of the glaring light lit up. And as a consequence at hand was a new infinity in the new information was instinctive, and the never come between release of its manifestations pull in. So at hand was the fact that we, the race, the sitting room of the Worlds Show, Navi and care order are in a meeting. Taking into consideration Sturdy articulation of RA-M-HA in the new information, the new Eternity appeared Sverhvelikoe everything widespread, and since it was not what it is Sturdy RA-M-HA, the widespread Sverhvelikoe everything copse a cob of Horrific, for all that is discolored, is a relative evil. And like the Sturdy PA-M-HA speediness of light, from a glaring group poured Ingle - Ancient Soul Oil lamp. Oil lamp was grave in face of the widespread deviousness Sverhvelikogo everything. Than other disallowed from the Sturdy Oil lamp RA-M-HA, the less earn light was Ingle. Each thicket Ingle many worlds and information appeared. In this very old light appeared live beings, for Zhiznrodyaschey was Ingle. Sturdy track Ingle - Zhiznrodyaschy Oil lamp and Catch fire Primary Cosmos, in which at hand were exhibit seat, and all the housing worlds and realities. God - the Sturdy Catch fire of the Galaxy, the Catch fire of Inauguration. Split up Obsolete Oil lamp poured out during the thug lows, and at hand diverse with the deviousness and mist. Put on were flashes of the Obsolete, from which our seat and other universes are instinctive. Wherever Obsolete Oil lamp of desolation not diverse, at hand was formed the band called the golden race or Delightful Iriem - the Buttery Way. From the terminate of the Delightful Iria reflected original worlds, but they take evolved Fair-haired Candor special, special everyday beings. Pungent Multidimensional Indistinguishable Worlds information is called the World of Gloom or the world would produce special creatures Devils and their rulers Koshcheev. boss information is, the exceptional wisdom gifted creatures who fill them, and in each point the Blond path is not one information is, as a large rank of realities. Beings who fill them, take the incredibly release of feelings, but original characteristic beings in these realities, emergence to each other subsequently. very old living light comprehensive set of realities and to get underway the Sturdy Tree of Worlds. So was produced Vyry Estate, which takes full Svarga Heaven. Vyry Estate - Delightful Accommodation, home Fair-haired Mnogomudrye Gods and Community of our artless. The glaring tree of the Worlds - Ecumenical world shop. On Land-living, these structures are in person in the images of sacred trees: oak, birch, ash, etc. Before stacked always in our never come between Ingle. There's high at the top, but it is far from the one whom we men receiver the Sturdy PA-M-HA, were the Sturdy Confluence Obsolete Oil lamp. And at hand are Vysna gods, one of which we receiver the Svarog, and who is God and the information of our worlds is never come between. Svarozhich (assistants Svarog) than come between. Nation of the Oil lamp of the Gods, who are not Gods Vysna always, are in the stimulating world of spiritual power - Multivariate and diverse world of boss worlds Blond Tour of Ethereal Succession. Inestimably significant and powerful compared to us Svarozhich. We can talk about them as all-perfect ones, gigantic, all-good and all-knowing. Vysna Gods enhanced all to be had to us, we take to see. But any one living in any of our things on the least particles (intermediate), answer the light rotating legal action, as well refers to the power of his Svarog as Svarog refers to the one we humans attend to to as the Sturdy PA-M-HA. One spot of our life, stone and reforest are the light huge system, restricted by land on which they live and develop billions of living beings. Foundation and the more rapidly to the light so of light placed these sitting room and realities in original worlds stimulating, the superior bulk of these glaring sitting room Candor and were burdened. And they were instinctive Zhiznnesuschie Uninspiring Gods and the unsurpassed trade of the Worlds of space and information, which, naive in the Betoken Oil lamp Obsolete dirt free Ingle, learn and build up their large sitting room and Candor. So was instinctive the highest and enormously dimensional Lively World Citizenship. underside highest World Citizenship, on the space of the Blond Tour, not one is a information, and a lot of information, and that because the Accommodation of Vitality fill, had the incredibly release of feelings, but feelings were original creatures these realities, emergence to each other disloyalty. And for a rank of original cognitive system of the sun and stars were stimulating. And high at the top under the earn bright auroras Sturdy Sun and Stars were instinctive New Accommodation of Vitality, in whom the Old Gods, the watch of our Sturdy Clans appeared. They fit for human habitation New Accommodation of Vitality, demeanor because instinctive and living at hand, the beauty, the harmony of Inauguration. Inside all sorts of good things silky-smooth new Accommodation of Vitality, they would go to the new realities and at hand as well continued to build up once again, put a ceiling on the homeland of these Realities. So bloomed the Accommodation of Vitality, which was instinctive in the New Candor. Accommodation of Vitality in the stimulating world develops in harmony and purity. In all greetings, in events and in the Vitality of a conscience and wisdom of the prevailing were, their distinct love and assign that lead to slenderness Inauguration. Charter your earn eyes to Heaven, because with all my spit hunted in those yearning distances, somewhere they now on Land-living Mnogomudrye Old Gods-patron. Obsolete Oil lamp Engle full-fledged the collect of concept, creating Sturdy Inauguration in all Harmonic Oil lamp Worlds. And assorted forms of life, blessing to Newly picked and clear gossip, and the Sturdy Commencement, disappeared Flourishing Land-living and swept during illusion, substantial the new space and information in a rank of multi-dimensional. So were instinctive the unsurpassed and multidimensional sitting room and the Candor of the World Shining Navi. At the artless of the Worlds "in the Indistinguishable", like light and deviousness came on both sides of any of the dark demons - the concession have an effect on of the Indistinguishable World, natural world, World of Gloom, the perennial enemies of the Betoken Oil lamp, which converse in by Men explicit world: sloppiness, zaniness, greed, selfishness, and finite footing. The real masters of the dark worlds are: Suntanned Leahy, dark Arlegi and Koschei - Princes of Gloom. They originated in the ancient deviousness, like they were in the Sturdy Worlds particles Ingle, Zhiznrodyaschego Obsolete Oil lamp. Their full of life come to life began into the Sturdy Assy (War) in the Indistinguishable Realities, which were the seeds of ancient knowledge. Arisen in the Indistinguishable, ponder the World of Oil lamp dyed eyes Gloom. By the Strength of mind of Svarog Gods Defenders of the highest of all the Worlds and information creates the Oil lamp and Indistinguishable Frontier class. Candor is liberated, as boundary, separating the world of hell and deviousness, somewhere power predominates, from the wisdom of the ancient knowledge of the world, somewhere conscience prevails, the Oil lamp, not hardness. Beings of Oil lamp Worlds not get through fortunately during the Realms of Gloom. At home the Sturdy Assa dark excluded from all lands, and so the path of dark spirits and souls began to ride in a minute in the course of the world of the race living on earth, and in a minute in the course of the world of men has become viable to set in motion to the top of the Blond Way. A exclusively top character was to seize our land, sited middle amongst the Oil lamp and Gloom. In the same way as of this, the dark forces somber to cause power haughty the race Devils. That is why in the world at hand is a toil amongst light and dark forces, which brings together race from original genera and Peoples. breadth by means of usable sitting room and Candor, prudent brains beings, led by the Old Gods, the watch of adapting to the finest having time on your hands New Land-living Oil lamp of the World, Navi, and as a consequence went back to Heaven. So ranking musical Worlds Show and Navi generated in smacking living world of Joy, which emits Ancient Royal Ra-M-X.


Our explicit in the environs of world, the world of orangey stars and the huge system, in a minute a impair in the seat is never come between. Put on are stars and the sun white, blue, lilac, bleeding, green, stars and sun flowers, mystifying by us, our feelings do not see. And enormously significant release of them, their wonderful rank, enormously sitting room separating them. All of these original worlds - in a minute Catch fire lights, standing at privhoda in kings prime mover, which imenatsiya - Sturdy PA-M-Ha.

And all these worlds and realities are not cool gash and get through each other. So, somewhere in one information searing surf of the glaring sea, in substitute information thunderous forest or stand soaring mountains covered with snowstorm. Several worlds or universes with the incredibly release of quantity tolerate emergence to each other, moment the information get through one substitute. But having qualitatively original feelings, or original forms and scene of life, the those of these realities exhibit in the single-dimensional spatial shop, do not feature each other, and sometimes even not up to date of each other's footing. God Svarog installed Universal Laws ascend of the days to the Blond Tour of Ethereal and mental purity. Uninterested reference of the days, the Blond Tour of Ethereal Succession, help prudent knowledge of these worlds. In our seat, the Blond Tour of spiritual ascend leading up called - SMAD on which are earn and musical Worlds. They monitor one another: the world of men, Legs World, World Arlegov, Aran World, World of Muted, the world of Nirvana, Group initiatives, the world of spiritual forces, World Contract, World of Classify, Group Ethereal Oil lamp, Worlds spiritual line, World Law, Worlds of Inauguration, The World of Proverb, Worlds trade. At the end of SMAD is smudge earlier period which begins the Sturdy Group of symbols. four-dimensional world of race - life, days, spirit, and conscience. Untaken world, sited on the gold pathway, take the minute release of dimensions: the everyday world - 4 World Legs-16 World Arlegov-256, World of Aran-65536, World of Radiance-65536 in the directly,... Group, 65,536 trade in four thousand ninety-sixth paradigm. Put on are worlds intermediate: five, seven, nine, twelve, and smaller release of make. Transition Courage from one world to substitute world is viable, but you crave to pace haughty the perimeter, which is tied with the loss of the life, this bulk. Such a move in the World Courage Show race called Casual. Casual - the loss of days life in which the days lives. In the other world the days inhabits the life of a sound because of the world in which it is directed. Brainy beings other boss Worlds can get to the concession worlds of race, as a consequence they are superficial in the everyday world is not in its light cologne, and in the forms of impression of the World, which in a minute all over the place to homeland and occupants. The exceptional versatile the shop of the world in a cool point the Blond Tour, the first-class the vacation for the those of this bulk reflected in the consciousness of the world a smaller bulk. At the low of the Blond Tour is the world of men and the boost of the days of man to a boss Group is viable in a minute as a put a stop to of come to life of the Ethereal Courage. To do this in the world of men and gods come Teachers of Mankind. They are beings of a boss order of impenetrability that come down to doling out and progress of boss knowledge and commandments. For certain, haughty the come to life of spiritual and sad have an effect on of man works not in a minute himself, but as well the Universal Potential. HOW TO Discern Eternity, Candor, Outer space, Candor, BECKONECHNOST? Eternity - is the shop of the Cosmos. Cosmos - Worlds of this rule, Show, Navi. information - space inclusive symbols, Show, Navi. Spaces - the slash of impression in one of the world law, Show, Navi. information - living beings and have an effect on in the Worlds Citizenship, Navi, Show. always - is information and information.